5 Renovation Projects You Can Plan For The Summer

Undertaking a renovation project can be a daunting task, as it can lead to stress and cost a large chunk of change. But renovations are essential to keeping your home up-to-date and can ultimately add value to your property. Here in Canada, it’s impractical to do any form of construction during the cold winter months, meaning there’s a short window of time while the weather is nice. Here are five renovation ideas you can easily plan for this summer.


1)    Adding A Pool

Deciding to install a pool is a wise decision because it transforms your backyard into an aquatic paradise, and immediately drives up the price of your home. Pools are very customizable, so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from, taking into account your budget, style preference, and allotted space. Above ground pools tend to be more affordable and are usually on the smaller side, while in-ground pools are more expensive, and can be tailored to any size and shape. It’s also important to do this renovation in either May or June, so you can fully utilize your pool for the remainder of the summer.


2)    Kitchen Overhaul

The kitchen is statistically the most-used room in a household. Aside from cooking, it often doubles as a hang out area and study space for children and teens. Choosing the right company to renovate your kitchen may seem a little confusing, but it’s imperative to read online reviews and ask your friends and family for recommendations. Having a modern kitchen also attracts potential homebuyers, so it can increase the price of your home the moment you decide to sell.


3)    Patio Revamp

Your patio acts as an extension to your home during the summer months, and it’s where you entertain, unwind, and sip your morning coffee. This task may seem burdensome, but it can also be fun if you’re involved in the design process. Selecting the right wood, paint colour, and patio furniture is crucial in order to create a modern and relaxed atmosphere.


4)    Adding An Extension

According to a recent article by HGTV, the number one way to add value to your home is to add an extension. By adding an addition to your property, you’re creating more space, which undoubtedly adds monetary value. This renovation is definitely more suited for the summer months, and requires a great deal of planning and expertise.


5)    Basement

Choosing to redo your basement is a wise decision, because it essentially adds another level to your home and can be utilized as a space to entertain or relax. Whether you choose hardwood flooring or carpeting, this level can be customized to meet your vision. Several homeowners have even renovated their basement and made it into a small apartment and rented it out to tenants, creating an extra source of income.


Overall, Canadians only have a short amount of time to renovate their homes during the summer months. It’s important to plan ahead, create a reasonable budget and work with the most trusted individuals in the industry. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about your next renovation project, you can always visit Canadian Home Style for the most reliable information and design knowledge.