The Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring

Several new homeowners struggle to choose the proper flooring solution and tend to opt for expensive choices, which inevitably needs to be updated every few years. A great solution on the market is vinyl, as it tends to be very durable and affordable. So, today we’re going to look at the benefits of vinyl flooring!


Easy To Clean

One of the major advantages of vinyl is that it’s effortless to clean and maintain. Most experts recommend taking a damp cloth or a mop and soaking it in a bit of vinegar in order to clean the surface. This ensures it is disinfected and spotless. This flooring solution is optimal for young families with toddlers crawling around because minor spills are easy to clean up.


Water Resistant

Unlike hardwood, you really won’t have to worry about a glass of water ruining your new floor. Vinyl is nearly impervious to liquid, so it’s suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. The material is also able to withstand high levels of humidity, meaning it won’t warp or discolour under these conditions. This has contributed to vinyl’s popularity, especially in certain tropical climates where there’s no air conditioning.



Compared to other premium flooring solutions, vinyl is very inexpensive due to the fact it’s created from synthetic materials. Even if you choose to go with high-end vinyl, the cost is still cheaper compared to premium hardwood options.


Comfort & Warmth

Those who’ve already installed vinyl in the past know the material does not get cold during the winter months. This is because it is synthetic and does not absorb the cold (or heat for that matter), meaning it’s also suitable for colder Canadian climates. The material is also very plush and ideal for areas that receive a lot of traffic, such as the kitchen.  


Easy Installation

Most contractors can install vinyl within a matter of hours, so the installation process is seamless and doesn’t require a lot of time. There are two types of vinyl available on the market. The first type is the click system, which is very simple to install and requires one less subfloor preparation. The glue down vinyl is the second type and requires the subfloor to seamless, otherwise any imperfections will appear in the final result. These two options demonstrate how vinyl is a great option and the installation process is super simple and quick!



Most vinyl planks are manufactured with a clear layer over top, which acts as a protective barrier and prevents liquids and stains from permanently altering the aesthetic. Stone tiles and hardwood floors do not have the same kind of protective layering, which means they’re prone to discolouring and staining down the line.


If you’re looking for a flooring solution, you should definitely consider vinyl, as it carries several advantages when it comes to the competition. Also, make sure to consult Canadian Home Style for your next renovation project, as our experts can help you pick out the best vinyl flooring solution for your home.