Bring Your Dream Kitchen To Life With Help Of A Design Professional  


Have you’ve ever seen those opulent kitchens on HGTV and thought “wouldn’t it be nice to have something like this in my own home?” Well, you don’t have to be a millionaire to afford your dream kitchen because Canadian Home Style is now carrying the Cabico brand, which offers luxurious cabinetry options that can transform your kitchen in a heartbeat – at an affordable price. Here are a few tips when utilizing the Cabico brand to create the ultimate kitchen of your dreams.


  • Establish A Budget

Renovating your kitchen can be a quite costly, so it’s important to plan strategically and set a budget. We always recommend sitting down with your financial advisor to see if you can afford this renovation. Some individuals will often cash some stocks or mutual funds, or they may even ask for a loan from the bank.


While we’re on the subject on budgeting, some renovation projects can have a few bumps along the road; so don’t be surprised if the costs increase throughout the process. Be realistic and plan for this by ensuring your budget is able to handle a 5% increase.


  • Hire A Professional

The Cabico brand is ultimately customizable, offering an endless supply of possibilities. At Canadian Home Style, we always recommend working with an interior designer, so you can properly utilize the Cabico brand and get the best results. A designer has the proper tools and training to visualize your new kitchen, so you’ll be able to see sketches and 3D designs before the demolishing process begins.


  • Chose Your Appliances

Work in tandem with your interior designer and see what appliances will look appropriate in your dream kitchen. For example, stainless steel appliances may look garish against the backdrop of your new cabinets. If you’re looking for appliances on a budget, consult local classifieds or Kijiji to get a cheaper deal. Just don’t wait until your kitchen is completed because appliance shopping (and delivery) can sometimes take several weeks.


  • Express Your Vision

During the design and renovation process, don’t be afraid to express your thoughts and opinions. If there’s something you don’t like in the preliminary design sketches, speak up immediately. After all, this is your kitchen and it’s important your vision accurately comes life. It’s also important to note the Cabico is a fully custom cabinetry, so if there’s something you want to tweak during the manufacturing process, our professionals are 100% willing to cater to your idea.


  • Do It In Steps

Sometimes a renovation can be really overwhelming especially if you’re completely redoing a specific room. Sometimes it’s better to renovate in steps and do things progressively. Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post shared an article in 2015 detailing how he built his dream kitchen and admitted the entire process took nearly 11 months. Although this sounds like a long period of time, he ended up getting exactly what he wanted and was able to actively participate every step of the way.


With the help and guidance of Canadian Home Style, your dream kitchen is completely attainable. Just remember these important tips and remember to choose the Cabico brand for your kitchen cabinets for a customizable and luxurious look.