Cabico is one of the leading cabinetry manufacturing companies based in Canada with over 30 years of experience. You literally cannot go wrong with North America’s industry leader. Cabico offers all of its customers three exclusive series from its archive; you can get the Unique, Essence, or the Elmwood series. In this article, we will be focusing on the Unique and Essence series.


Cabico Custom Cabinetry – Unique Series


We at Canadian home styles are the official dealer of Cabico custom cabinetry in Lower Mainland; we love Cabico because they follow strict environmental standards while manufacturing all their products and recycle their waste in the manufacturing process as well. Cabico has plants in Coaticook Quebec and St. Catherines, with over 600 specialists working towards giving you your dream custom cabinetry. As their proud partner, we fully recommend Cabico custom cabinetry because of its attention to detail, durability, and distinctiveness. You can call it the 3 Ds of Cabico.


No matter how big or small your project is, you can count on Cabico. As different as the Unique and Essence series from Cabico are, there are also some similarities. For instance, Cabico uses exceptional manufacturing software to create the designs for the two series; eco-friendly materials are also used so that Cabico will create as little carbon footprint as possible during the production process. Advanced technology also allows Cabico to create 3/4 or 5/8-inch-thick cabinet boxes cut with high precision. The finished pieces are glued and pressed for precision, durability, and stability.


Cabico has always followed high standards. Before the addition of the Elmwood series in 2016, Cabico has been delivering superior quality with the Unique and Essence series for over 30 years; there’s a reason Cabico is considered the cabinet of Canada and North America’s leader in custom cabinetry. Using various wood species for construction, Cabico also ensures that highly trained professionals paint the finished products. In fact, Cabico employees are always improving their artisanal skills by undergoing training for new trends and technology. Cabico also has a standalone department for packaging their products, so that all six corners of cabinets will be carefully wrapped to reach the destination undamaged. So, don’t worry, all Cabico products we supply are whole without any delivery dents.


Cabico Custom Cabinetry – Unique Series




Unique projects, fully customizable


Cabico Unique series will bring out the Unique side of a customer. It deals with custom cabinetry and doors that fulfill customers’ dreams as there’s nothing that the unique series cannot do. The Unique series is more expensive than the Essence series because of this. The Unique series is handmade and not only made for functionality but it is also made with an edge for beauty too.


Drawers glued assembled using dovetail joints


Dovetail joints are the strongest type of joints for drawers; you won’t have to worry about your drawers collapsing because they will be very durable. Dovetail joints are a sign of true craftsmanship and an indication of quality.


Blum’s TANDEMBOX intivo systems


This is only available in Silk White, Terra Black, and Stainless Steel. Tandembox intivo system is a special glide that allows smooth openings and closings for drawers. This new technology also increases the carrying capacity of a drawer up to 60kg and will let you extend your drawers fully. Cabico Unique series also uses Blumotion’s sleek glides for the soft-close feature.


Cabico Custom Cabinetry – Unique Series


100 standard door styles and 3000 available styles created over the years


The Unique series has over 100 door styles you can choose from if you don’t want to create your own Unique door, or you can design your own custom door. These styles include the slab door, the recessed panel door style, the raised panel door style, mitered rail door style, applied molding door style, MDF door style, and the mullion option with different categories for each style. These styles come in different wood types, finishes, and price groups. The wood types used for doors in the Unique series are red oak, white oak, maple, birch, mahogany, cherry, pine, walnut, alder, and others.


100 standard finishes with 500 custom finishes created each year


A fascinating fact is that the color used for finishes are created on the Cabico site in-house. There are almost unlimited options with the Cabico finishes. You can choose the Paint Finish, Stain, Glaze, Textured Laminate, Paint and Glaze, Nova, Rub-Through Finish, and Antique or Aged Finish. Each of these styles will give your door a unique look, and if you still want the wood grains to be visible, you can choose the aged, stain, or glaze finish. You can get a more modern look with a painted door or switch it up with paint and a glaze finish.


Construction type: full access frameless, channel, beaded, inset, flush inset, full overlay, and half overlay frame


There are different ways of constructing a cabinet. The most common way is the framed and frameless methods. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, for example. The first frameless method gives full access while framed method does not. You get the picture. We will get into details regarding cabinet box construction in another article.


The great thing is that Cabico offers all these types of construction for its cabinets in the Unique series. The construction type matters a lot, and your custom kitchen might look traditional or modern when choosing the right style.


Cabico Custom Cabinetry – Unique Series




Semi customizable projects


Essence series is the more affordable line of Cabico; there are some interesting styles, materials, and finishes available for this selection. Essence series offers some of the most popular high-quality door styles to its customers. Although the Essence series is more affordable, Cabico does not compromise quality.


Trendy doors


With the Essence series, you get more than 20 preselected door types and over 25 finishes. There is only the paint, stain, glaze, and textured faux wood finish option. The doors are mostly made with maple, MDF, and birch because they are the more affordable wood types. Door styles available for the Essence series are Slab door styles, Recessed door styles, Raised door styles, Mitered rail door styles, Applied molding door styles, Mullion door styles and MDF door styles.

The number of doors available for each door style is a lot less than that of the Unique series, with just two choices available for the mitered rail and applied molding styles. The finish option is also not as much as the Unique series. Still, if you’re looking for something simple and classy without having to compromise quality, there are enough options to choose from.


Cabico Custom Cabinetry – Essence Series


Construction type: full access frameless and full overlay frame


Unlike the Unique series, the Essence series only offers two construction types for the cabinets. All drawer boxes are made of solid wood, have full extension, and have the soft-close drawer glides feature, too, with white epoxy-coated double-wall metal drawers. You can choose between the full access frameless design and the full overlay frame design.


Here at Canadian Home Style, we are proud to be the official distributors of Cabico Essence and Unique series in the Lower Mainland; we don’t just endorse Cabico custom cabinetry because all their cabinetry is made in Canada. We have seen the sheer quality of Cabico first hand and we truly believe in them. If you are looking for the right supplier of Canadian custom cabinets for your next Vancouver kitchen renovation, Cabico, the cabinet of Canada, is the way to go. Come and see our North Vancouver showroom where you can see examples of our work with Cabico and we can help you design the jaw-dropping custom kitchen you’ve been waiting for. Book Now!

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