Generations Intact 2500: Beauty & Performance

Canadian Home Style is proud to announce that we will now be offering Mercier’s Generations Intact 2500 finish for wood floors. This revolutionary finish allows you to enjoy the warm beauty of natural wood floors year after year without sacrificing durability and resilience.

Generations Intact 2500 offers a limited reflection gloss, which does not overwhelm but rather complements the natural texture of the wood, giving it a beautiful shine that lasts for years without losing its radiance. Floors treated with this uniquely low-maintenance finish can be washed with simple water and a mild, pH-neutral soap. No special products are required to avoid tarnishing and damaging the floor. Additionally, antimicrobial agents in the finish prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mildew.

Generations Intact 2500’s true strength lies in its durability. Hardwood floors are easier to repair than their laminate counterparts, but this comes with the drawback of requiring more maintenance since they lack the same resistance to impacts and are more sensitive to moisture. Bonding with the wood cells, Generations Intact 2500 creates a completely waterproof surface, preventing moisture from seeping into the wood and damaging it. The same bonding prevents the finish from peeling away from the wood or fading with time – even outdoors!

The finish draws its name from its ability to resist 2500 cycles of the TABER test, used in the industry to measure abrasion resistance. What makes Generation Intact 2500 the most durable finish currently on the market? Multiple layers of aluminum oxide particles that allow it to bend instead of breaking. This provides peerless resistance to impacts and scratches and ensures the finish will last the test of time, even in heavily frequented areas.

Worried about harmful chemicals in the finish putting the safety of your family at risk? No worries – Generations Intact is also Greenguard Gold-certified to contain no toxic substances.

With all these things considered, it’s no surprise that Generations Intact 2500 comes with the best guarantees out of any floor finish currently available: 3 years on surfaces with direct outdoor access and 10 years on light commercial projects.