Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring – Which Type is Best for My Project?

One of the most essential elements of any construction or renovation project is selecting your flooring. There are a multitude of options available on the market – from stone to vinyl – but there is a natural beauty and charm to wood that makes it the preferred choice of many homeowners the world over. Therefore, hardwood and laminate remain the most popular flooring options. However, the choice between the two is not evident, so it is important to understand the properties of these flooring types in relation to your goals for your home project before making the call.


  1. Aesthetic appeal: This is where hardwood really shines. Even the highest-quality laminate cannot compare to it in that regard. Though it may look like hardwood at first glance, the patterns are artificially printed on it, so a closer look will unavoidably reveal that some boards look exactly the same, a dead giveaway for laminate. Hardwood’s natural wood patterns provide endless variety. If you want your home to have a luxurious, premium feel, hardwood should be your go-to choice.


  1. Durability and repair: Laminate is a synthetic composite of melamine resin and fiberboard, and it’s usually more durable compared to hardwood. If you choose hardwood, it can dent and scratch from a variety of factors. But if the floors are stapled or glued together, they need to be entirely sanded down in order to diminish the appearance of the superficial marking. In general, engineered hardwood tends to be more resilient to dents when compared to solid floors. On the other end of the spectrum, laminate doesn’t show obvious signs of wear and tear but it if a scratch or dent does appear, it’s very difficult to replace a plank in the middle of the floor. In the long run, hardwood and laminate are both durable options but laminate is definitely more suited for rental properties because it’s more resilient compared to the competition.


  1. Maintenance: Laminate floors have the edge in this category – hardwood is more capricious and choosy in regards to cleaning. It needs to be cleaned with certain products, otherwise it may become tarnished and damaged.


  1. Resistance to moisture: In areas where moisture levels are high and temperature fluctuates significantly – such as bathrooms and kitchens – hardwood and laminate options tend to be a bad idea. These areas are better definitely suited for stone tiles, vinyl plank, or vinyl tile, which are all offered here at Canadian Home Style.


  1. Price: This is one of the main draws of laminate. Not only is this synthetic flooring less expensive to purchase than hardwood, depending on the model you choose, it can be easier to install.


Regardless of the type of flooring you choose in the long run, it is crucial to make sure you’re purchasing a quality product. Low-quality laminate looks less expensive and may contain harmful chemicals. Not all hardwood and laminate is made equal either, as some companies will try to sell low-quality flooring options at a cheap price. Canadian Home Style offers a wide selection of the highest-quality hardwood, laminate and other floorings that will truly emphasize the beauty of your home.