How To Maintain Hardwood Floors: 7 Must-Know Tricks

Everyone loves hardwood floors. They are simply gorgeous and a wonderful addition to any home, but do you know how to maintain them? Here are 8 tips and tricks for keeping your hardwood floors looking wonderful.


Clean regularly

Clean your hardwood floors every day with a dry microfiber cloth or mop. If you don’t have a microfiber mop, you can also sweep your floors daily with a soft-bristled broom. Dusting or sweeping your floors every day prevents dirt particles from building up and scratching your floor.


You should also vacuum your floors once a week. Vacuuming is great as it helps get dirt out of those hard to reach places. Remember to use a vacuum with a soft-bristled attachment and don’t use vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head.


Finally, you should clean your floors with a recommended wood flooring cleaner once a month. Don’t use other cleaning products on your hardwood floors as they can cause damage to your floor.


Know what to avoid

– Avoid using water to clean your floor. Excessive water use will damage your floors.

– Avoid using vinegar. This can dull the finish on your hardwood floors.

– Avoid using soaps, 2-in-1 cleaners, or any other household cleaning products to clean floors.

– Avoid using waxes. They will make your hardwood floors very slippery, and leave a residue.

– Avoid steam cleaners. They put heat and excessive water on your floors.

– Avoid hairspray and furniture polish. They can cloud your floor’s finish.


Maintain the heat and humidity of your home year round.

Here’s one that most people don’t think about, but it is VERY important. It is important to keep humidity levels in your home between 35% and 55% because wood reacts to temperature and humidity fluctuations in your home. When there is high humidity in your home, your hardwood floors will swell, expand, and possibly warp. When the humidity drops in your home, your floors will shrink, and they may even splinter. It is recommended that you use a humidifier during heating seasons to raise the moisture in your home and a dehumidifier or your air conditioning in the cooling seasons to lower the moisture in your home.


Invest in floor mats

Place extra long floor mats at the entrances and exits of your home to trap dirt, sand, oil, and grit that may damage your floor. You should also place floor mats in high-traffic areas such as in front of vanities, sinks, and stoves, as these areas of your floor tend to wear away more quickly.


Protect high-traffic zones with area rugs

Use throw rugs to decorate your home and to help to reduce wear on your hardwood floor in high-traffic areas. Rearrange rugs periodically so that your floor ages evenly.


Use protective pads on furniture

Put furniture pads on all the legs of your furniture to prevent scratching. When moving heavy furniture, don’t slide it! Pick up furniture to move it.


Watch your pets

Keep your pets’ nails trimmed and their paws clean. Pets can track in substances that will scratch and stains your floors.


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