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Combining practicality, affordability and endless opportunities for creativity, laminate flooring can be an excellent choice for a project. Just because you are on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality or style in your flooring options. Laminate is a perfect choice for those seeking durability and a stylish look, combining the power of modern developments in the world of materials with the edge of aesthetic creativity that is so essential to the development of a project. Rounding off our impressively diverse catalogue with an imaginative approach to design and consistent professionalism, we strive to provide laminate flooring in the North Shore area with an approach that is tailored to results.


A Promise of Quality 

As a part of providing a design service that accommodates your every need, we’ve cultivated a catalogue of laminate flooring that represents the best products on the current market. With world-renowned brands such as Torlys, Richmond, Mannington, and Your Home Style in our diverse collection, we are fully equipped to help you find the best flooring for your purposes. Choose from the thick, wide planks and subtle textures of an authentic walnut or maple-styled laminate, or go for a slightly more creative angle by selecting a finish with a beach house or rustic cabin effect. We acknowledge the fact that sometimes a compromise needs to be found between the ambitions you have for your space and the budget available, and we will carefully apply our knowledge and expertise to help you discover an ideal solution.


Adapts to every Interior

Although your vision might seek the effect of natural materials, exploring our other options doesn’t mean you have to compromise on getting the look you want. Thanks to the sophisticated technologies surrounding the production of this material, the overall aesthetic of the laminate can be engineered so that it recreates different finishes. For those seeking to renovate a space in an artistic, contemporary way, laminate can provide the extra edge of style and modernity that you need.

Amongst other features, laminate flooring is highly robust and impact, shock, and pressure-resistant. Ideal for environments that have to endure a high level of footfall and wear and tear, the material is also scratch and abrasion-resistant due to its especially hard surface finish. The perfect option for a family home or for the workplace, and laminate has progressed within its own market to become one of the most popular choices for those seeking to renovate their living space.


Professionalism and Experience by your side

By choosing Canadian Home Style, you receive the guarantee of quality and superior customer care that we hold at the heart of our professional ethos. From your first inquiry to the final overview of the fitting process, we take great care to plan, create and install the most stunning laminate flooring in your home. Honouring the fact that an interior design project requires a significant level of commitment on both a time and financial basis, nothing should be compromised at any stage of the process. From the thought that goes in at the conceptual stage, to the materials being used, to the knowledge and skills applied during the finishing process, no detail is left to spare.

Once you’ve registered your interest with us, we proceed with an initial consultation to establish your budget, personal preference in terms of style, and your ambitions on a design level. We follow up this initial consultation with a tour of our extensively equipped Showroom and Design Centre, at which stage we will review some samples and products that we think could assist with your project. Considering how essential it is to have a surrounding environment that enhances the creative and imaginative process, our showroom has been designed so it provides the ideal working space at the conceptual stage. While we exchange ideas with you and work towards formulating a rough plan, the direct access to our extensive selection of premium interior products and materials allows you to visualize your project’s future potential.


Bringing your Ideas to Fruition

After the first consultation in store, we’ll take the time to reflect upon your project and visit your home. Here, we’ll provide you with a full selection of various product samples, room layouts (if applicable), possible colour schemes and a spectrum of budget options. By using product samples of laminate flooring and imagery in the same space involved the project, we aim to advance the imaginative process on a realistic basis. Once we’ve completed this ‘on-site’ discussion, we’ll assemble all of our combined ideas alongside materials, and create a final design scheme that we shall pass onto you for your approval. Basing this off of your inspiration and instructions, this necessary step allows us to generate a reliable master plan for the project. Providing you with a full sense of the final look and feel of the project, you will have the opportunity to review this plan before we proceed to the installation stage.

We then hand over the focus of action to our in-house team of installers, whose tailored professionalism ensures your project is completed to the finest standard. Honouring the creative vision sustaining the project, they combine manual precision with artistic sensitivity. From the moment our team arrives on-site to the final inspection, we pride ourselves on superior knowledge, quality, and professionalism as we cater to the North Shore’s laminate flooring requirements.



Here at Canadian Home Style, we only carry the best brands in the industry, meaning you’ll only get the finest results when it comes to our laminate options. We carry Torlys, which mimics hardwood and can make any room look bold and modern.

Another quality brand of laminate is Mannington, which features state of the art technology capable of imitating the exact texture of wood. Mannington laminate is perfect for those going for a more rustic and laid back look without having to break the bank.

There’s also the brand Your Home Style that carries both rustic and modern laminate options, especially for those looking for a flooring system suitable for pets. Lastly, the brand Richmond Laminate is guaranteed to blend seamlessly against any backdrop, demonstrating how laminate can be a luxurious option as well.

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