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With a highly expansive range of design options, durability, and affordability on offer, there’s little doubt about the fact vinyl can be an excellent choice for your renovation project. Combining the ability to recreate any aesthetic effect with a high resistance to wear and tear, vinyl has a place in any home environment or workplace and adapts well to suit your individual requirements. As we strive for a consistent gold standard in our levels of customer care, allow Canadian Home Style to act as your key to luxury vinyl flooring in the North Shore and discover the potential of this material.


Adaptability at your Service

While the benefits of vinyl are seemingly countless, one of the main attributes that we emphasize is the endless creative possibility. Available in a broad range of styles and colours, vinyl has the ability to imitate the look of any floor type, including hardwood, tile, and natural stone. Given the high associated costs of many of these natural materials, those renovating on a budget often find themselves having to forego these options, and needing to find a favourable alternative. As a result of future-focused technologies in the flooring industry, the slightly cheaper option of vinyl can recreate the look of these materials to a striking degree of accuracy. Allowing you to follow through with your vision without breaking the bank, luxury vinyl flooring can offer a lot to the final finish of your interior design project.


Brands of the Finest Quality

That being said, vinyl also has qualities that demonstrate its superiority in its own right. Being highly resistant to liquid, mildew, and stains, vinyl is a good choice for just about any space – even a basement area. Extremely durable, the flooring is able to withstand the daily demands of a family lifestyle and is able to stand up to the influence of pets and children. Wearing incredibly well, many manufacturers are able to provide warranties for their products of 15 years or more. A properly installed vinyl floor is virtually maintenance free and can last for up to 20 years.

This is especially the case with brands of superior quality, and we take pride in representing names that are well known for their premium materials. With brands like Torlys EverWood/EverTile, Mannington Adura, Your Home Style, Richmond, and Drop and Done all featured in our catalogue, there is no shortage of styles and designs to choose from as you seek out the best vinyl flooring.

Vinyl can be fashioned to look like a variety of wood planks such as natural oak, cherry, and walnut. It can also mimic mineral tones of ceramic or stone tiles. Accompanied by the additional advantage of the ease of installation and the ability to repair any damaged pieces, the material offers an ergonomic approach to flooring. Whether you wish to refurbish your living room or want vinyl plank flooring for your kitchen, the style and convenience of this material make it incredibly popular.


Bespoke Customer Service

Quality products and materials are nothing without their proper application, which is why we’re careful to treat every interior design project as unique and individual. Working from our state of the art showroom in Marine Drive in the North Shore, we combine a creative design strategy and a sensitive approach to your ideas to establish the best possible plan for your flooring project.

Having discussed your project over several stages, we hand over the process to our team of professional installers, who are trained to finish the development to the highest standard. Given there are several different installation methods for this flooring depending on the style you choose, the installers are careful to apply the proper approach for the effect you wish to create. We take every measure to ensure your best levels of satisfaction, from your initial inquiry to the installation and the final outcome of your vinyl-flooring project.



At Canadian Home Style, we only work with the best suppliers in the industry. Our top three suppliers for Vinyl include Torlys, Mannington, and Your Home Style. Check out what they have to offer in our showrooms and let our experts do the rest. Visit our showroom today to see our broad selection of vinyl flooring.

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