How to Protect Your Luxury Hardwood Floors Vancouver?

Maintaining your luxury hardwood floors:

You have finally entered the grace period of having your hardwood floors completed in your home, however, a slight thought has now occupied your mind… how do I not damage my new hardwood flooring?


Don’t worry; we have all the solutions for you!


Maintaining hardwood flooring may seem like a high maintenance job but with a few simple tips and tricks, it is easy to maintain for your home. Below are ways to keep your hardwood flooring looking new for years to come!


Objects and Tools


Never mop your floor with a regular mop. Having too much water on your luxury hardwood floors will damage them in the long run. For buying options, we suggest choosing: Swiffer WetJet Hardwood Floor Cleaner. It has a fast-drying time to make sure your hardwood floors aren’t wet for long. As with any liquid-based cleaning method, you must disperse the Swiffer cleaning liquid in small squirts. Another mop is Bissell 1940 Power Fresh Steam Mop This is great for all surfaces including hardwood and tile.


Having mats and carpets around your house will prevent your hardwood floors from any damage and scratches that may happen.


Try to minimize walking in heels around the house if you have hardwood floors. Heels can make a lot of dents and scratches.


Vacuums and brooms are a great way to clean off any dirt or debris that gets on the hardwood floor. Make sure to get a vacuum without a beater bar or a power rotary brush as these will make scratches.


Protectors on the bottoms of the chair legs are a great way to prevent the chairs from scratching and damaging your hardwood flooring. Felt furniture pads are great to use so don’t be shy about using them underneath all your furniture.


Scratch no more


A resistant finish on your hardwood would benefit you in the long run like Mercier hardwood flooring. The finish is scratch-resistant, has easy maintenance, and is flexible under impact.


Hickory and Hard Maple from Mercier hardwood are very resistant and fall high on the hierarchy of very resistant wood.

luxury hardwood floors

Prevent Water Damage


IMPORTANT: Water and wood do not mix.


Hardwood floor damage by water is very common in most households. Over time leaving too much water on the floor is very damaging to your hardwood floors and can ruin them in the long haul. Hardwood floors are an organic product. When there is excess water on the hardwood it can cause swelling and decay.


A few simple things to have in mind when it comes to water and luxury hardwood flooring:


If a glass of water or any water gets on your hardwood floors, it’s best to clean it up right away to prevent any damage. Stagnant water soaked into the wood can cause splinters, cracks, and swell; which won’t be great. Better to clean up right away!


Having a kitchen mat, preferably in front of the sink is good prevention and is easy to clean.


If you decide to clean your hardwood with liquids, mist lightly with a cleaner specifically meant for hardwood floors.


Steam cleaning hardwood may be damaging because steam is water in the gas phase. A few reasons to avoid steam cleaning on the hardwood include: woods seams allow moisture to penetrate down, moisture can damage wood fibers, and using steam can void the hardwood flooring’s warranty.


That’s a wrap


Whether you are planning on buying luxury hardwood floors or have already installed hardwood flooring, using these tips and tricks will help you for years to come to keep your hardwood floors looking young and fresh like the day you bought them.


Some people shy away from the idea because you have to take pride and care with your hardwood floor, but in reality, hardwood is very easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood floors are beautiful and increase the aesthetic appeal of any room by making it look bigger than it is.


Overall, having luxury hardwood flooring in your home has many positive benefits because it is very durable and made to withstand time.


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