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Deciding to renovate and redesign your bathroom is no simple process, and there are a lot of practical issues to be addressed alongside the creative potential this space offers. As well as their basic function of providing a source of everyday hygiene, bathrooms can symbolize a personal sanctuary by offering an area for peace and for time spent alone. There are a number of technical considerations involved with a bathroom renovation, such as plumbing and electricity. This process can feel slightly daunting, especially when you have an artistic vision in mind.


At Canadian Home Style, we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re looking for a simple update to an existing bathroom interior, or are thinking of a new construction altogether, we tailor our design services to every individual situation. Using our expertise in bathroom design as a springboard, we draw on our services for premium flooring, cabinetry, and countertop solutions to provide all keystone elements that are essential to bringing your vision to life.


Methodology Tailored to Results

As bathrooms are a place where functional purpose translates into a state of ultimate relaxation, it’s no surprise there are many layers of complexity that go into their conceptual foundations. In order to tackle this process successfully, we keep a design strategy close at hand. Relying upon these stages as we work towards achieving your goals, we strive for the highest standard in the final outcome.


Having registered your initial interest, we will invite you to our showroom in the North Shore to discuss your vision, present our initial opinions and show some products and materials to further stimulate your ideas. The creative process should be invigorating, educational, and purely purposeful and we are pleased to provide information on any aspects that you feel unclear about. We will also propose certain creative directions we think might suit the angle that you are taking with the project, to add extra layers of imaginative depth to the bathroom’s layout as a whole. This stage of the bathroom renovation is focused on your ideas, vision, and budget, as we begin to lay the foundations for the project.


Having completed the preliminary discussion, our professional design expert will visit your home to take extensive measurements of the space to be renovated. This step also allows us to visualize the final design plan, by being able to apply the ideas to the practical context at hand. Following this up with detailed floor plans and 3-D perspective drawings, we aim to retain full transparency at every stage of the process. By keeping track of the way that your ideas are developing, and presenting our feedback to you from our side of the action, we keep every detail accurate as we progress through the stages of bathroom design.


When it comes to the installation process, we keep a close eye on how the project is developing on-site, and always try to ensure the work will be completed punctually and in line with the set budget. While it isn’t always completely possible to do so, we realize these administrative tasks are an important aspect of the process as a whole. Unlike many other interior design companies, we retain the same professional installers as full-time employees. Ensuring the measure of loyalty is essential for a positive relationship between them as the contractor, and you as our client. Once the team has finished their work, we complete a final inspection of the site; this allows us to check if the final result honours the conceptual ideas behind the project, and gives you the chance to offer any further comments.


From Concept to Creation

In order to ensure the bathroom renovation project is completed with no shortfalls in the final result, it’s well worth taking the time to address certain issues that can arise during the entire process. With these practicalities taken into hand, we can exercise further creative freedom in the knowledge that the essential foundations have been laid. As a starting point for your renovation project, it can be wise to address the following considerations:


  • Consider flooring: Given that flooring in a bathroom setting has to withstand a significant amount of wear and tear from both heat and moisture, it’s good to take the time to find a suitable solution. Luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl plank are both advisable options for bathroom flooring.


  • Think glass, mirrors and white light: Bathrooms generally prioritize a clean, fresh ambiance, and this is mostly achieved with the clever use of glass materials, mirrors as focal points, and a colour scheme using light shades.


  • Maximise the potential of your space: As a bathroom often contains a limited amount of spare room, think about ways you can enhance the amount of space you have. Employ storage units to conceal certain aspects, and perhaps consider incorporating your bathroom and shower into a single unit.


  • Quality fixtures: No matter how much thought goes into the design process of your bathroom, certain products and materials of an inferior quality could undermine the ultimate feel of the room once finished. Additionally, these are unlikely to stand the test of time, and you could soon find yourself having to complete another renovation process.


Of course, this list is only preliminary, and we are pleased to assist with any inquiries you might have while you consider the possible solutions. Our professional designers are equipped with the knowledge to assist with every aspect of a full bathroom renovation and will tailor their expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for your renovation project. Visit our showroom located at 1420 Marine Drive in the North Shore today to register your consultation with our team, and discover the true potential for your bathroom.

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