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Professional Flooring Installation

It’s important to take the time to select the perfect flooring for your home, and plan a detailed installation with our design experts. Our team of highly skilled flooring professionals are trained to finish all jobs to the highest standard and will strive to install the flooring to your complete satisfaction. Keeping our team of installers close to the design process, we equip them with the ability to bring your flooring installation project into a physical reality in the North Shore area.


Positive Workplace Interaction

A flooring installation project should be approached with professional skill, and many of our competitors employ sub-contractors on a job-by-job basis. This means there is no sense of long-lasting commitment, and the sub-contractors may rush the job, compromising the quality of your floor. It’s also simple for them to move on to the next job while suffering minimal consequences.

At Canadian Home Style, our experienced installers are an integral part of our team, meaning they are associated with the creative process going into the renovation plan. By maintaining a positive relationship with our installers, we promote a positive interaction between them and you as our client; with this comes the ability to directly express your wishes, and the best chances for them to create an aesthetic in the interior that respects these ambitions. As we retain our installers as full-time employees, we preserve a degree of loyalty that is essential when creating a masterpiece.


Adapting to Every Interior

With knowledge and expertise within our catalogue, you can trust in our professionals that your flooring is being installed appropriately. From the initial measurements to setting up a schedule, to delivering the planks or tiles and completing the installation, our installers will take the job in hand. Their experience with a wide range of materials allows them to adapt to a variety of different projects; hardwood flooring, carpets, vinyl, laminate, porcelain, and ceramic are all within their range of specialist skills.

Taking into account the fact certain materials require careful handling, such as natural hardwood or tile, our installers will handle these cases with the utmost levels of care. Wooden flooring is always given the appropriate amount of time to acclimate and then installed so the perfect level of smoothness is achieved between the planks.


Knowledge and Expertise at your Service

When completing a flooring installation that involves working with sophisticated designs, products and materials can set their own set of challenges, and it is necessary for the professionals working on the project to be fully aware of the particularities involved. As certified tradespeople, our installation team uses the forward-thinking techniques that have come with the modernisation of the interior design industry, and combine these with time-honoured strategies in flooring that provide a promise of reliability and a high-quality finish.

By staying up-to-date on the latest supplier information, specifications, and techniques, the team can draw on a wealth of knowledge to not only complete the project to a satisfactory level but also to tackle any problems that arise. Alongside their past experience, with our clients even find the flooring installation results exceed their expectations.

While our showroom is located in North Shore, we service many different locations throughout the area including Burnaby, Whistler and Squamish. Polite, friendly and qualified, we take pride in our quality work and the careful clean up process we offer in our premium services for flooring installation in the North Shore.

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