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Innovative Design Strategy

Without an imaginative and comprehensive design plan, no interior renovation project can reach its true potential for your home. When ideas aren’t taken into consideration, the final result can be disappointing and upsetting. It is for this reason Canadian Home Style offers comprehensive services for your home project from start to finish.

Our expert designers work with you to outline and organize certain goals. They will ensure every detail is established in line with your ultimate vision, assuring there is no discrepancy at any stage. Offering advice on how to maximize your existing space while striving for your ambitions, they apply established design principles alongside an innovative creative approach. Integrating thoroughness and intuition at every stage during the renovation. Therefore, we ensure that our home design services allow your ideas to come to life.


From Concept to Creation

A crucial part of a project comes with being able to draw on the full extent of products, styles colours, and patterns available on the current market, as this awareness enhances the power of your own imagination. Working in our fully equipped showroom at 1420 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, we will explore different samples with you to help visualize the directions your renovation project. You are free to take home these samples, allowing the freedom to develop your project at a tailored pace. After all, the best creative processes are organic, while rushed work rarely produces the best results.

As we establish the advancement of your idea, we will carefully draft floor plans, elevation sketches, and installation drawings, combining your inspiration with our creative reasoning. Giving you a complete picture of how the finished project will look, these drafts are an essential stage, as they allow us to picture the methods required to achieve the vision, and lay the foundations for the final process. As it’s only natural as the project progresses, you experience shifts in your creative angle. Taking into account the necessity for flexibility as a home interior designer, we constantly alter our strategy and direction according to your on-going feedback, keeping the design scheme current and the methodology accurate.


The Relationship Between Purpose and Beauty

As a premier provider of interior design services in Vancouver, we apply a vigorous industry-standard design strategy as we progress your renovation project. Whether you’re only looking to focus on an existing room in your house or planning a mass-scale renovation of an entire building, our design skills adapt to every individual case. Applying sensitivity to the light, colour and special dynamics of the space, our design strategy takes into account all of the aesthetic concepts that go into the ultimate feel of the area.

At the heart of interior design lies a perfect fusion of practicality and aesthetic beauty, and we believe that skilful interior design should work towards this as the ultimate goal. Indeed, the heritage of this field stretches far back into the worlds of the arts, architecture, and even engineering, demonstrating the need for an interior designer who can approach their work with a multidisciplinary gaze. Home design offers the opportunity for raw materials to express the individual taste and habits within a total environment, and so is only to be viewed as a precious opportunity.

However, with every set of tasks comes associated challenges, and one of the greatest responsibilities faced in a renovation project is channelling the client’s ideas and aspirations into a logical plan. Professionally trained to translate your creative inspiration into a physical project, our designers will help to blend beauty and utility in a manner to suit your individual lifestyle. Working with our home interior designers, discover how your space can embody your personality and serve as the key to an ergonomic existence.


Professionalism at Every Stage

Honouring the extensive commitment that goes into the conceptual stage of planning the final installation, we take care to provide a careful, thorough service at every stage of the process. Rely on our certified professionals to correctly install your new flooring, cabinetry, window coverings or bathroom additions, as they apply practical their expertise in home interior design to the products at hand.

Remaining sensitive to the creative approach in the design scheme, they implement every measure to be certain the vision isn’t being sacrificed for the sake of speed or convenience. Taking as long as is required to achieve the best results, our team will take into account the precise nature of the space being renovated so that no aspect is compromised.

Once the installers have completed their work, the centre of action passes back again over to our side, so that we can complete the final stages. Following up the installation with a thorough final inspection, this process offers you the opportunity to provide any additional feedback. From the initial inquiry to the design stage, to the installation and finishing processes, we keep a close eye on the way the project is developing to ensure that we provide the best service possible as an interior design company.

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