Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Cork Flooring


Over the past five years, cork flooring has made a triumphant return, as several high-profile design magazines have proclaimed it’s a great alternative to hardwood. So, today we’re breaking down the three top reasons why you should consider cork.

The Harvesting Process

The cork harvesting process is unique and requires a lot of time and patience. As opposed to other lumber practices, harvesting cork does not involve cutting down the entire tree. It’s akin to peeling a fruit as harvesters can only peel the outer layers of the bark, otherwise the tree will die. This harvesting practice can only occur once every nine years, and a tree can survive up to 250 years.  


Cork oak trees are fascinating specimens and are found throughout the Mediterranean basin in Europe and Africa. Portugal has become the leading exporter of cork where trees are legally protected by the law and can only be harvested by certified professionals.


Experts estimate the majority of cork is used to create wine stoppers and reeds for certain wind instruments such as clarinets and saxophones. Over the last century, there have been numerous cork shortages, which inflated the price as the supply dwindled. But several successful EU laws that protect the cork oak tree have had positive effects on the industry, therefore preventing further shortages.


The Unlimited Design Options

Interior designers love cork-flooring options because it’s extremely versatile and can be fused with any space. There are a lot of design options and colours with this flooring solution, and it can be infinitely customized to suit your needs.


Most design experts will recommend cork flooring in high traffic areas, but it’s somewhat soft and provides a cushiony feel. So, it’s best for the kitchen, living room and stairs and can look extremely modern and sophisticated. Just imagine cooking a delicious meal and feeling like you’re standing on clouds.


The Benefits

The general public may be surprised to discover that cork is sustainable and eco-friendly, mainly due to the strict regulations surrounding the industry. The bark is hypoallergenic and prevents the spread of mold and dust, so it doesn’t require constant cleaning.


It’s also a great option for the elderly or those with joint and knee problems because the flooring is soft and doesn’t provide the same impact as concrete or hardwood.


Another reason why cork is adored is due to the fact it contains insulating properties that can keep your house warm during the winter months. According to The Spruce, each piece of cork is comprised of millions of molecular air filled chambers, which trap heat and effectively insulate a room. This can inevitably save you money when it comes to your heating bill.


If you’re thinking about installing cork floors in your home in the near future, consult with Canadian Home Style, which serves Vancouver’s North Shore. The design experts will be able to provide you with the best knowledge in the industry and bring your flooring vision to life.