Torlys Hardwood Flooring: Everest XP

Torlys is a global flooring company that is famous for making smart floors. Today we’re going to give you our review of their new smart hardwood flooring series called Everest XP. This is a special flooring product, a revolutionary one, in the industry that solves a lot of common problems with traditional hardwood flooring. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Smart hardwood construction


Torlys Smart Everest Construction:

  1. Scratch-Resistant Finish
  2. Real hardwood layer
  3. TORLYS Extra-Stable Smart Core
  4. TORLYS Uniclic® Joint 
  5. Wood Balance Layer
  6. CorkPlus™ BLUE Underlay 

Dent Resistant

Torlys smart core is more stable than your average HDF core. In general, HDF cores are more anti-dent than your common engineered cores in the market. If you’re one of those people who worries about leaving a trail of high-heel shoes on hardwood, this is the flooring solution for you. With that being said, we still don’t suggest allowing your guest to dance on your hardwood floor while wearing high-hell shoes. That’s just a no-no in the industry!

Stain and Wear-resistant

Torlys Everest XP is 3x more wear-resistant than your average hardwood. This is thanks to Torlys Maxx commercial finish. MAXX finish is a protective coating with nanotechnology that makes the finish anti-stain, anti-microbial, and anti-scratch.

Smart hardwood flooring

Warm and Quite

Torlys Everest features a cork underlay with Microban® antimicrobial. Cork does wonders as your flooring underlay. Cork is composed of air pockets that absorb noise, therefore, cork reduces noise levels by up 40%. Cork also works as an insulator that keeps your floor warm. This attached cork underlay is called corkplus blue underlay and is a patented technology by Torlys.

Superior Locking Mechanism

Torlys Everest features a Uniclic locking mechanism with Unifit X Joint technology. This locking system is the best locking mechanism in the world hands down.

Unifit X Joint

The Unifit X joint system is designed in such a way that the short side clicks connection of the panel is compatible with the long side click connection of the panel. This allows for fold-down, angling, or snapping installations. This technology saves time and is appreciated by your flooring installer. You can take advantage of this technology to create patterns such as chevron or herringbone.

Herringbone hardwood flooring by Torlys


Torlys Everest XP is not completely waterproof; It is water-resistant. The built-in waterproof technology ensures protection for limited periods of time against incidental moisture or spills. The Uniclic locking mechanism features a Unifit X joint that holds water on the surface for up to 72 hours. This should take care of most of the water damage seen on your wood flooring. It’s worth mentioning that the core of this product is still not waterproof. Therefore, if water can find its way to the core, you’re going to see swelling or bubbling. This is a common problem with laminate flooring or floating hardwood with HDF cores.

Easily Repairable

The Uniclic locking mechanism allows for easy repairs with the help of TORLYS Bulldog™ easy plank replacer. You can simply remove the damaged plank in the middle of the floor without having to back-paddle row after row from the nearest wall.

Gap Resistant

The Uniclic locking system also allows for gap-free installation. This is a common problem with traditional hardwood flooring as you often see gaps between your boards in the wintertime. These gaps do go away by the summer but they often come back again next year. With Torlys Everest XP, you don’t have to worry about gaps period.

Floating hardwood flooring

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Everest is 100% plastic-free and is engineered to produce up to 25 times more flooring from a single tree compare to solid hardwood.


We briefly talked about Maxx finish and its inherited antimicrobial properties. This Microban antimicrobial protection is permanent and does not wash away or wear off.

Torlys smart hardwood


Everest Twist

  • Herringbone pattern
  • 1/2” (T) x 4-3/4” (W) x 23-7/16” (L)

Herringbone hardwood flooring

Everest Premier

  • 3/8” (T) x 4-7/8” (W) x 47-3/8” (L)

Everest Elite

  • 1/2” (T) x 4-3/4” (W) x 63”/31-1/2″ (L)

Everest Designer

  • 1/2” (T) x 6-1/2” (W) x 71-1/4″ (L)

Everest Designer Plus

  • 1/2” (T) x 9-3/16” (W) x 80-3/4″ (L)

Canadian Home Style is your award-winning Torlys dealer in North Vancouver. We are a member of the National wood flooring association and love working with hardwood and we really appreciate Everest XP and all of its revolutionary features. Everest designer plus is over 9″ wide and looks absolutely stunning with its rift and quarter-sawn cut. Come and see our full display and find out for yourself why we’re the highest-rated and most recommended flooring retailer in the Lower Mainland.

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