What is Stainmaster Carpet and Its Benefits

Stainmaster Nylon Carpet:

If you haven’t heard of Stainmaster, you’re going to be amazed that such an invention has entered the carpet scene. Stainmaster refers to the brand’s name, and it’s a range of various carpet solutions that have been optimized to provide the ultimate stain protection, as mentioned by their name.


Stainmaster is known worldwide but is predominantly sold in the United States and Canada. They only select trusted partners that are well-known within the industry to sell their products, as they want customers to receive quality customer service and advice. This also reduces the chances of consumers receiving fake “Stainmaster” carpeting solutions.


As you can probably grasp by the name, they have purposely constructed this carpet with stain protection in mind. Apart from having excellent stain resistance, it’s also crafted with some of the finest nylon that can be found on today’s market. This is Nylon 6.6, and this type of fiber can provide significant benefits.

Fabrica Stainmaster carpet job done in Vancouver by Canadian Home Style


Nylon 6.6


With all the great synthetic fiber types that can be found in today’s industry, nylon 6.6 is by far the best as it’s easy to clean, has fantastic flexibility, and holds extreme strength. The nylon 6.6 that is found on this carpet has Teflon layered onto it, which is the main ingredient for it to have such good stain resistance capabilities. Combining both of these astonishing carpet elements has provided them to create many ground-breaking carpet solutions.


Within their trendy carpet range, you can expect to find the below collections:



The first and original carpet range that this brand produced is their Stainmaster carpets. As you can imagine, this collection can provide extraordinary levels of resistance to everyday stains and also holds optimal durability.



For pet owners, this collection was created with you in mind. PetProtect has been specifically designed to reduce the chances of stains caused by animals and also comes equipped with added durability for those “crazy” pet moments.



This collection was purposely designed for your well-being and helps fight dust and common allergens that can be found in a household environment. All the added benefits that are provided on this carpet are already installed and don’t require any additional upkeep.



Wanting the Stainmaster benefits but don’t want to pay a premium price for it? No worries, they have you covered with their Essentials range. Gain the advantages of Stainmaster carpet at an affordable rate.

Stainmaster caret is tough against stains

All Stainmaster registered carpets come with great warranty protection as they’re so confident in their carpeting solutions. The warranty protects you from the following:

  • All food and beverage stains

  • Pet urine stains

  • Stains caused by soil

  • Static shock


However, to be included within this remarkable warranty scheme, you’ll have to undergo either steam or hot water extraction from a carpet care professional. By not doing this, you’re avoiding your warranty and may result in you not being able to claim for any warranty-related issues that are mentioned above.



Benefits of Stainmaster Carpet


We’ve briefly spoken about the advantages that you’re able to gain by investing in Stainmaster carpet, but let’s dive deeper into these so you fully understand how terrific this flooring solution really is.


Stain Resistance


It’s clear to understand what problem Stainmaster is trying to overcome by just looking at their brand’s name. On all Stainmaster products, they layer the robust nylon 6.6 fiber with Teflon. Teflon is simply a carpet protector that doesn’t affect the carpet’s visual appearance or feel, but still offers fantastic repellant features.

Stainmaster nylon carpet flooring

Moisture Barrier & Breathability


Stainmaster carpet comes along with a protective moisture barrier, so spills are unable to protrude through the carpet onto the subfloor. This radically reduces the chances of mold or mildew building up under your carpet and also your subfloor. This innovative moisture barrier doesn’t affect carpet breathability. Although it can seem questionable that a carpet needs to “breathe,” it’s rather essential. Your carpet needs to breathe so moisture doesn’t get trapped underneath the carpet, which ultimately affects the chance of mold or mildew developing


High-Quality Carpet Fibre


The quality that Stainmaster has shown through its stain repellent abilities is overwhelming. But included with this is the use of supreme fiber in each of their carpet types. Yes, accompanied with this feature is a fiber called nylon 6.6. This is the same fiber used in seatbelts and by far it is the best synthetic fiber within the carpet industry. Here are some of the benefits of nylon 6.6:


· Superb flexibility and strength


· Outstanding durability from everyday activities


· Added protection to common stains and spillages


· Simple to maintain and has a long-life expectancy



Collection Options


Stainmaster has a vast range of carpets to choose from depending on the end-users needs. usage. Their PetProtect range is dedicated to households with animals roaming around their homes, and their Livewell range is targeted towards your well-being. It’s rarely seen that carpet produces make collections like this, but we think it’s great.

Masland carpet job done in West Vancouver



Something that is highly important when you’re thinking about investing in any flooring solution is the warranty. By purchasing a Stainmaster carpet, you’ll be protected against everyday stains such as pet urine and beverage stains.


Apart from stains, you’ll also be covered if abrasive wear was to occur due to fiber loss and any texture damage from the carpet losing its twist.


However, like most warranties, you’ll have to comply with some rules. This rule is to get your carpet professionally cleaned every 18 months (steam or hot water extraction) from the day of purchase.


At Canadian Home Style, we offer Stainmaster carpets from prestigious manufactures such as Fabrica, Masland, and Beaulieu Canada. Visit our North Vancouver flooring showroom to see our selection of Stainmaster carpets. We take the approach of quality over quantity in our business operation and we’re proud to be one of the highest-rated and most-recommended flooring retailers in the Lower Mainland. Book Now!

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