Best Waterproof Laminate flooring options of 2021

Laminate flooring and Water:


Traditional laminate flooring is made from three layers: the bottom layer, middle layer, and top layer. The bottom layer consists of particleboard or MDF boards which are layered with fiberglass strands and a special resin that binds them together. The middle layer is an incredibly thin sheet of polyethylene film. Finally, the topmost layer is a protective finish that prevents any hint of wear and tear. Traditional laminate flooring and water are not a good mix; when this type of flooring comes in contact with moisture, it will buckle. Finding the best laminate flooring can be difficult. With so many different options and styles to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this blog post showing you our top 3 picks for waterproof laminate flooring for 2021! We’ll show you some pictures, talk about what makes them special, and give a brief overview of the pros/cons associated with each one.




What’s the difference between waterproof laminate and water-resistant laminate flooring?


Waterproof laminate flooring is sealed and watertight around all edges. Water-resistant laminate flooring is not sealed and watertight around all edges, meaning that if any water gets on the floor, it can find its way to the core and cause a lot of damage.


Does waterproof laminate flooring really exist?


Yes, Absolutely.


The waterproofing capability of laminate flooring is a high deciding factor to whether you purchase the laminate or not. We’ve seen enough problems with water and laminate flooring throughout the years and decided to write an article dedicated to the best waterproof laminate flooring products that are currently circulating within the Vancouver flooring market. We hope this gives you a clearer perspective of what the best ones are and help you on your buying journey to becoming new floor owners.



waterproof flooring

Waterproof Laminate Flooring – Richmond Atroguard


Waterproof laminate Brands: Our Top Brands


1. Richmond Atroguard series


The Atroguard series by Richmond is by far the best waterproof laminate flooring that is currently on the market.


Waterproofing– The waterproof technology of the Atroguard is through a patented, built-in core technology. This waterproofing is innovative at its finest and outperforms its competitors sealing systems. This special core is stable enough that allows you to install up to 4300 SF of this product without having to use a single piece of transition. You can even run this laminate into your bathroom for a seamless look as Richmond Atroguard is under full warranty for use in full bathrooms. This is very impressive, to say the least. In addition, you can wet mop this waterproof laminate flooring with peace of mind as the core doesn’t absorb water. There are other components such as their SureCore and Power Sealer that also add to the sheer waterproofing that this laminate flooring has to offer. The extra layer of protection helps with all kinds of spills.


Additional Extras – This series was created while being mindful of the environment. They have various environmental certificates that they’re proud of. These include low chemical emission by the Greenguard Environmental Institute and Carb2 compliant that was given by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This product also features a 100% PVC-free label that is worth mentioning. Richmond Atroguard waterproof laminate flooring offers an AC4 wear rating backed by a lifetime residential warranty and a 15-year light commercial warranty.

  • Wet mopping – Yes
  • Steam cleaning – Yes
  • Attached underlayment – No
  • Floating Floor – Yes
  • Scratch-resistant – Yes
  • Easy Installation – Yes

Design Variety – The Richmond Atroguard series has one of the smallest design choices compared to the waterproof laminate flooring series we’ll be discussing here.


In our opinion, the Richmond Atrogurard series is the top waterproofing laminate flooring option in Vancouver’s market and that’s why it’s number one on our list.


Square foot price – $3.50 – $5.00 SF


2.Torlys NatureTek Plus series




Torlys is a well-established brand in the laminate flooring industry and their NatureTek Plus series offers an expansive range of laminate floors to choose from.


Waterproofing – In terms of waterproofing, the Torlys NatureTek plus series is impeccable. There are three features included within this floor that provide such waterproofing capabilities. These are the HydroSeal, Uniclic®, and GenuEdge™. HydroSeal is a sealant that protects all the perimeter edges and GenuEdge wraps the wear layer by forming a transparent layer for extra protection. Whereas the Uniclic® system is their innovative locking mechanism that is used to merge the planks together. This offers a gap-resistant technology that makes it almost impossible for moisture to penetrate into the core. There’s no time stamp on the hours that water can actually sit on your laminate floors. However, you need to properly seal the perimeter of every room since water can still find its way to the core eventually. Sealing the perimeter is vital for those seeking a completely waterproof floor. This is simply because the core is not waterproof and if water actually gets to the core, the laminate will buckle.


Additional Extras – The Uniclic system also allows you to remove a plank in the middle of the floor with the help me a patented tool called BullDog™. Normally, you’d have to open up the nearest baseboard and backpaddle to get the damaged piece. This is a great advantage of the Torlys NatureTek plus laminate series compared to other laminate options on our list.


This flooring also comes with a great warranty if installed within a residential area. They offer 35 years residential warranty and 5 years light commercial. In addition, you can install up to 2500 SF, 50′ x 50′, of this laminate without a transition piece. This number is smaller compared to the 4500 SF Richmond Atroguard but it’s still very impressive and an indication of the overall stability of the product.



  • Wet mopping – Yes
  • Steam cleaning – Yes
  • attached underlayment – No
  • Floating Floor – Yes
  • Scratch-resistant – Yes
  • Easy Installation – Yes

Design Variety – Torlys is well known for its vast selection of laminates. NatureTek Plus has an extensive 15 collections with 5-15 color variants to consider in each collection. It makes it extremely difficult to not find the perfect waterproof laminate flooring for your application. On our list, Torlys has the biggest variety within their range and they also make the widest and longest boards. They offer boards over 9″ in width and 80″ in length.


Square foot price – $3.50 – $5.50 SF

Mannington – Restoration Collection


3. Mannington Restoration Collection


Just like the others, Mannington provides a collection called Restoration Collection® that is well-known for its waterproofing abilities. Mannington has been around forever and has the technology to produce precise embossing and texturing for their laminate series.


Waterproofing – Apart from this collection providing stunning and realistic designs, it also comes with a great waterproofing feature which they call SpillShield®Plus. This revolutionary creation that Mannington uses is called HydroSeal technology. These hydrophobic molecules are present on all four sides of each plank including on the lock system and they simply work as water repellent molecules similar to Rain-X. Rain-X is a synthetic surface-applied product that causes water to bead up and run off surfaces, most commonly used on glass automobile surfaces. In addition, Mannington’s HDF core is a superior core compared to your average laminate HDF because it also contains HydroSeal. This patented core, although not completely waterproof, resists water absorption. Therefore, Mannington with SpillShield®Plus provides excellent protection against water. Mannington Restoration Collection offers you a 72-hour moisture guarantee. This means you can expect no damage from moisture, even if the water sits on your floor for three days. Therefore due to this timestamp, we would have to put Mannington Restoration Collection third on our list.


  • Wet mopping – Yes
  • Steam cleaning – Yes
  • attached underlayment – No
  • Floating Floor – Yes
  • Scratch-resistant – Yes
  • Easy Installation – Yes

Square foot price – $4.00 – $5.00 SF


Design Variety – The variety of this collection really stands out to us. This collection maybe a little bit smaller than the Torlys NatureTek Plus collection but provides great visuals and extremely realistic designs.


Additional Extras – Mannington constructs their flooring in the United States with the environment in mind at every step. Mannington has been an industry leader in environmental stewardship right from the start. They know that it’s not enough to make a difference for their company – they need to take responsibility and do something good for everyone else too! That’s why Mannington offers low VOC ink systems, so we can all work together towards green business practices with LEED certification.


The same goes for all the laminate flooring brands that are mentioned above.


Flooring Advice 101:


Your Laminate floor and Water: Frequently Asked Questions?



Are all laminate floors water resistant?


Yes, the exterior surface of any laminate floor is waterproof, but problems can arise when the water seeps into the HDF core, as buckling and swelling are likely to occur if it does not dry out quickly enough.


Is Luxury Vinyl Flooring more waterproof than laminate floors?


luxury vinyl planks are plastic in nature and plastic is waterproof by nature, therefore, Vinyl is waterproof, to begin with. On the other hand, most waterproof laminate floors are somehow treated to be water-resistant.


Is waterproof laminate the standard laminate flooring?


No, the standard laminate flooring is not waterproof. This flooring material is made from an HDF core layer that doesn’t react well to water.


Should I test for subfloor moisture when installing laminate?


Of course, especially if any self-leveling compound has been poured to address floor leveling. You need to make sure the subfloor is dry enough prior to installation. High moisture content in the subfloor prior to installation can result in problems with most laminate flooring soon after.


Can I use a steam cleaner on my laminate?


No, you shouldn’t. This is especially true when talking about standard laminates. Water-resistant or waterproof laminate is more durable and will be able to withstand the high heat of a steam cleaner.


A standard laminates exterior surface may come off or dissolve in contact with hot steam, so it should not be cleaned like this because damage can occur rendering your flooring unusable.




What is the laminate flooring core made of?


Compressed high-density fiberboard.


Is Waterproof laminate flooring good for laundry rooms?


Yes, you can use this type of flooring for water-prone areas of your home, however, all the perimeters of the room have to be properly sealed.


Is Waterproof laminate flooring good for bathrooms?


Only Richmond Atroguard is fully warrantied in full bathrooms. You should consider tiles or luxury vinyl flooring that are completely waterproof.


Can I install laminate flooring myself?


Yes, you can install it yourself but please follow the installation instructions that come with the product. You will need to put down a moisture protection layer first. All underlays come in with a built-in moisture barrier. Make sure you leave enough expansion gaps. Make sure to create your 1,2,3,4 random length pattern since all laminates come in the same length.


If you need to make sure your laminate is properly installed, hire a flooring company that can honor an installation warranty on their work.


Can I wet-mop my laminate flooring?


Avoid wet mopping if your laminate is not waterproof.


Is laminate more water-resistant than natural wood flooring?


No, hardwood floors are better with water, especially, engineered hardwood can reverse water damage. However, water damage in laminate is not reversible. Laminate is worse than hardwood when it comes to being able to reverse back to its normal form when it’s introduced to water. The wear layer of your laminate flooring is waterproof but the core is not.


How do I clean my laminate flooring?


The good news is that laminate can be cleaned easily. Simple sweeping should be done first before applying any cleaning agent to the planks. For a normal household, you can clean them with a laminate cleaner named Bona.


Should I worry about pet accidents with my waterproof laminate?


No, You shouldn’t. You should definitely clean it right away but it won’t damage your flooring in any way.


If you’re looking for the highest quality flooring, then Canadian Home Style is your best choice. We offer Richmond AutroGuard, Torlys NauterTek Plus, and Mannington Restoration as our waterproof laminate flooring options – all of which are displayed at our North Vancouver Flooring showroom! Come by today and find out why so many people recommend us. Book Now!

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