A wooden circle with a variety of colors on it.

What Is the Most Popular Flooring Now?

The Most Popular Flooring Now In today’s homes, various flooring options cater to every style and budget, with each material bringing unique benefits. Luxury Vinyl

a living room filled with furniture and a large window

What Is the Most Common Flooring?

The Most Common Flooring Understanding the vast array of flooring options can sometimes feel as intricate as navigating a maze of trends and technologies. From

A living room with hardwood floors and a view of the city.

2024 Hardwood Flooring Trends

2024 Hardwood Flooring Trends You Should Know Step into the future of home design with us as we unveil the enchanting world of hardwood flooring

A black kitchen with green plants on the walls.
Kitchen Renovation

2024 Kitchen Design Trends

Kickstart your kitchen makeover with the knowledge of 2024’s top trends. You’re not just renovating; you’re reinventing. Dive into designs that dazzle, with green hues

Completed North Vancouver Bathroom Remodeling Services by Canadian Home Style
Bathroom Renovation

Metro Vancouver’s Bathroom Renovation Cost

Bathroom Renovation Cost in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia Imagine you’re sculpting your dream home in Metro Vancouver, and the bathroom is your canvas. You’re probably

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Remodeling: Tub Vs. Shower

Let’s Answer the Hardest Decision When It Comes to Your Bathroom Remodeling: Tub Vs. Shower? Imagine you’re embarking on a thrilling bathroom renovation project. The


How To Install Laminate Flooring

Essentials of Laminate Flooring Selection When it comes to renovating your kitchen with laminate flooring, the first step is selecting the right type. Factors such


Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Tips

  Essential Hardwood Flooring Care Tips Hardwood flooring, known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, requires regular care to maintain its luster. To prevent dirt

Kitchen Renovation

How To Shop For Kitchen Appliances

  How To Shop For Kitchen Appliances the right way! Did you know that the right kitchen appliances can boost your home’s resale value by


What Is A Floating Floor?

Flooring 101: What Is A Floating Floor? Have you ever wondered what exactly a floating floor is and how it can benefit you? Well, look


Uniclic Flooring

Uniclic Locking Mechanism Explained Uniclic flooring is a revolutionary type of floating floor that has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its patented


Mohawk RevWood

The Mighty Mohawk Revwood Are you looking for an affordable hardwood alternative that looks and feels like the real thing? Look no further than Mohawk

A hallway with luxurious Karastan wood floors and a comfortable chair.

Karastan luxury vinyl plank

LuxCraft: Karastan Luxury Vinyl Plank – Better than Nature Intended!! Luxury vinyl plank flooring, often called LVP, is becoming increasingly popular for residential and commercial

A dining room with an orange and black wallpaper that follows the tile trends for covering in 2023.

Tile Trends at Covering 2023

Tile trends you should consider in 2023 The Latest from Coverings 2023 in Orlando, Fla. This year’s Coverings 2023 did not disappoint with its North

A living room with stone walls and a fireplace.
Kitchen Renovation

Nature-inspired kitchen design

Nature-Inspired Kitchen Design Ideas The idea of designing a kitchen inspired by nature has been around for centuries, but how does it really benefit the

Bathroom Renovation

Toilets Made From Leftover Wood Chips

Kitchen and bath News: Toilets Made From Leftover Wood Chips Material design is a fascinating era. Materials that we once considered to be waste products

North Vancouver kichen cabinets by Canadian home Style
Kitchen Renovation

Japandi Kitchen Design

Japandi Kitchen Design Ideas that will inspire you in 2023 for your next kitchen renovation! The concept of Japandi kitchen design is a modern way

A Vancouver room with beautiful hardwood floors and a functional desk.

2023 flooring trends

Canadian Home Style’s recommendations: 2023 flooring Trends to stay ahead of the game! 2023 flooring trends are sure to be some of the most exciting

A restaurant featuring a Mannington Flooring with wooden floor and chairs.

Mannington flooring

All you need to Know about Mannington Flooring Mannington Flooring is a well-known brand of floor covering that has been around for over 100 years.

A black and white bathroom with a large tub.
Bathroom Renovation

2023 smart bathroom design ideas

2023 smart bathroom design ideas you should be aware of! “The bathroom is often considered the most personal and intimate room in a home, but

A dining room with wood floors and a table.
Flooring news

Flooring News: Mohawk fortifies UltraWood line

Flooring Industry News: Mohawk fortifies UltraWood line Calhoun, Ga.—In 2023, Mohawk will continue to fortify its distinguishable UltraWood line with a refined focus on performance

A grey apartment with a dining table and chairs.
Kitchen and Bath News

A Swedish Design With Dark Gray

Who says you can’t go dark gray in your kitchen? Galvanized by a stunning Swedish apartment design, we’ve been prompted to share our newfound knowledge

New normal in the flooring industry
Flooring news

Navigating the ‘new retail normal’

Navigating the ‘new retail normal’ for the flooring industry!   In the weeks and months following the initial outbreak of the pandemic back in 2020,

A person is pointing at a digital screen in a smart kitchen.
Kitchen Renovation

2023 Smart kitchen ideas

  Smart Kitchen Design Trends for 2023 The year 2023 brings an exciting array of kitchen design trends, with each trend blending functionality and style