Toilets Made From Leftover Wood Chips

Kitchen and bath News: Toilets Made From Leftover Wood Chips

Material design is a fascinating era. Materials that we once considered to be waste products are being used in innovative and exciting ways.

Take, a Finnish design company that has just announced a new line of bathroom fixtures made from woodchip scraps.

The composite is waterproof and virtually unbreakable thanks to the unique manufacturing process that uses offcuts from Finland’s forest industry.

Woodio claims that it produces 99% less emissions than traditional ceramics. The result is unique in appearance and texture.

The modern design elevates the products and creates streamlined, minimalist forms. The toilet contains 80% wood volume, which is a first in this industry.

Finnish design firm Woodio created a bathroom. Everything from the seat to the bowl is made from wood composite, which produces 99 percent less emissions than ceramics.

Block is a wall-mounted toilet created using a material invented by Petro Lahtinen, founder of. It contains around 80 percent wood by volume and includes locally sourced aspen, offcuts, and timber from the Finnish forest industry.

The company claims that these wood chips were combined with a mixture of bioplastic resins and fossil-based polyester to make a virtually unbreakable waterproof composite.

Lahtinen claims that its production process does not require heat and only a fraction of the energy and water needed to make traditional porcelain or ceramic toilets. These toilets are usually fired in kilns at over 1,000 degrees Celsius for many hours.

Toilets Made From Leftover Wood Chips
The composite contains 80 percent wood chips per volume

Dezeen told him that there was nothing wrong with ceramics. “It’s the manufacturing process that creates the environmental impact.”

“Industrial ceramics are typically fired at 1,500 degrees Celsius for at most 12 hours. This heat is usually produced by burning gas which causes significant CO2 emissions.”

Toilets are almost exclusively made from one material

Woodio claims its production process produces 99 percent less emissions than traditional ceramic sanitaryware.

This does not include emissions from material sourcing and disposal. These can have a significant impact on the product’s overall footprint.

Lahtinen stated, “the savings are especially focused on the gate-to-gate phase.”

“Even our products must be transported and disposed of at the end of life. Also, raw material sourcing must be considered.”

Lahtinen was the original inventor of Woodio composite material in 2017. The company has made it into many products, including bathtubs and wash basins, with a patented casting technique.

Lahtinen stated, “We have developed moulds that can handle nonfluid raw material.” It is an innovative way to do things.

Block toilet is the most complex and complicated product in the company’s history. It was developed over three years by the Finnish studio Pentagon Design.

Wood shavings and sawdust have been traditionally used to break down waste in off-grid composting toilets. Woodio claims its flush toilet is the first to be made of the material.

The wood composite still depends on several fossil-based resources such as polyester resin, various additives, and surface treatments. The company intends to switch to bio-based resins when it can move to an industrial plant in the coming years.

Woodio also produces bathtubs and wash basins out of the same material

Because the material is composite, it will make it almost impossible for the toilet to be recycled at the end of its lifespan. This is typically around 10 to 15 years but can reach up to 50 years.

Woodio claims that the toilet can generate energy and prevent it from ending its life in a landfill. This would allow both fossil carbon and carbon from the wood to be released into the atmosphere.

Prior efforts to make toilets more durable have focused on reducing or eliminating water consumption. The Sandi toilet is a concept that uses sand and a small conveyor belt to dispose of waste, while the Samsung prototype burns it.


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