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Laminate flooring stands out as one of the most scratchresistant flooring options, surpassed only by tile and stone. It offers superior durability compared to luxury vinyl and traditional hardwood. Beyond its robustness, laminate flooring is an economical choice, with prices influenced by its origin, scratch rating, embossing, thickness, and locking mechanism. At Canadian Home Style, we provide a diverse selection of high-quality laminate flooring tailored to meet the needs of Vancouver homeowners, builders, and designers. Our inventory includes European and American-made AC4 and AC5-rated laminate flooring. 

Anti-Scratch Rating and Locking Mechanism

The antiscratch rating of laminate flooring is indicated by its AC number. A higher AC number means greater resilience. Most laminate flooring in Canada ranges from AC3 to AC4. AC5, the highest rating, is typically used for commercial applications. However, don’t rely solely on the AC rating. The locking system is crucial, too. For instance, the Uniclic® locking system by Torlys and Mohawk is renowned in the flooring industry. It lets you remove a single plank without disturbing the adjacent baseboard and back panels. Conversely, laminates with weak locking systems can be problematic during installation, as they are prone to breaking.

A dog lounging on Vancouver laminate flooring.
Vancouver laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring and Water

The surface of all laminates is waterproof, but the HDF core usually isn’t. If water sits on laminate flooring, it can eventually seep to the core. This makes a superior locking system essential. A good locking system keeps water on the surface longer, which is crucial during events like a dishwasher flood, often called “the laminate flooring killer.” Recent advancements have significantly improved the waterproofing of laminate flooring. Manufacturers like Torlys, Mannington, and Mohawk lead in this innovation. Mohawk’s RevWood laminate features Hydroseal coating to repel water and prevent plank swelling. TORLYS ProEdge laminates are waterproof due to the Uniclic® joint and Aqua Protect edge coating, fully waterproof with perimeter sealing. Mannington’s SpillShield technology repels water from all four sides of the board.

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Patrice Boivin
Patrice Boivin
Laminate flooring job
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It was a great experience from the first day we stepped in the showroom to the last day of installation. Soheil is knowledgeable. We were looking into laminate flooring. He took the time to show us different options and we never felt rushed into making a decision. The quote we were given at the beginning was very detailed and accurate. Sam performed the installation. You could tell Sam cared about the quality of his work. He took the necessary time to do the job right. We would recommend this business to anyone.
Ehsan Bayaki
Ehsan Bayaki
Laminate flooring in UBC
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We recently replaced the carpets in our two bedroom condo with laminate flooring and we used Canadian Home Style for the renovation. We are extremely happy with their service and their business. Initially they provided us with a quote which had very closely estimated the costs and was a great quote compared to a few other flooring companies we had already looked at. There were no surprises in the final invoice and it pretty much reflected what we saw in the initial quote. Soheil and other members of the team were patient and gave us great recommendations as for the choice of flooring. As for the installation, Said was meticulous and precise. He did a great job with leveling and we ended up paying the minimum for leveling even though it needed quite a bit of work. Said completed the work in the best possible manner and left us with beautiful laminate floors which we will enjoy for years to come.
Caitlin and Sanjay
Caitlin and Sanjay
Vancouver laminate flooring
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Absolutely terrific on all dimensions: value, service and product quality. Soheil was professional and pleasant to work with from the moment we walked in the store. He provided honest advice that helped us make the right decision in terms of floor material and colour, and the work done by the installer (Adam) was top notch. When we redo our kitchen flooring in a few years we won’t even bother shopping around.
Sharon Dickson
Sharon Dickson
Vancouver laminate flooring
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We wanted to replace our basement flooring but could not find anyone with whom we felt comfortable. The moment we walked into Canadian Home Style we knew we had come to the right place. A very knowledgeable SOHEIL walked us through the various options for laminate flooring. There wasn’t any pressure to make the purchase and he was more than willing to allow us the time to make our decision. All appointments from the measuring to junk removal were exactly as planned. The estimate was accurate with no hidden surprises. We had an issue with the previous carpet installer securing metal smooth edge with nails. Of great concern as we have hot water in- floor heating. A wonderful Canadian Home Style installer (Sam) was able to remove the smooth edge without any damage to the heating system. He also was able to remove tiles from this floor. The installation went perfectly. Sam installed the flooring quickly and did a wonderful job placing the laminate flooring around a circular fire place hearth. Sam also did a great job installing the door and floor mouldings. Soheil was always available to answer our questions and was very accommodating. A great experience! We will be back for some carpet installation soon…..

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer our services in most of the Lower Mainland. 

We’re only going to suggest quality European or American-made products at our flooring store.

  • Quickstep Nature TEK series by Torlys
  • Mannington Restoration collection
  • Mohawk RevWood

All three have their own unique features and are considered water-resistant quality laminate flooring.

Yes, all our flooring installers are in-house and have extensive experience in the flooring industry. It’s not just about having the right flooring but also about how you install them. Our in-house team of professionals takes pride and care for your home like they do their own because that matters most to us!

The price of laminate installation is \$2-2.75 SF for most flooring stores in Metro Vancouver. It depends on the company and the installer’s experience level.

However, you must consider the following factors as well for the total cost:


  • Existing floor removal and disposal
  • Baseboards
  • Transitions and trims
  • Subfloor preparation and levelling
  • Generally, not good with water
  • It can’t be refinished
  • Not repairable
  • Not natural
  • Off-gassing could be an issue with cheaper products.

No, you’re not supposed to wet mop your laminate flooring. You can use a damp cloth for the areas that need more attention. However, the newer series in the market are water-resistant and considered highly durable against moisture and wet mopping.

Laminate is more anti-scratch than your average hardwood floors. It also used to be considered more anti-scratch than vinyl flooring. However, luxury vinyl has come a long way in terms of anti-scratch ratings, depending on what kind of vinyl you’re comparing to.

No, that’s the wrong perception in the market. The Made in Germany laminate options in town are considered average at best.

Yes, you don’t need to worry about fading when it comes to your laminate floor.

  • AC rating (wear rating)
  • Locking system
  • Where it’s made
  • Thickness
  • The density of the core
  • Embossing

For Quality laminate flooring, contact Canadian Home Style in North Vancouver. We are the authorized flooring dealer of high-quality products such as Torlys, Mannington, Aquafix, Richmond, and Mohawk.

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National Wood Flooring Association