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Flooring has the most significant impact on a home renovation project. It's the one area of your home you come in contact with, visually and physically, every day. Choose the right flooring option for your application, and select the colour that best suits the rest of your space. Our clients are often overwhelmed by choice with so many designs to choose from. Fortunately, we are here to help you every step, from inspiration to decision-making. Please find more information on the different types of flooring below. At Canadian Home Style, we wholeheartedly believe in the uniqueness of each project we undertake. Our flooring collection has been carefully chosen to combine distinctive and beautiful pieces that will assist you in creating your unique style and atmosphere. Nothing is on display or for sale without the environment in mind. Rest assured that we wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't put in our own homes. That's a promise we stand by every day!

Our team of experts offers life-lasting flooring solutions for Vancouver homeowners.

We are committed to providing sustainable flooring products for a green world at Canadian Home Style, emphasizing quality over quantity! We believe that sustainability is more than just a trend; it’s a way of life. We can create long-lasting floors that last for years by offering only the highest quality products. It’s our responsibility to leave our mark on the world in a way that is both pleasing to us and safe for future generations.

A Vancouver room with hardwood flooring and a glass wall.
A room with wooden flooring.


Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for the most talked about beautiful flooring option in the world? There’s nothing like the natural beauty in wood flooring. Almost all synthetic flooring options imitate the beauty of hardwood. It’s on everyone’s wish list.


Quick Pros: 

  • Natural product
  • Warm and Cozy
  • Most Beautiful
  • Hygienic​

Quick Cons: 

  • Not great with scratches and heels
  • Not good with water


Laminate Flooring

You’re on a tight budget, or you have a big dog, and you don’t clip his nails often? Worried about your tenants scratching the floor?


Quick Pros:

  • Economical
  • Scratch resistant
  • Hygienic

Quick Cons:

  • Typically not good with water
  • Not the real thing
A white rug accents a beautiful wooden floor in Vancouver.
A stack of wood flooring on a Vancouver floor.
A black and white stairway with a potted plant in the Bathroom Gallery.
Bathroom Gallery: A modern bathroom with a large tub and sink.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Are you worried about another dishwasher flood or constant wet ski boots on your floor? Do you have a basement that has been flooded multiple times?

Quick Pros:

  • Water-proof
  • Warm and quiet
  • Hygienic
  • Scratch-resistant

Quick Cons:

  • Not the real thing



Do You like to wake up and step foot on the market’s warmest and coziest flooring option? Are you looking for the most soundproofing flooring solution?

Quick Pros:

  • Warmest and coziest
  • Most soundproofed

Quick Cons:

  • Scheduled professional cleaning required
  • Not shoe friendly
A home with a black railing.
A staircase with a white carpet.
Black wrought iron stair railings enhance the elegance and sophistication of a home's interior, providing a stylish and secure feature.
A white marble floor enhances the elegance of a space, paired with complementing wicker chairs for a refined touch.


Tile & Stone

Are you looking for the best option for your in-floor heating system? Are you looking for a waterproof, highly durable flooring solution that can stand for decades?


Quick Pros:

  • Most durable
  • Best Heat Transmission
  • Waterproof
  • Hygienic

Quick Cons:

  • Cold when not heated


Cork Flooring

Are you looking for the most environmentally sustainable flooring option that is also quiet and easy to walk on?

Quick Pros:

  • Warm and Quite
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable
  • Comfortable to walk
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Water Resistant
  • Hygienic 

Quick Cons:

  • Cork has a busy pattern
  • Not completely waterproof
A bedroom featuring the benefits of cork flooring with a bicycle in the middle of the room.
A living room with a white table and chairs, designed by Amorim Wise.

Are you ready to start your journey?

sally p
sally p
Vancouver flooring
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I can’t say enough good things about my experience with these folks. Soheil patiently educated me about the pros and cons of different flooring products. He is professional and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Adam the top-notch installer was meticulous and didn’t let up until the project was finished. I enthusiastically recommend Canadian Home Style.
sally p
sally p
Vancouver flooring
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I can’t say enough good things about my experience with these folks. Soheil patiently educated me about the pros and cons of different flooring products. He is professional and knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Adam the top-notch installer was meticulous and didn’t let up until the project was finished. I enthusiastically recommend Canadian Home Style.
Cameron Godfrey
Cameron Godfrey
Vancouver flooring
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Simply excellent! Our flooring renovation experience with Canadian Home Style was second-to-none. Soheil made the process effortless, addressing all our concerns throughout the process and being extremely generous with his time. The result is a beautiful engineered hardwood floor, for which Adam deserves a special mention for his expert installation and attention to detail. I can't imagine the experience gets any better. Go in and talk to the team at Canadian Home Style about your project - We're certainly glad we did.
Corey Jackson
Corey Jackson
Vancouver flooring
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My wife and I recently had our floors done by Soheil Jalali and his team at Canadian Home Style. Cannot say enough good things about this business and their team. We had just moved to the North Shore and ended up getting about 5 or 6 quotes from different contractors in the Lower Mainland. Their quote was the most competitive on both the flooring and the labour/install so, combined with the excellent reviews online, we decided to use them and are extremely happy we did! Soheil was phenomenal to deal with right from the first time we set foot in the showroom. Extremely knowledgeable, helpful and zero pressure. It ended up taking us close to 2 months to actually pick a product/floor (due largely to our indecisiveness and busy schedules) but they were incredibly patient and went well out of their way to make sure we got the perfect product and colour for our project. Even rush ordered us new samples that we had seen on the website so we could see them and compare in our space. They carry an excellent range of mid to high-end flooring options at competitive prices. We ended up going with Mercier red oak and we love it thus far. The install was incredibly smooth and Adam did a terrific job. Very thorough and meticulous about the work but still managed to finish a day earlier than planned. The workmanship on the stairs and the custom noseings were excellent. They even did some extra work levelling and re-screwing our subfloor, which removed a bunch of squeaks. Soheil was in touch almost every day on the project to provide updates, send pictures and answer any questions, etc., which was extremely helpful given that we were out of town. Place was spotless when we got back as well. We are still planning to do the downstairs and will definitely be working with these guys again. I would highly recommend using Canadian Home Style!
Sharon Dickson
Sharon Dickson
Vancouver flooring
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We wanted to replace our basement flooring but could not find anyone with whom we felt comfortable. The moment we walked into Canadian Home Style we knew we had come to the right place. A very knowledgeable SOHEIL walked us through the various options for laminate flooring. There wasn’t any pressure to make the purchase and he was more than willing to allow us the time to make our decision. All appointments from the measuring to junk removal were exactly as planned. The estimate was accurate with no hidden surprises. We had an issue with the previous carpet installer securing metal smooth edge with nails. Of great concern as we have hot water in- floor heating. A wonderful Canadian Home Style installer (Sam) was able to remove the smooth edge without any damage to the heating system. He also was able to remove tiles from this floor. The installation went perfectly. Sam installed the flooring quickly and did a wonderful job placing the laminate flooring around a circular fire place hearth. Sam also did a great job installing the door and floor mouldings. Soheil was always available to answer our questions and was very accommodating. A great experience! We will be back for some carpet installation soon…..
Danielle Flawn
Danielle Flawn
North Vancouver flooring
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We could not be happier with the job Soheil and his team did on our floors. They replaced all the flooring in our condo with a beautiful engineered hardwood. Soheil was a total pleasure to work with from the beginning. He is honest and open and willing to talk through any concerns you might have. He is generous with his time and expert opinion. The crew arrived when they said they would and they completed the job on time. We are beyond thrilled with the outcome. I highly recommend these guys and will for sure use them again for future renovations. Thank you Soheil!

We offer full-service residential and commercial flooring solutions with our in-house certified installation team and expert project managers.

  • Flooring design consultation
  • Commercial-scale flooring project management
  • Supply of all flooring materials
  • Sanding and refinishing hardwood
  • In-floor heating solutions
  • Old floor removal and disposal 
  • Subfloor levelling and preparations 
  • Professional in-house installation as per NWFA and BCFCA guidelines

We provide extended labour warranty on all of our flooring installations: 

We strive to provide our clients with timeless and sustainable flooring options at Canadian Home Style. We believe that by bringing people together, we can help them create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces in their homes. Our goal is to help our clients create living spaces that they will love for years. Our focus is quality, and we are fully committed to our community with environmental sustainability at the forefront.

A living room adorned with Mercier hardwood flooring and large windows.
A wooden floor in a dining room in Vancouver.
A living room with white walls and white furniture in Vancouver.
A modern living room with wood flooring.

Highest Quality Flooring Services in Vancouver BC

We are the highest-rated and most recommended flooring dealer in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. We have won the Consumer’s Choice Award in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 for our commitment to business excellence. We’d like to thank our community and everyone who cast their ballot for us. We assure you that we will work hard to keep our reputation for excellence in customer service. Our focus will remain the same as always: quality over quantity.

The flooring industry is constantly evolving, which makes it challenging to maintain a reputation for being reliable and professional. Canadian Home Style, however, strives to set itself apart from its competitors by providing only the highest quality products and exceptional customer service. In addition, product education and keeping up with the latest trends and codes in the flooring industry are essential to our success. Our experienced staff regularly participate in ongoing training programs at NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) and the BCFCA (BC Floor Covering Association). Involvement with these associations ensures that we stay on top of the latest trends and codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer both installation and product warranties.

Regarding our labor warranty, we offer a full-year warranty for all of our services from the day of completing your project.

Our manufacturer’s warranty on our flooring products varies depending on the product and manufacturer. Our warranties are anywhere between 20 years to a lifetime. Our products are carefully chosen, and product warranties are one of the deciding factors.

We offer our services in most of the Lower Mainland. 

Canadian Home Style is an independently owned flooring store. We are also family-owned and operated.

We offer a full range of flooring materials, such as

  • Solid wood flooring

  • Engineered hardwood flooring

  • Cork flooring

  • Leather flooring

  • Laminate flooring

  • Broadloom carpet

  • Carpet tiles

  • Sheet vinyl

  • WPC luxury vinyl flooring

  • SPC luxury vinyl flooring

  • Porcelain tile flooring

  • Stone

Yes, we offer complete commercial and residential flooring services for all your flooring needs, including hardwood floor installation and refinishing. Our hardwood floor refinishing service is only for floors that we can sand and refinish. We can not refinish floating floors. 

We are Metro Vancouver’s flooring leader and pride ourselves on being the only 5-star Vancouver flooring company. We do not offer a price match guarantee, especially on labor as we have our high standards. However, we do offer in-store free consultation and estimates but not quotes. Our quotes are detailed and include on-site visits and consultations. However, we credit this consultation fee back on the final invoice.

Hardwood floors are our most recommended type of flooring. Further to this point, engineered wood flooring is the best for the type of climate we have in the Vancouver area. We have a wide selection of Canadian-made engineered wood flooring options. Visit our showroom and let us know your budget and application. One of the friendly staff will walk through our huge selection and help you get the best prices. We are the authorized flooring dealer for some of the top Canadian-made wood flooring lines, such as Mercier, Purparket, and Lauzon.

We offer full-service flooring solutions as follows:

  • Flooring consultations
  • Flooring supply and materials delivery
  • Commercial Flooring installation (hardwood, cork, laminate, vinyl, carpet, tile, and stone)
  • Residential Flooring installation (hardwood, cork, laminate, vinyl, carpet, tile, and stone)
  • Engineered and solid hardwood sanding and refinishing
  • Subfloor preparation and levelling work
  • Atelier hardwood – Made in the USA
  • Boen hardwood – European hardwood
  • Roman Parquet – Italian-made hardwood

We are fully insured. Our liability coverage is $5 million. We also have A+ standing with Work Safe BC.

Yes, all our flooring installers are in-house and have extensive experience in the flooring industry. It’s not just about having the right flooring but also about how you install them. Our in-house team of professionals takes pride and care for your home like they do their own because that matters most to us!

A Guide to Quality Flooring in Vancouver

Flooring is the foundation of any Vancouver property, setting the tone for style and comfort. Visit our flooring company showroom to explore the perfect products for your project. This comprehensive guide delves into the best flooring choices for Vancouver’s unique architectural and environmental landscape. We started by exploring hardwood floors’ enduring beauty and engineered hardwood’s modern sophistication, both favourites among Vancouver residents. The practicality of vinyl and laminate flooring also comes under the spotlight, providing cost-effective yet stylish alternatives from the best flooring company in BC. Our journey continues as we help you navigate the finest flooring stores in Vancouver, ensuring you partner with top-notch professionals for your installation needs, whether for residential or commercial flooring. We’ll also consider whether tile flooring aligns with your Vancouver home’s aesthetic and functional requirements. Emphasizing sustainable practices, we cover eco-friendly flooring options catering to Vancouver’s ecological ethos. Finally, we offer expert tips to maintain the pristine condition of your flooring, preserving its beauty and longevity in the Vancouver climate.

What Types of Flooring Can You Find in Vancouver?

Vancouver flooring options include hardwood, laminate, vinyl flooring, tile, carpet, and area rugs from top Vancouver flooring companies. Each option offers different durability, maintenance, and appearance benefits, allowing homeowners to choose the best flooring option for their specific needs and style preferences. 

  • Hardwood: Known for its longevity and timeless appeal, hardwood floors remain a popular choice. They offer a warm, classic look that can significantly increase property values.
  • Cork: A rising favourite due to its sustainability and comfort, cork flooring provides excellent insulation and a unique aesthetic.
  • Vinyl Planks: These offer a cost-effective solution with a versatile range of styles that mimic more expensive materials like hardwood and stone.
  • Laminate: Laminate flooring is renowned for its ability to emulate the appearance of wood or stone, offering a durable and affordable alternative. It’s resistant to scratches and fading, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Carpet: Offering comfort and warmth, carpet is preferred for bedrooms and living areas. It has many textures, colours, and patterns, providing excellent sound insulation and a cozy underfoot feel.
  • Tiles: Porcelain tiles are highly durable and water-resistant, making them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles offer endless design possibilities and are easy to maintain, retaining their appearance over time.

Why Choose Hardwood Floors in Vancouver?

Hardwood floors are a perennial favourite among Vancouver homeowners. They offer a timeless look and increase the resale value of your home. Hardwood flooring is available in various species and finishes, allowing for customization according to personal taste or specific interior design requirements.

Durability and Longevity: Hardwood floors are renowned for their strength and durability. Capable of lasting decades, these floors can withstand the wear and tear of daily life in busy households. In Vancouver’s fluctuating climate, hardwood remains stable and resilient, maintaining its form and functionality over the years.

Increase Property Value: Homes with hardwood floors often see increased market value. Buyers are attracted to the quality and appearance of wood floors, viewing them as a desirable upgrade worth paying more for. This makes hardwood an excellent investment for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s resale value.

Aesthetic and Versatile Design: Hardwood floors bring a natural beauty that complements various decorating styles, from modern to traditional. The wood’s inherent patterns and colours add warmth and character to any space, making it universally appealing. Additionally, the option to refinish hardwood floors means you can change their look over time to keep up with evolving trends or personal taste preferences.

By choosing hardwood flooring, Vancouver residents can enjoy a blend of functionality, beauty, and value. This flooring type not only meets the practical demands of everyday life but also enriches the living environment, proving to be a worthwhile addition to any home.

The Rise of Engineered Hardwood in the Lower Mainland

Engineered hardwood has become a popular choice in Vancouver, particularly for its versatility and resistance to moisture variations. This engineered hardwood floor type combines the beauty of hardwood with enhanced stability, making it suitable for areas where solid wood might warp or buckle in Vancouver BC environments.

Enhanced Stability and Moisture Resistance: Engineered hardwood is designed to resist changes caused by moisture and temperature fluctuations. This makes it ideal for Vancouver’s varying climate, where humidity and temperature can differ markedly between seasons. Unlike solid hardwood, which can warp or buckle under such conditions, engineered hardwood maintains its shape and integrity.

Versatility in Application: The construction of engineered hardwood—comprising a top layer of natural wood bonded over high-quality plywood—ensures greater stability. This structural composition allows it to be installed in areas of the home where solid wood might not be suitable, including basements and over concrete floors. It can also be installed over radiant heating systems, becoming increasingly popular in modern and renovated Vancouver homes.

Aesthetic Appeal: Engineered hardwood provides the luxurious look of real wood and is available in various wood species, stains, and finishes. This variety lets homeowners choose flooring that perfectly matches their decor style and personal taste. Additionally, the top layer of real wood shares solid hardwood’s beautiful, natural appearance, making it a desirable option for those who value aesthetics and functionality, as offered by premium flooring companies in Vancouver.

Engineered hardwood offers a practical and attractive flooring solution, meeting the demands of Vancouver’s homeowners by combining durability, versatility, and the timeless beauty of wood. This makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality flooring option that aligns with both practical needs and aesthetic desires.

Benefits of Vinyl and Laminate Flooring

Vinyl and laminate flooring offer cost-effective alternatives that do not compromise on style. These materials are exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches and moisture, ideal for busy households or commercial spaces. Their ease of installation and vast range of designs make them increasingly popular in the Vancouver area.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Both vinyl and laminate flooring provide affordable alternatives to traditional hardwood or stone flooring. They are ideal for those who want the look of luxury without the high cost, fitting well within a budget-conscious approach.

  • Durability: Designed to withstand heavy use, vinyl and laminate floors are exceptionally resilient. They resist scratches and dents, making them suitable for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.

  • Moisture Resistance: These materials are highly resistant to moisture, which makes them perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements where traditional wood might be damaged by water and humidity.

  • Ease of Installation: Vinyl and laminate flooring can often be installed quickly by a professional flooring company. It does not require the same extensive preparation as hardwood floors, making them a popular choice for many residential flooring projects in Vancouver. Many products, including vinyl and engineered hardwood plank flooring, come with a click-and-lock design that allows for floating installation without needing nails or glue.

  • Design Versatility: Available in various styles, colours, and patterns, vinyl and laminate floors can mimic the look of more expensive materials like hardwood, ceramic tile, or stone. This vast selection allows homeowners to choose options that best suit their decor and personal taste.

  • Maintenance: Both flooring types are easy to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a mild cleaner are all needed to keep these floors looking new.

Vinyl and laminate flooring represent practical and stylish solutions for Vancouver residents looking for durable, affordable, and easy-to-maintain flooring options. Their adaptability and resistance to wear make them increasingly popular choices among homeowners and commercial space designers.

Carpet Flooring in Vancouver: Comfort, Versatility, and Style

Carpet remains a popular flooring choice in Vancouver homes due to its comfort and style versatility. Here are key aspects that make carpet flooring a valuable choice for residential and commercial spaces:

Comfort and Warmth: Carpet is unmatched in its ability to add warmth and comfort to a room. Its soft texture provides a cozy surface underfoot, making it ideal for colder climates like Vancouver’s. Carpets also contribute to a warmer indoor environment by adding insulation to floors.

Noise Reduction: One of the practical benefits of carpet flooring is its sound-dampening qualities. In busy households or multi-story buildings in Vancouver, carpet effectively absorbs sound, reducing noise levels between floors and rooms. This makes it an excellent choice for apartments, family homes, and office spaces where noise reduction is beneficial.

Style and Versatility:

  • Wide Range of Textures and Colors: Carpets come in various textures, colours, and patterns, allowing them to fit any interior design scheme. This versatility makes it easy to tailor your flooring to match the aesthetic of your space.
  • Design Flexibility: Carpet flooring offers extensive design flexibility, whether you’re looking for a neutral tone to complement a minimalist style or a bold pattern that makes a statement.
  • Enhances Interior Decor: The right carpet can be a foundational element that ties a room’s decor together.

Carpets are a practical flooring option, providing comfort, reducing noise, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of interiors. When selecting carpet flooring in Vancouver, consider factors like foot traffic, potential staining, and the overall style of your home to ensure it meets both your functional needs and design preferences.

Choosing the Right Flooring Store in Vancouver

Selecting a reputable flooring store is critical. Look for stores with a wide selection of materials and knowledgeable staff who can provide insights into different flooring types’ benefits and maintenance requirements. Good stores also offer samples to take home, helping visualize how the floor will look in your space.

Here are key factors to consider when choosing the right store:

  • Wide Selection of Materials: A good flooring store should offer various options, from classic hardwood and trendy engineered designs to versatile vinyl and laminate. Canadian Home Style, known for its extensive inventory, is a prime example, providing various flooring solutions that cater to different tastes and requirements.

  • Knowledgeable Staff: Expert advice is invaluable. Look for stores in Vancouver, BC, where the staff is not only familiar with the products but can also guide you on the benefits and maintenance requirements of different types of flooring, including vinyl and engineered hardwood. This ensures that the floor you choose enhances the aesthetics of your space and is also viable for your specific living environment.

  • Samples Availability: Taking samples home is an essential service. It lets you see how different flooring options look under your home’s lighting and against your furniture. Stores like Canadian Home Style offer this service, helping you decide which flooring will best suit your home.

  • Customer Service: Excellent customer service, including after-sales support, is a hallmark of a trustworthy flooring store. This includes assistance with installation, advice on maintenance, and dealing with any post-installation issues that might arise.

When looking for flooring in Vancouver, choosing a store like Canadian Home Style, which combines a wide product range with expert staff and exceptional customer service, can significantly enhance your shopping experience. Ensuring that the store meets these criteria will help you find the perfect flooring to meet both your aesthetic and functional needs in Vancouver.

Installation: What to Expect from Professional Flooring Installers

Professional installation is key to the longevity and appearance of your flooring. Experienced installers will handle everything from old floor removal to precise installation, ensuring a flawless finish. Discuss your expectations and any concerns you might have with your installers beforehand. 

  • Expertise in Floor Removal: Proper installation starts with correctly removing the old flooring, a process where removal and disposal services offered by flooring companies become essential. Experienced installers efficiently handle this process, ensuring that the subfloor is intact and ready for the new installation. This prevents potential damage and prepares the base for a smoother, more reliable flooring installation.

  • Precision in Installation: Skilled installers bring precision to their work, ensuring each piece of flooring is perfectly aligned and securely fitted. This attention to detail is vital for avoiding gaps, uneven surfaces, or potential moisture penetration, which can affect the floor’s durability and appearance.

  • Flawless Finish: The final look of your flooring dramatically depends on the quality of the installation. Professional installers ensure a flawless finish, enhancing the room’s overall aesthetics. Their expertise also helps achieve the flooring’s best possible functionality and longevity, contributing to overall home value.

It’s advisable to have a detailed discussion with your installers before the project begins. Communicate your expectations, ask about the installation process, and address any concerns. This dialogue ensures that the installers from the flooring company fully know your requirements and can tailor their approach accordingly, resulting in a satisfactory flooring installation for your residential or commercial space. By investing in professional installation services, you ensure that your flooring is beautifully installed and built to last, adding enduring value to your home.

Sustainability in Flooring: Eco-Friendly Choices

Numerous eco-friendly flooring options are available for those interested in sustainable building practices. Bamboo, recycled wood, and cork are great choices that help reduce environmental impact without sacrificing style or durability.

  • Bamboo: Known for its rapid growth rate, bamboo is a highly renewable resource that offers durability comparable to traditional hardwood. It’s a stylish option with various finishes, suiting different decor styles while ensuring a lower ecological footprint.

  • Recycled Wood: Reclaimed or recycled wood is an excellent choice for minimizing waste. This flooring repurposes wood from old buildings, bridges, and other structures, giving it a new life as beautiful, unique flooring with history and character.

  • Cork: Cork flooring is made from the bark of cork oak trees, regenerating every nine years, making it an extremely sustainable option. Besides being eco-friendly, cork floors are naturally antimicrobial and water-resistant, providing excellent insulation and enhancing home energy efficiency.

Maintaining Your New Floors: Tips and Tricks

Maintaining your floors ensures they look great and last longer. Regular cleaning, immediate spill cleanup, and proper cleaning products are essential. 

Here are some essential tips and tricks tailored for various types of flooring available in Vancouver, offered by the best flooring company in the area:

Regular Cleaning of Commercial and Residential Flooring Products: Consistency is key in floor maintenance.

  • Regular sweeping or vacuuming prevents dirt and grit from scratching the surface for all flooring types.
  • Use cleaning products recommended specifically for your type of flooring to avoid damage and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your commercial or residential flooring. For instance, hardwood and laminate floors require cleaners that don’t leave residue or moisture behind.

Immediate Spill Cleanup: Spills should be tackled promptly to prevent stains or damage, especially on wood and carpet floors.

  • On carpets, blot spills immediately with a clean cloth, and a cleaning solution suitable for the carpet type should be used to avoid setting the stain.
  • On wood floors, wiping spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth can prevent water damage and potential warping.

Periodic Deep Cleaning and Refinishing: Some floors need more than regular cleaning.

  • Depending on foot traffic and wear, wood floors benefit from periodic refinishing to restore their original lustre, typically every 10-20 years.
  • Carpets may require professional steam cleaning annually to maintain hygiene and appearance, while tile floors might need grout cleaning to prevent discoloration.

Following these maintenance guidelines, Vancouver residents can ensure their floors remain pristine. Tailoring your cleaning and maintenance practices to the specific needs of your flooring type not only enhances the appearance of your home but also contributes to the longevity and durability of your floors. These strategies are especially important in Vancouver’s varying climate, influencing the care needed for different flooring materials.


National Wood Flooring Association: A leading resource for professionals and consumers seeking information on wood flooring.

Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association: Offers resources for flooring installation professionals, including training and certification programs.

Carpet and Rug Institute: Provides information on carpet and rug care, sustainability initiatives, and industry standards.

National Tile Contractors Association: A valuable source of information on tile installation and industry best practices.

Ceramic Tile Education Foundation: Offers education and certification for professionals in the ceramic tile industry.

Floor Trends Magazine: Provides the latest news, trends, and insights in the flooring industry.

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