5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Carpet in Vancouver

Looking for the Right Carpet in Vancouver?


When visiting a carpet supplier in Vancouver, you are met by a jungle of different carpet types. But, what is the best option for you? Through this article, we’re going to help you decide just that. We’ll be discussing what fiber types are associated with carpets, the styles you can choose, costs, and additional extras that you should be aware of before investing in Carpet for your Vancouver Home.


1. Fiber type


Carpet fibers are constructed in three different ways, synthetic (artificial), semi-synthetic (a mixture of natural and artificial) and completely natural. Each fiber type has its own benefits and impact on the environment. For example, most synthetic fibers are durable but not eco-friendly. Whereas carpets that are made from wool are typically more comfortable and better for the environment.

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The first and most popular carpet fiber is Nylon, nylon is commonly found in most modern homes. It’s one of the more economical fiber types and has immense strength and durability. However, it does fall under the synthetic category and therefore isn’t very eco-friendly.




Polyester fibers are next on the list and are made from the polymerization process. The nice thing about polyester is that it allows for an array of color options. Although this is great, polyester fibers are commonly known to be easily damaged by UV rays. One of the common problems of polyester carpets is the fact that they are not anti-crush. The fibers don’t bounce back easily under heavy traffic.





The next most used fiber type that is found in carpet is Triexta or SmartStrand by Mohawk. This fiber is actually made from corn sugar. Triexta falls under the synthetic fiber category. It is another durable fiber type and is excellent at repelling moisture damage.




Next on the list is Olefin. This fiber type is made from polyolefin, which means it’s artificial. It’s well used because it’s a cheap fiber type and holds great stain resistance and durability. In the Vancouver market, Olefin carpets are almost exclusive for commercial use.





Last but not least, Wool is the only natural fiber on our list and it has been traditionally used as flooring for decades, the only downside to wool carpet is the fact that it’s extremely expensive. It’s fairly strong considering it’s a natural fiber type and is normally found in more luxurious homes in Vancouver.


2. Carpet Style


In the carpet world, there are two different “style” types of carpet. These are a loop and a cut pile. A cut piled carpet is when the carpet is cut, explained by the name. The carpet is cut at the end of the fibers resulting in them being upright rather than loop back into the base material. As for a loop pile, it loops back into the base material. The yawn is sewn into the base of the carpet and looped around again. Typically, people suggest that a loop carpet is much more comfortable on the foot. We have to agree with them.


Let’s discuss some of the loop and cut carpet types.


Loop Pile


Berber Carpet – It is a type of loop pile carpet that has a chunky weave and is famous for its flecks of color. This looped carpet type is one of the most common flooring solutions in a house. Due to its aesthetically pleasing and robust capabilities, it’s the perfect carpet type for a house. Berber carpets will work great on high-traffic areas such as stairs.


Level Loop Carpet – If you’re not a carpet specialist, you may not realize that the texture or “style” type can have a massive impact on its beneficial traits. Level loop is simply when all the looped fibers are the same height. They have a casual appearance but can withstand certain room types like a family room, media or fitness area.


Multi-level Loop Carpet – Yep, you guessed it. Unlike the level loop carpet that is suggested above, this multi-level loop has different loop heights throughout the carpet. A multi-level looped carpet can give a more texturable vibe, allowing the room to look more unique while still being able to withstand high traffic levels.


Cut Pile


Saxony Carpet – Again, let’s start with the most common type of cut pile carpet. Saxony is when the fiber ends are cut level. They’re tightly packed together allowing the carpet to create a simple and smooth appearance.


Textured Carpet– Another cut pile choice is texture, this is when the yarn is twisted and cut rather than just standing upright.


Frieze Carpet– This carpet type is sometimes known as “shag” due to its wild carpet fibers. The fibers curl out in multiple different directions.


Pattern Carpet – A pattern type of carpet could fit in the cut or looped category. This is because it shares both cut and loop textures that are randomly scattered across the carpet making the texture stand out while still holding great strength.

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3. Carpet Cost


Carpet flooring in Vancouver is usually sold per square yard. Prices can vary massively due to the brand, style, anti-stain procedure, and carpet face weight.


Carpet Material Type


Average Price Per Square Yard

Wool Carpet

$70.00 (Min $50.00, Max $135.00)

Nylon Capet

$45.00 (Min $22.00, Max $99.00)

SmartStrand Carpet

$42.00 (Min $30.00, Max $65.00)

Polyester Carpet

$29.00 (Min $18.00, Max $49.00)

Olefin Carpet

$16.00 (Min $11.00, Max $24.00)


4. Eco-friendliness


More people are being aware of the effect certain materials have on our ecosystem and choosing the most eco-friendly carpet can be important for some. A carpet that is made from natural materials such as wool is typically more expensive but a lot much healthier for our planet. SmartStrand from Mohawk is another eco-friendly alternative because 37% of the carpeting fiber is a renewable resource, replacing ingredients normally derived from petroleum. Additionally, the production of the Triexta polymer requires 30% less energy and emits 63% less Greenhouse gases compared to creating an equal amount of nylon.


To find eco-friendly carpets, you have to look out for the green carpet certification at the back of the carpet sample.

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5. Durability


Durability is an important factor when it comes to selecting the perfect carpet for your home in Vancouver. A durable carpet is at least 50 ounces per square foot. The more difficult it is to reach the backing material of the carpet, the denser and more durable the carpet. Since different fibers provide different levels of durability, the face weight is important only when you’re comparing carpets made from similar fibers. The two strongest carpet types are nylon and wool carpets. A typical polyester carpet is probably at the bottom of the list when it comes to durability.


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