A dining room with wood floors and blue walls beautifully showcases the timeless elegance of vinyl plank flooring.

How to Buy a Vinyl Plank Cutter

DIY vinyl flooring installation – what to cut the viny with Installing vinyl flooring can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This article

A black and white bathroom with a wood look porcelain tiles floor.

Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

    A good example of a floor covering with a natural appearance is wood look porcelain tiles. Wood look tiles are made to have

Designing a Hotel Bathroom with a Bathtub and Ocean View.
Bathroom Renovation

Designing a Hotel Bathroom

If you’re an interior designer, there’s a good chance that at some point you’ll be asked to design a hotel bathroom. Hotel bathrooms can be

A bathroom with a bathtub and plants on a wooden bench, showcasing the perfect combination of wood and waterproofing.
Bathroom Renovation

Wood Waterproofing – Oil Coatings

Oil coating is a great option if you’re looking for a water-resistant finish for your wooden bathroom furniture. Several oil-based varnishes, including Linseed oil, Walnut

A collage of different kitchen designs.
Kitchen Renovation

How to Create a Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchens are back! If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and wondering what direction you should take in designing your next beautiful kitchen, a rustic-style

A modern kitchen with oak cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
Kitchen Renovation

Accessorizing Kitchens With Oak Cabinets

There are many ways to accessorize kitchens with oak cabinets. This article will discuss modern design, Wood species that go well with oak, and choices

A bathroom with white marble floors and a tub.
Bathroom Renovation

Types of Porcelain Tiles

If you are planning on tiling your home or renovating your kitchen, you will need to know the characteristics of porcelain tiles and the commonly

A living room with hardwood floors and a coffee table.

Caring For Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak Hardwood flooring Oak is one of the most popular wood species in today’s market for flooring purposes. There are many reasons for this, including

Types of Tiling Membrane
Bathroom Renovation

Types of Tiling Membrane

Tiling membranes: If you like tile or stone as your flooring option and you’re wondering about tile membrane options, this article is for you. There

A white and black bathroom with a walk in shower in a Bathroom Gallery.
Bathroom Renovation

Best Glass Shower Cleaner

Are you always looking to have a super clean bathroom? There are several products available to clean glass showers. Several of these include Rejuvenate Scrub

A wood paneled surface.

Birch Hardwood Floors

Birch hardwood flooring If you are in the market for a new floor, you may want to consider birch hardwood floors. This type of wood

An empty room with a concrete wall and flooring.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring

There are several things you should know about cement flooring before installing it. First of all, the water used for concrete flooring must be pure

A bathroom with a black and white checkered floor undergoing repairs for a leaking ceiling.
Bathroom Renovation

Fixing a Leaking Ceiling

If you have a leaking ceiling, you can prevent it from causing further damage to your home by catching the water immediately. Next, fix the

A white bathroom with a glass shower door featured in the Bathroom Gallery.
Bathroom Renovation

How to Install Toilet Flange

Installing a toilet flange the right way Installing a toilet flange is a crucial step in renovating your bathroom. To begin, you must understand the

A kitchen with a large island and stainless steel appliances.
Kitchen Renovation

3D Software for Dream Kitchens

Designing your dream kitchen If you plan to redesign your kitchen, you will want to start by assessing your current space. Whether it’s the layout,

A living room with wood floors and a fireplace.

Rustic Hardwood Floors

Rustic hardwood floors come in many varieties, including random-width and distressed. Learn more about colors, prices, and care tips for rustic hardwood floors. Here are

A modern bathroom with a grey sink and mirror featuring a modern bathroom vanity.
Bathroom Renovation

Modern Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Ultimately, choosing the best bathroom vanity sinks is a matter of personal preference. There are many styles to choose from, including Contemporary, Antique, Corner, and

A kitchen with grey cabinets and white counter tops.
Kitchen Renovation

The Advantages of Grey in the Kitchen

There are many shades of grey to choose from for your kitchen. Grey is a versatile color that works well with many different materials. This

A living room with a fireplace and a green table.
Bathroom Renovation

Home Renovation Bloggers

Do you want to learn more about the latest trends in home renovation? Consider following a home renovation blog. This article features some of the

A dining room with white walls and wood floors installed using nails.

Choosing Nails For Flooring

The Role of Nail Selection in Flooring Projects When embarking on a flooring project, it is crucial to have confidence and self-assurance in selecting the

Bathroom Gallery: A modern bathroom with wood cabinets and a large mirror.
Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Cabinets For Bathrooms

Bathroom Cabinet Options for Bathroom Storage Are you planning a bathroom renovation in Metro Vancouver? There are several styles and types to choose from if

A laundry room with a washing machine and plumbing.
Bathroom Renovation

How to Maintain Your Laundry Room Plumbing

Maintaining your laundry room plumbing is essential to keep it running efficiently. You should be aware that the average washing machine uses approximately 41 gallons

A kitchen with blue cabinets and hardwood floors.
Kitchen Renovation

Craftsman Kitchens

When designing a craftsman kitchen, you must ensure you incorporate elements that can be easily found in a traditional Craftsman home. Subway tile, hardwood floors,

A grey and white tile with a hexagon pattern.
Bathroom Renovation

Choosing Tiles For Your Walls

Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wall Tiles Selecting the ideal wall tiles for your bathroom renovation can transform the space from ordinary to extraordinary. When

A pair of shoes and a sweater on a wide plank hardwood floor.

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring: Remember when you used to play on the floor with your toys as a child? Imagine if the floors could

A living room with Torlys Everest Hardwood floors and a sofa.

Torlys Everest XP

Torlys Hardwood Flooring: Everest XP Torlys is a global flooring company that is famous for making smart floors. Today we’re going to review their new

Boen engineered hardwood flooring

Boen Hardwood Flooring

Quality Boen Hardwood Flooring Boen Hardwood Flooring is a leading wood flooring distributor to residential and commercial clients. Boen offers an extensive selection of quality

A low maintenance modern kitchen with wooden floors and stools.
Kitchen Renovation

Low Maintenance Kitchen Design Tips

Low Maintenance Kitchen Design Tips Some of us dread going into the kitchen, and some are master chefs. Whatever your case is, the kitchen is one

A living room with Mercier hardwood floors and a dining table.

Mercier Hardwood Flooring

All about Mercier Hardwood Flooring and why we love it Mercier Hardwood is the right choice for your home if you’re looking for a beautiful

A living room with various types of flooring, including grey hardwood floors.

5 Types of Flooring for your Home

Exploring Different Flooring Options for Your Home When considering revamping your home, it is crucial to choose the right flooring. This section aims to guide