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Boen Hardwood Flooring is a leading wood flooring distributor to residential and commercial clients. Boen offers an extensive selection of quality hardwoods, including Oak, Maple, Hickory, Birch, and Walnut. Boen’s collection of home flooring is sure to please the eye and satisfy the builder.

Boen Andante done in West Vancouver Andante Wide Plank hardwood


Introduction to Boen Hardwood Floors


Boen flooring is a well-known brand in the wood flooring industry, having been founded in Norway in 1647 with craftsmanship at the heart of their business. Now, they are Europe’s biggest supplier of manufactured hardwood. With four shifts and over 100M square feet each year, Boen is one of the biggest producers of hardwood flooring in Europe and the international market. They have operations in Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, and Croatia. The plant is heated using the remaining sawdust and wood fragments from their production.

Why Choose Boen?


Boen is a company passionate about quality and stands out as one of the world’s top wood floor producers. Choose quality in Boen engineered hardwood.

Boen Hardwood Floor Structure:


Boen offers a three-layer construction for their engineered hardwood floors. The core comprises cross-grained wood fibres for extra stability and strength. The top layer is a 3.5mm hardwood veneer. The backing & core are both RQ soft spruce. Boen makes their glue which they use to construct the hardwood product. There will be no off-gassing from either the glue or the finished wood.

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring:


Boen offers super-wide engineered hardwood boards that measure 8 3/4″ wide in 7′ long and 12″ wide in 9′ long. The Chaletino line with 12″ width is the widest hardwood board produced in the world. If you’re looking for width, look no further. No one can complete with Chaletino of Boen. Chaletino is considered one of the best hardwood flooring options among all the industry experts.

European White Oak Flooring

Boen Hardwood Flooring Finishes:

Live Natural Oil Finish:

The company’s production process combines oils such as sunflower, thistle, and soya bean with Carnauba and Candelilla waxes. The oil is applied to the surface of a custom-made production line 2 times, then it’s left open air where drying occurs naturally. This process offers extremely good protection against liquids compared with similar products on the market today!

Live Natural Oil Floor Maintenance:

For regular maintenance, make sure to clean your floors with Boen Soap. Treat high-traffic areas once per month, and for lower-traffic areas, you can do so about once or twice annually, depending on your needs.

Live Pure Finish:

Water-based UV cured finish with a ten-coat system. This special finish gives the wood the look and feel of untreated, unfinished wood. Live Pure Finish has excellent protective properties against dirt, dust, and liquids.

Live Pure Floor Maintenance:

This finish is super low maintenance. Clean with a broom or vacuum and occasionally use a Bona Hardwood cleaner to liven up.

Live Matt Lacuer Finish:

The 6-layer sealing process with a very low gloss gives the wood an oiled look with the advantages of a scratch-resistant finish. Live Matt Lacquer looks like on-site sand, finished floor at a fraction of the cost. Boen offers a square edge product in this finish. Milling is so precise that there are no overboard / underboard issues that speak of the product’s quality.

Live Matt Lacuer Floor Maintenance:

This finish is also super easy to maintain. Just clean with a broom or vacuum. Occasionally use Boen refresh. Once or twice per year, depending on traffic levels of the areas.

Hardwood flooring completed job in West Vancouver Boen hardwood

Craftsmanship Makes Speciality Flooring

Chevron Hardwood:

  • 3-layer parquet
  • Live Natural Oil
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Adagio Grade
  • 4-sided bevelled & brushed
  • 14mm X 138nn X 611mm
  • Suitable over radiant heat

Boen Chevron hardwood Boen Oak Adagio Cheveron

Herringbone Hardwood:

  • 3-layer construction
  • 5G click
  • 4-sided bevel, brushed
  • Live Natural Oil
  • Suitable over radiant heat
  • Animoso Grade
  • 14mm X 138mm X 690mm

Boen engineered hardwood Boen Oak Animoso Herringbone

Short Strip Prestige:

  • 2-layer construction
  • 10mm X 90mm X 470mm
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Square edge
  • Live Natural Oil
  • Suitable over radiant heat
  • Nature Grade


specialty wood floor Boen Short Strip Presige

Boen Hardwood Grading:

  • Andante / Nature– select & better
  • Animoso – mostly select with character
  • Vivo – Character

Boen Hardwood Flooring Warranty:

Boen offers a lifetime structural warranty on all their hardwood floors. Boen hardwood works extremely well over radiant heating systems. This is due to their kiln drying process. The wood can be installed almost anywhere around the house. Boen hardwood is sub-floor friendly and tongue & groove, click lock compatible.

Boen Hardwood Installation:

  • Floating applications such as basements and condos.
  • Staple down with glue assist on plywood like subfloor
  • Full-spread glue-down installation suited for radiant heating systems

Choose quality Boen hardwood flooring with Canadian Home Style

Canadian Home Style is your award-winning flooring retailer in North Vancouver. We are one of the official dealers of Boen hardwood in Metro Vancouver, and we truly enjoy working with this quality wood floor. Call us today if you are looking for something different, a quality hardwood floor that is made to last. We are proud members of NWFA and BCFCA and hold the highest standards in the flooring industry.  Our flooring experts and services are here by your side to make your next flooring journey fun.

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