Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring:

Remember when you used to play on the floor with your toys as a child? Imagine if the floors could talk what kind of memories would they tell? Hardwood flooring is not just another pretty face. It has an impressive history that dates back to the beginning of civilization. Recently, this area has been exciting developments that make wood flooring even more attractive. Among these developments is the introduction of wide plank engineered hardwood flooring that features larger dimensions than before and offers a new look for today’s modern homes.

Boen Chaletino hardwood flooring

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Engineered hardwood floors are made up of a core of hardwood or plywood with a top layer of hardwood veneer. The veneer is usually between 3/16” to 1/4” thick and can be sanded and refinished like solid wood flooring as long as it’s glued or stapled to the subfloor. The plywood used for the midsection is composed of crisscrossing or joined layers. This construction technique makes engineered wood extremely stable. In addition, the engineered core is often composed of more stable wood species such as Poplar or Baltic Birch. These species are inherently more stable against humidity and temperature changes than those used for the top veneer.

Like solid hardwood, engineered hardwood comes in several styles, such as distressed, rustic, and hand-scraped. The most important thing to know about engineered wood floors is that they are much more stable than your solid hardwood. Solid hardwood comes in widths up to 5″ wide; therefore, we can not include it when discussing wide plank flooring.

Super Wide Plank hardwood flooring by Boen

What is Considered Wide Plank Flooring?

Any engineered wood planks over 5″ are considered wide plank hardwood in the flooring industry. However, in a trendy city such as Vancouver, anything 7.5″ wide or longer is considered wide plank hardwood. For this article, we’re only going to talk about wood flooring with planks that are wider than 7.5″. This is simply because 7.5″ wide hardwood is the new standard in the industry.

High-Quality Wide-Plank Hardwood Flooring:

When it comes to wide plank flooring, one of the most important things is ensuring you get high-quality engineered planks. The wider the floorboards, the more important your overall structural stability comes in quality products.

We recommend getting at least a 7-ply engineered core with a cross-grain construction. This will ensure that your floors won’t buckle or cup over time.

Chaletino hardwood flooring of Boen

How to Install Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Wide plank hardwood flooring can be floated, full spread glued or stapled with glue-assist. The most important thing is to ensure your subfloor is properly prepared before installation. The wider the floorboards, the more strict your levelling should be. When it comes to wide plank hardwood flooring, full-spread glue-down or staple-down with glue assist is preferred. However, you won’t be able to glue or staple your floor when you live in a strata building, and you need to meet soundproofing requirements. Therefore, it’s extremely important to consult a wood flooring expert for the best installation method for your project.

Recommended Wide Plank Hardwood Floors – Top Brands:

Chaletino of Boen:

Boen is the biggest hardwood flooring manufacturer in the world and offers one of the most diverse product ranges on the market. The company has an annual production capacity of more than 40 million square meters in its partner European factories.

Boen is constantly innovating and was one of the first companies to produce engineered hardwood floors. The Chaletino collection features wide-plank engineered hardwood flooring in a rustic style. The top layer is made of European White Oak that has been wire brushed to give the boards a textured look.

The Chaletino of Boen is a true art in the wide plank flooring industry. The width and length are ridiculous. These planks are 12″ wide in 9′ long, Making them the widest non-custom hardwood planks in the world. Therefore, if you want to make a statement, look no further!

Available in Oak only

Super wide Plank hardwood flooring by Boen Boen Chaletino


Boen 8 15/64″ Wide in 86 39/64″ Long:

Boen also offers 8 15/64″ wide plank flooring in 86 39/64″ fixed length. The boards are also wire brushed and come in a natural oiled finish.

Available in Oak only


Wide plank hardwood flooring: Boen Hardwood Flooring job done by Canadian Home Style in West Vancouver Boen Wide Plank: 8(15/64)″ width

Mercier 8 1/8″ Wide with 3/4″ Thickness in Random Length:

Mercier is the inventor of prefinished hardwood in the world, and this Canadian manufacturer has been in business for over 100 years. Mercier has its exclusive finish called Generations Intact 1000 and Generations intact 2500. Generations intact 2500 is the harder of the two and has ten times more wear-resistant than the average lacquer. Mercier offers various colours, textures, and styles in their 8 1/8″ wide hardwood. Their intact 2500 commercial flooring finish is offered for an upcharge on the entire line.

Species Available in 8 1/8″ width:
  • Hard Maple
  • Yellow Birch (can be wire brushed)
  • White Oak (can be wire brushed)
  • Red Oak (can be wire brushed)

Wide Plank hardwood flooring by Mercier hardwood flooring made in Canada Mercier Hardwood Flooring

Purparket 7.9″ Wide with 5/8″ Thickness in Random Length:

Purparket specializes in European White Oak, and they are famous for their exclusive ceramic-bead infused oil finish. This is a no-maintenance oil finish with nanotechnology. Purparket hardwood flooring is produced in Croatia and finished in Canada.

Wide Plank Engineered hardwood Flooring by PurParket Purparket Hardwood Flooring

Ideal for Large Spaces

Wide plank flooring provides depth, especially in big spaces, creating an open look. They’re ideal for open-concept spaces and designed for an aesthetically harmonious integrated experience. Wider width means fewer seams when installed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are wide plank wood floors more expensive?

Yes, wide plank flooring, in general, is more expensive compared to the more standard widths. This is especially true when it comes to hardwood flooring.


Are wide plank floors better?

In interior design, wide plank flooring is super popular these days. Wider planks will give you fewer seams that tend to go well in modern design for creating a more harmonious look. However, regarding the product’s actual performance, there is no difference between wide or narrow boards.


Is wide plank flooring cheaper to install?

No, this is a wrong perception in the industry. Wide planks take just as much time to install, if not longer.


Is Wide plank flooring easy to install? 

Exercising good technique when working with wide boards is key to ensuring a successful installation. Skilled professionals will be able to cup, crack, and fit the boards together without leaving gaps. It’s important to remember to clamp the boards in place while attaching any fasteners such as nails or screws.

Achieving a smooth finish requires careful sanding of both sides of each board and then hand scraping down any high spots or imperfections that may show after staining. Finally, sealing the wood will help protect it from moisture and sunlight damage.

Regular maintenance such as monitoring for signs of cracking or cupping can also go a long way in prolonging the life of your hardwood floor. Professional inspections can further help ensure that all aspects of the installation have been done correctly and efficiently.


What are the best advantages of wide plank floors? 

Wide plank flooring offers a unique aesthetic touch with its contemporary charm.

Adding an element of grandeur, it’s no wonder why wide plank is becoming a favourite choice of interior design lovers everywhere.

It provides an inviting natural warmth, while at the same time embracing modern movements in style and innovation.

The many options available allow homeowners to customize their floors with colour variation, glossy finishes or textured looks while bringing uniqueness and distinction to each space.

Wide plank flooring has quickly become one of the most popular elements for transforming plain spaces into beautiful ones.


How many inches wide is wide enough? 

In 2023, we consider anything wider than 8 inches “wide plank wood flooring”.


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