An image of a modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and modern lighting.
Kitchen Renovation

Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas For 2023

The modern kitchen is an ever-evolving space. As the hub of activity in many households, homeowners must ensure that their kitchens are up-to-date and provide

A living room in Vancouver with hardwood floors.

Vancouver Floors

  Vancouver floors in 2023: Discover the secrets to transforming your Vancouver home’s floors into a work of art. Rethinking the floors in your Vancouver

A grey kitchen with a wooden counter top, showcasing the latest 2023 kitchen design trends.
Kitchen Renovation

2023 Kitchen design trends

Are you looking to upgrade your home kitchen in 2023 with the latest design trends? Kitchen renovations involve more than just updating décor and replacing

An open concept kitchen with wood beams and a center island.
Kitchen Renovation

High-End Kitchens in Vancouver

Cabico Elmwood Series: High-End Kitchens in Vancouver, BC Not many people can resist the charm of a high-end kitchen. From luxury appliances to intricate custom cabinetry

A white kitchen with a desk and MDF kitchen cabinet doors.
Kitchen Renovation

MDF Kitchen Cabinet Doors

  If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen cabinets or building your own, you will undoubtedly come across MDF as a material option. But what

3d rendering of a living room with a blue couch and orange chair showcasing vibrant colors.

How to Glue Down Carpet Tiles

Trying to install carpet tiles without glue can be a disaster. They’ll keep lifting and bunching, looking more like a rug than a carefully installed

Bathroom Renovation

Enhance Your Bathroom With Bathroom Furniture

When it comes to enhancing your bathroom, many different pieces of furniture are available. These include storage units, mirrors, corner cabinets, over-the-toilet shelves, and corner

A Mid Century Modern kitchen featuring wood cabinets and a plant on the counter.
Kitchen Renovation

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Design

The Charm of Mid Century Modern Kitchens: A Timeless Appeal Mid Century Modern kitchen designs are celebrated for their clean lines, functional layouts, and timeless

Kitchen Renovation

Choosing Finishes For Cabinets

Guide to Selecting the Perfect Cabinet Finishes When it comes to kitchen renovations, the selection of cabinet finishes plays a pivotal role in defining the


Benefits of Carpet Flooring

Benefits of Carpet flooring takeaways: Carpet adds beauty and style to any room. Carpet is a very popular floor covering, which provides a sense of

An open concept kitchen and living room with wooden beams.
Kitchen Renovation

Open Concept Kitchens

Open concept spaces are those spaces that allow multiple activities to take place at once. They are usually large enough to accommodate several different functions,

A kitchen with a bar and stools featuring the best kitchen cabinets in Vancouver.
Kitchen Renovation

Best kitchen cabinets in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city where people can enjoy the beauty of nature alongside their homes. The modern architecture and scenery make it one-of-a-kind compared to

An open concept kitchen with black and white cabinets and stools.
Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Island Lighting

Perfect kitchen island lighting Are you in the process of renovating your kitchen, and you’re thinking about your kitchen island lighting? Regarding kitchen island lighting,

A modern kitchen with Dekton black marble counter tops.
Kitchen Renovation

 Modern Kitchen Design

The kitchen has come a long way in the past century. Once considered simply a place to cook food, the modern kitchen is now a

Discover how to design a spa-like bathroom with a white tub and wooden ladder.
Bathroom Renovation

How to design a spa-like bathroom

How to Design a Spa-Like Bathroom Spa Bathroom Ideas The first step in creating a spa-like bathroom is ensuring that the bathroom has a neutral

A modern bathroom featuring the latest 2023 design trends with elegant marble walls and a luxurious bathtub.
Bathroom Renovation

 2023 Bathroom design trends

As we enter 2023, bathroom designs will continue to evolve as new technologies emerge. It’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve regarding bathroom design

Features for your kitchen Island include a white kitchen with a center island and chairs.
Kitchen Renovation

Features for your kitchen island

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes. Some kitchens only have room for a small island, while others have enough space for multiple islands.

A bedroom with Mercier hardwood floors and a bed.

Wood Floors Vancouver

What type of wood floors should you buy for your home in Vancouver? Wood floors are beautiful and timeless. They add character and warmth to

A modern kitchen with Dekton counter tops.
Kitchen Renovation


Dekton by Cosentino Product Review Dekton is an ultra-resistant surface created by Cosentino, a company with more than 43 years of experience in the industry.

A living room with a white table and chairs, designed by Amorim Wise.

Amorim Wise

Amorim Wise Flooring Solutions Amorim has been a family-owned and operated business since it was founded in 1870. It started as a small workshop making


Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable flooring options for your Vancouver home Green products and practices benefit not only the environment but also good for people. They improve air quality,

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets, showcasing a sleek and modern design.
Kitchen Renovation

Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Vancouver

The cost of kitchen Renovations in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia kitchen remodel will completely transform the look and feel of your house. But before you

A kitchen with white cabinets, wooden flooring, and a counter height.
Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Counter Height

Counter height is an important consideration when designing a kitchen. The right height can make your work easier and more comfortable, while the wrong height

A living room with white laminate wood floors and a suitcase.

Cost of Laminate Flooring in Vancouver

  Cost of laminate flooring in Vancouver, British Columbia. Laminate flooring is popular among homeowners because it is affordable and durable. If you’re ready to

Kitchen Renovation

Ideal Kitchen Design

Maximizing Space in Your Ideal Kitchen Design When planning your dream kitchen design, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of how to maximize

A white kitchen with stainless steel appliances.
Kitchen Renovation

White Kitchen Ideas

Timeless Elegance of White Kitchens White kitchens exude a timeless appeal, instilling confidence and a sense of self-assurance. They offer a clean, fresh, and bright

A modern bathroom design featuring a large glass window.
Bathroom Renovation

Modern Bathroom Design

  There’s no question that a well-designed bathroom can add tremendous value to a modern home. Not only does it make the space more aesthetically

A modern kitchen with gray cabinets and stainless steel appliances, designed for low maintenance.
Kitchen Renovation

How to Avoid Kitchen Remodel Regrets

Are you planning a kitchen remodel but are worried about future regrets? It’s essential to consider your lifestyle first and have a plan. You should know what

A restaurant with a beautiful tiled floor made of stone, complemented by well-placed tables.

Benefits of Stone Flooring

Natural stone tiles benefit checklist Nonpolluting Eco-friendly Durable material Versatility in application Easy to clean and easy to maintain Adds value to your home Hygienic

A modern living room with an open concept kitchen and a fireplace.
Kitchen Renovation

Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

When most people think of open-concept kitchens, they imagine one ample, airy space where the living room merges seamlessly into the dining area and the

A cozy bedroom with a comfortable bed and fluffy pillows.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

When deciding between hardwood flooring and cork flooring, consider the many benefits of each. Cork is warm, quiet, environmentally friendly and resistant to moisture and

Tips for a Modern Powder Room Renovation with a marble sink and mirror.
Bathroom Renovation

Tips for a Powder Room Renovation

A powder room is a small, often private, bathroom with a toilet and sink. The term comes from the days when ladies would powder their

How to Renovate a Kitchen
Kitchen Renovation

How to Renovate a New Kitchen

How to plan a kitchen remodel When you’re considering a new kitchen, you have many decisions to make. Everything from cabinets to handles should be

A bathroom with tiled walls and a bathtub. Painting Tips for Bathrooms
Bathroom Renovation

Tips for Painting Bathrooms

Best Practices for Bathroom Painting Projects Painting a bathroom can transform the space, but it requires careful planning. Start by selecting the right type of

A family kitchen designed with a center island and bar stools.
Kitchen Renovation

How to Design Family Kitchens

Family Kitchen If you’re planning a family-friendly kitchen renovation, there are several things to remember. Functionality is vital in family kitchens – everything should be

A modern kitchen with wood floor finishes and black walls.


When shopping for new flooring, it is essential to work with stores that know the products they’re selling and properly pair you with the best-suited

A high-end stainless steel stove top.
Kitchen Renovation

High-End Stoves

High-End Stoves: A Guide to Premium Kitchen Appliances Discovering the perfect high-end stove for your kitchen renovation is crucial in creating a space that is

A restaurant with a stylish black and white checkered floor, showcasing the benefits of Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT).

Benefits of Vinyl Composition Tile

  Vinyl composition tile is a type of finished flooring material. It is used in institutional and commercial applications. Its benefits include its durability and

A white wooden floor in a living room, nailed down using a flooring nailer.

Types of Flooring Nailers

Flooring nailers can be essential for any DIY enthusiast looking to install their flooring. There are numerous types of flooring nailers on the market, and

A bathroom with magnificent marble floors and an elegant freestanding bathtub.
Bathroom Renovation

What You Need to Know About Tile Board

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and wondering about your options regarding your backer boards, this blog is for you.  When tiling your bathroom, one

Kitchen Renovation

Green Kitchen Cabinets

Why should you choose green kitchen cabinets in 2022? There is a growing market for green kitchen cabinets in Metro Vancouver this year, and it’s

A bathroom with a blue and white tiled wall enhanced by the use of acrylic caulk.
Bathroom Renovation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylic Caulk

Several types of acrylic caulk include Polyurethane, Siliconized acrylic, and Hybrid caulk. Understanding their uses and characteristics can help you choose the perfect one for