Green Kitchen Cabinets

green kitchen cabinets

Why should you choose green kitchen cabinets in 2022?

There is a growing market for green kitchen cabinets in Metro Vancouver this year, and it’s only a matter of time before this trend becomes even more popular worldwide. For this article, with green, we mean the colour green.

There are many reasons why green kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular in kitchen design. Firstly, green is a refreshing and natural colour that can help to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced world, where we often cook and eat on the go. Secondly, green is also associated with health and wellbeing, so it’s the perfect colour for a kitchen where healthy meals are prepared.

Thirdly, green cabinetry can help to create a bright and airy space. This is because green is a light-reflecting colour that can help bounce light around the room. Fourthly green is also a very versatile colour, so it can be paired with a wide range of other colours to create different looks.

The Allure of Green Kitchen Cabinets: A Trendsetting Choice

Green kitchen cabinets have emerged as a trendsetting choice for homeowners seeking to infuse their spaces with a blend of nature-inspired tranquility and contemporary style. The color green, symbolizing growth and renewal, aligns perfectly with the ethos of sustainable living. When selecting green cabinets, consider various shades from lime to emerald, each offering a unique ambiance. Opting for eco-friendly materials like bamboo or reclaimed wood can further enhance the environmental appeal.

Moreover, using green kitchen cabinets allows you to bring the calm and comfort of the outdoors into your home. It also renders a natural charm that is unlikely to go out of style. The green spectrum, with its variety of hues, can provide a broad range of moods. Pale greens can establish a vibrant, fresh atmosphere, while deeper greens can evoke a sophisticated, ’grown-up’ feel.

Upper cabinets in a lighter shade of green can give an airy and lively vibe, complementing natural wood planks on the floor or earth-toned countertops. In contrast, darker green lower cabinets can ground the space, creating a balanced look when paired with neutral hues.

Green cabinets, particularly in matte finishes, tend to hide fingerprints and smudges, an ideal choice for busy kitchens with young children. They also hold up well against the typical heat and moisture of a kitchen environment, proving to be a long-lasting, practical choice.

In terms of hardware and accessories, brass or gold can add a touch of elegance to green cabinets. Alternatively, black fixtures can give a modern, striking contrast against a green backdrop. White countertops or backsplashes can lighten the space while maintaining a clean, contemporary feel.

Complementing the green kitchen cabinets with plants or botanical-themed accessories can enhance the nature-inspired scheme even more. Hanging pots of fresh herbs can be practical and decorative, tying in the green theme while imbuing the kitchen with invigorating herbal scents.

Regardless of shade, green kitchen cabinets present a design opportunity to create a harmonious, relaxing, and welcoming environment. This versatile color, steeped in symbolism and abundant in variety, can be uniquely adapted to fit any homeowner’s taste or lifestyle while making a bold statement about their commitment to sustainability and the environment. Explore the range of sustainable materials at the Forest Stewardship Council’s website FSC.

Incorporating Sustainability with Green Cabinetry

Sustainability goes hand in hand with the choice of green kitchen cabinets. By opting for eco-friendly materials and finishes, you not only contribute to environmental conservation but also ensure healthier indoor air quality. Look for cabinets made from sustainably sourced wood, low-VOC paints, and energy-efficient designs. This commitment to sustainability can extend to other elements of your kitchen, such as energy-saving appliances and recycled glass countertops.

Choosing green kitchen cabinets is just the first step towards creating a sustainable kitchen. It is equally essential to consider the manufacturing process of the chosen materials. Cabinets produced locally tend to have a lesser environmental impact compared to those shipped from overseas, as the latter involves high fuel consumption leading to increased carbon emissions. So, prefer manufacturers who have a reputation for environmentally friendly practices.

Following the theme of sustainability, consider using cabinet handles and knobs made from recycled materials. This small detail might seem insignificant, but every effort contributes to the bigger picture of sustainability. Jointly, check if sellers or manufacturers have take-back programs to responsibly handle old and non-usable cabinetry. This way, you can prevent these materials from ending up in landfills.

The choice of appliances is another critical consideration in creating an eco-friendly kitchen. Opt for Energy Star certified appliances that consume less power and reduce both greenhouse gas emissions and your energy bills. From refridgerators to dishwashers, several appliances now come with this certification.

Additionally, match your green kitchen cabinets with recycled or bio-based tile floors. Using locally sourced or recycled materials not only reduces landfill waste but also decreases the energy used in manufacturing new material. Alternatively, bio-based tiles made from renewable resources such as linseed oil and cork provide an environmentally friendly option.

Integrating natural light in your kitchen design also promotes sustainability. Large windows or strategically placed skylights help minimize electricity usage by harnessing the power of the sun.

Finally, incorporate green waste management into your kitchen practices. Implement separate bins for biodegradable waste, recyclables, and non-recyclables to facilitate responsible disposal. For more information on low-VOC paints, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s guide EPA .

Design Ideas: Blending Green Cabinets with Your Kitchen Aesthetics

Green kitchen cabinets offer versatility in design, fitting into various styles from rustic to modern. Pairing them with neutral tones like white or beige can create a serene and balanced look. For a bolder statement, contrast green cabinets with vibrant colors like yellow or blue. Incorporating natural elements like wooden floors or stone countertops can enhance the connection to nature, elevating the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

If you’re more of a minimalist, cool shades of green for your kitchen cabinets can mirror the calming influence of a lush garden oasis, while warm olive hues inject an inviting rustic charm that is both timeless and chic. A pastel mint green blended with sleek stainless steel appliances can lead to a fresh and contemporary vibe. For those with an eccentric side, dark emerald green can be a marvelous choice, especially when mixed with gold or copper hardware for an opulent vintage appeal.

Yet another aesthetic route is the farmhouse country style, where sage-green cabinets set the tone for a homely atmosphere full of charm. For an ideal complement to this palette, consider traditional wooden worktops and vintage accessories such as enamel cookware.

Alternatively, go unconventional and playful with green and pink. Against the blush pink backdrop, the green cabinets pop, sparking a fun and lively ambiance. To lend a retro feel, utilize patterned tiles and bold art pieces.

Another fascinating combination is the pairing of green cabinets with deep black or grey shades. This sophisticated design, often seen in luxury modern kitchens, can result in a space that is both warm and chic, softly diffusing the green.

When opting for green cabinets in your kitchen, also consider the impact of lighting. Natural light, under-cabinet lighting, or stylish pendant lights can make the greens even more illuminating, intensifying their transformative power. This aspect is particularly critical for deep, saturated green tones that can appear darker under certain lights.

Remember, your choice of green should align with the overall mood you want to emanify from your kitchen. Each variant of green has its charm – mint suggests freshness, olive exudes warmth, emerald spells luxury, and sage radiates comfort. By playing with different shades and integrating them with appropriate decor elements, you can create your dream green kitchen that harmonizes perfectly with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. For inspiration, check out the design ideas at Houzz .

Maximizing Functionality in Green Cabinet Design

While aesthetics are crucial, functionality remains a key aspect of kitchen design. Optimize storage with custom green cabinetry, incorporating solutions like pull-out drawers, lazy Susans, and vertical dividers. Smart organization tools and accessories can help maintain a clutter-free and efficient kitchen space. Consider the workflow and layout, ensuring your green cabinets contribute to a practical and user-friendly kitchen.

In addition, think about the metaphysical aspect of the whole design set. There’s a reassurance that comes from the interplay of green cabinets with other elements of your kitchen. Green cabinets add a touch of nature, exuding freshness, tranquility, and renewal. These feelings can be further accentuated by the presence of indoor plants, placed strategically within the space. The vibrant green leaves can complement the green cabinetry, doubling the feel of calmness and relaxation.

In terms of functionality, it might be worth considering the installation of soft-close cabinet doors and drawers. These not only enhance longevity by reducing wear and tear, but they also add an element of luxury and sophistication. A hidden built-in trash and recycling center would also ensure waste disposal is practically addressed while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

When planning the layout, consider the kitchen work triangle – the sink, refrigerator, and stove. Make sure these are spaced logically around your green cabinets. A poorly planned layout can result in wasted time and energy moving between these points.

Lighting is another important factor that should be considered. Suitable lighting enhances the beauty of the green cabinets and additionally, creates an illusion of a larger space. Recessed lighting under the cabinets can provide a warm, inviting touch as well as improve functionality by illuminating the workspace.

The flooring, counter, and backsplash selections should harmonize with your green cabinets. If you have a more traditional kitchen, consider natural stone countertops and a classic white subway tile backsplash. Contemporary kitchens might pair well with quartz or solid surface countertops and a geometric tile pattern. Consider hardwood or tile flooring, depending on your preference and lifestyle needs.

In conclusion, when it comes to designing your kitchen, balance is key. While the aesthetic appeal of green cabinets will add to the look, the functionality and layout of your kitchen space will determine its practicality. By considering all these factors, you can create a kitchen that’s not only attractive but also efficient and convenient. Helpful organization tips can be found at Martha Stewart.

The Psychological Impact of Green Kitchen Spaces

The color green is known for its calming and rejuvenating effects, making it an excellent choice for kitchens. Studies suggest that green hues can reduce stress and improve mood, contributing to a more pleasant cooking and dining experience. The psychological impact of your kitchen’s color scheme should be considered when choosing the shade and intensity of your green cabinets.

Not only does this have implications for your own well-being, but it also affects the atmosphere and overall mood of the space for your guests.

If your kitchen has ample natural light, opt for lighter and brighter shades of green, such as mint or apple green. These shades help to promote a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, perfect for starting your day with a refreshing breakfast or enjoying a lively dinner party. Additionally, they pair well with natural finishes, like wood and stone, creating a harmonious balance between modernity and nature.

On the other hand, if your kitchen is limited in natural light sources, consider using deeper, warmer greens like forest or olive green. These shades can foster an intimate, cozy ambiance, ideal for late evening cooking sessions or romantic dinners. They also generate a visual depth in a room, making the space feel bigger and more luxurious.

Choosing green for your kitchen does not only limit to walls and cabinets. You can also consider green for your kitchen appliances or accessories – think green toasters, pots, dish towels, or even dishes themselves. These elements will add a pop of color while seamlessly integrating with your green kitchen theme.

Combining various shades of green can also create a more layered and dimensional look. Try pairing sage green cabinets with seafoam green walls for a soothing and balanced effect. Adding different textures like glossy subway tiles or exposed brick can break up the green and add visual interest. More on color psychology can be found at Psychology Today

Available colours that work for cabinetry.

Mint Green

A light green that has a blue undertone, mint green is perfect for creating a refreshing and airy space.

Sage Green

Darker green, sage green, is perfect for those who want to create a more sophisticated look.

Dark Forest Green

For a bolder look, forest green kitchen cabinets can make a statement in your kitchen.

Tropical Green

A bright green that can transport you to a tropical paradise.

Lime Green

Lime green is perfect for adding a pop of colour to your kitchen.

Seafoam Green

A soft green that can create a calming and serene space.

Hunter Green

A Darker green tone is perfect for those who want to create a rustic look.

Olive Green

Olive green cabinets can create a warm and inviting space.

green kitchen cabinets in Vancouver

What do green kitchen cabinets say about your personality?

If you choose green kitchen cabinets, it says that you are a down-to-earth person who enjoys the simple things in life. You appreciate nature and want to bring the outdoors inside your home. You are also a very health-conscious individual who loves to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family. You are also very creative and enjoy experimenting with different colour combinations.

As with any bold colour, you must work with other colours to balance the look. Neutrals, white ceilings, and pale tones will help balance dark shades. Shelly Lynch-Sparks, the founder of Hyphen & Co., recommends the colour Benjamin Moore’s Hunter Green as her favourite choice of green for custom cabinetry.

You can make green cabinets your own by choosing a shade that suits your kitchen’s decor. If you’re unsure about the colour, you can try a saturated teal, a soft shade that packs a punch without overwhelming the room. Teal cabinets have blue and gray undertones, so it looks great from every angle. It’s also a fun accent colour for a kitchen island or adjacent built-in bar.

Styles to consider

In general, the dark hues of green are perfect for big kitchens and look particularly good with stainless steel and copper accents. A darker shade of green may be better suited to a more modern or minimalist style. Moreover, green painted cabinets can be easily matched with furniture, creating a seamless transition from top to bottom. The colour is also a good match for a traditional or contemporary style. However, there are many other ways to incorporate green in your kitchen.

Two-toned cabinets

Two-toned green kitchen cabinets are a popular style right now. You can choose a lighter shade for the upper cabinets and a darker shade for the lower cabinets. This is a modern twist and a great way to add some contrast to your kitchen and make your green cabinets stand out.

Shaker style cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are a classic choice that will never go out of style. They are perfect for those who want a timeless look for their kitchen. You can choose green shaker-style cabinets and pair them with white countertops and backsplash for a classic look.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets

For a more contemporary look, you can choose green kitchen cabinets with sleek lines and a high-gloss finish. This is a great way to add a modern touch to your kitchen. You can complement green glossy cabinets with a concrete-looking countertop for a dramatic look.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is big in kitchen design and a great way to show off your green kitchen cabinets. You can use open shelving to display your favourite dishes and cookware. This is also a great way to add some personality to your kitchen.

Accent island

If green is too much for the entire kitchen, use green with your island. You can make the island the focal point of your kitchen. This is a great way to add this trendy colour to your kitchen without going overboard. You can also use green as an accent colour on your cabinets or walls.

green kitchen cabinets by Canadian Home Style

Further design tips

For a softer approach, you can paint your walls a light shade of green to emphasize the cabinets. You can also pair green kitchen cabinets with lighter shades of green in other room areas. However, balancing a bold colour like green with an even bolder shade is important.

Backsplash options

Green cabinets work well with a white backsplash. White is a classic colour choice for the kitchen and will look fantastic with dark green cabinets. A white backsplash will also add a contemporary feel to the room.


Green backsplash – Can you make it work?

Can you do a green backsplash with green cabinets? Not recommended but Yes, if you’d like to go full-on green! This is a bold move, but it can add a fun and festive touch to your kitchen. In this case, you must use a lighter green on the backsplash to avoid overwhelming the room.


Painting cabinets green

Suppose you’re not in the market for a full kitchen renovation; you can just paint your cabinet doors with a fresh coat of your favourite green from Benjamin Moore.


Hardware for your green cabinets


Gold hardware

Green and gold make for a luxurious combination.


Silver hardware

Green cabinets with silver hardware can give your kitchen an elegant look.


Brass hardware

green cabinets with brass hardware are perfect for those who want to add a vintage touch to their kitchen.


Marble countertops

Green cabinets with marble countertops are a classic combination that will never go out of style. However, we recommend you use Quartz countertops that look just like Marble. For example, you can use Silestone Calcatta Gold or LG Calcatta So. There’s minimum maintenance required with quartz counters as opposed to real marble.

Green is big in today’s design world. It’s a popular colour for kitchen cabinets, and there are many ways to incorporate green into your kitchen. Whether you choose olive green cabinets or pale green cabinets, green is a great way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen.

Key Consideration choosing a Green Kitchen Cabinet for your Home in Metro Vancouver.

Understanding the Local Market and Eco-Friendly Trends

Firstly, it’s essential to have a grasp of the local market trends. This includes understanding the popularity of eco-friendly kitchen designs in the area. Cities with a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious living are more likely to have a variety of businesses offering green kitchen solutions. Look for terms like “sustainable kitchen remodeling” or “eco-friendly cabinetry” in local business listings.

Evaluating Quality and Sustainability Standards

The quality and sustainability of materials used for green kitchen cabinets are paramount. Businesses that prioritize high-quality, sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled wood, or low-VOC finishes should be at the top of your list. Keywords like “sustainable wood cabinetry” or “low-emission kitchen cabinets” are indicators of a business’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Design Aesthetics and Customization Options

The design aesthetics and customization options offered by the business are also crucial. Whether you’re looking for a modern, sleek look or a more traditional, rustic feel, the right business should offer a range of styles. LSI keywords such as “contemporary green kitchen designs” or “custom eco-friendly cabinets” can guide you towards businesses that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Energy Efficiency and Technological Integration

In the context of green kitchen cabinets, energy efficiency extends beyond the cabinets themselves to the overall kitchen design. Businesses that understand and integrate energy-efficient solutions, such as LED lighting and energy-saving appliances, align better with the ethos of a green kitchen. Look for terms like “energy-efficient kitchen solutions” or “green kitchen technology.”

Reputation and Customer Reviews

The reputation of the business in the local market is a vital consideration. Customer reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the quality of work and customer service. Keywords such as “reliable kitchen remodeler” or “trusted green cabinet supplier” in reviews can be a good indicator of a business’s reputation.

Cost-Effectiveness and Budget Compatibility

Cost-effectiveness is always a significant factor. The business should offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality and sustainability of the green kitchen cabinets. Search for terms like “affordable eco-friendly kitchen remodeling” to find businesses that balance cost and quality.

Proximity and Local Support

The proximity of the business is another consideration. Local businesses may offer better support and understanding of the city’s specific needs and regulations. Keywords like “local green kitchen cabinet supplier” or “nearby sustainable kitchen showroom” can help identify nearby options.

After-Sale Services and Warranty

Finally, consider the after-sale services and warranty offered by the business. A company that provides excellent after-sale support, maintenance tips, and a solid warranty is preferable. Look for phrases like “comprehensive kitchen cabinetry warranty” or “reliable after-sale support for green kitchens.”


Hire Canadian Home Style for your Metro Vancouver kitchen design needs.

At Canadian Home Style, we’re Metro Vancouver’s go-to choice for kitchen design excellence. We’re proud to have been honored with the Consumers’ Choice Award for four years running, from 2021 to 2024, for our bespoke kitchens in North Vancouver. More than just a cabinet company, we specialize in crafting contemporary, practical kitchen designs that stand the test of time. We invite you to reach out for your upcoming kitchen remodel – we’re excited to bring your unique vision and ideas to life. For us, the journey is just as important as the beautiful final product.

Our mission is to help homeowners create beautiful homes that reflect their lifestyles while reducing energy consumption and conserving resources. We do this by providing our clients with innovative products, services and education. We aim to become Canada’s leading sustainable kitchen design and custom cabinetry solutions provider. Our values include integrity, respect, honesty and transparency. These principles guide us as we strive to provide outstanding customer service.

We believe that our success depends on the success of our clients and their customers. We work hard to ensure our clients get the most out of their investments. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field. They have years of experience working together and know what works and what doesn’t. They understand how to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. We listen carefully to our client’s concerns and suggestions. We take these into account when planning and executing projects. We always strive to exceed expectations.

Why Chooe Us?

Commitment to Quality Wood and Hardwood Cabinetry

Canadian Home Style places a strong emphasis on using high-quality wood and hardwood in their cabinetry. This dedication not only ensures durability and longevity but also resonates with the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. By choosing responsibly sourced wood, Canadian Home Style provides an eco-friendly option for those who are environmentally conscious. The use of hardwood in cabinetry also brings a timeless elegance and a sturdy foundation to any kitchen design.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Kitchen Cabinet Options

Environmentalism is at the heart of Canadian Home Style’s philosophy. The brand is dedicated to offering kitchen cabinet options that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. This approach aligns with the growing demand for environmentally responsible home renovation choices. By opting for green kitchen cabinets from Canadian Home Style, customers contribute to a healthier environment without compromising on style or quality.

Designs Catering to Diverse Aesthetics: From Farmhouse to Mid-Century Modern

Whether you’re a fan of the rustic charm of a farmhouse kitchen or the clean lines of mid-century modern design, Canadian Home Style offers a diverse range of aesthetic options. Their collection seamlessly incorporates various design elements – from the warmth of olive tones to the simplicity of minimalism. This versatility ensures that there’s something for every taste, making it easy to find kitchen cabinets that perfectly match your home’s unique style.

Expertise in Galley Kitchen Layouts and Custom Solutions

Canadian Home Style demonstrates expertise in maximizing space and functionality, especially in galley kitchen layouts. Their ability to create custom solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing is a significant advantage. Whether it’s integrating an oven seamlessly into the cabinetry or ensuring ample storage in a compact space, Canadian Home Style excels in making the most of your kitchen area.

Embracing the Olive Hue: A Touch of Nature

Incorporating the color olive in kitchen cabinetry is a unique offering from Canadian Home Style. This choice not only adds a touch of nature to your kitchen but also aligns with the trends in green kitchen design. Olive cabinets can bring a serene and calming atmosphere to your kitchen, complementing the natural wood textures Canadian Home Style is known for.

Functional and Stylish Cabinetry Solutions

Canadian Home Style understands that the kitchen is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality. Their cabinetry is designed to cater to the practical needs of a modern kitchen, from efficient storage solutions to easy-access designs for ovens and other appliances. This blend of style and functionality makes their cabinetry ideal for everyday use while maintaining a high standard of design.

Services We Offer:

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