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Modern kitchen design in Vancouver, British Columbia
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The kitchen has come a long way in the past century. Once considered simply a place to cook food, the modern kitchen is now a multipurpose space that can be used for everything from eating to working to relaxing. To design a functional and stylish kitchen, it is essential to understand the various purposes the room can serve. This article will look at modern kitchen design and how to incorporate different features to create a space that meets your unique needs for your next kitchen renovation.

Top 10 – Modern kitchens checklist:

  • Choose frameless or full overlay custom cabinetry
  • Go with a monochromatic colour scheme
  • Incorporate integrated appliances in your design. Stainless steel appliances are still popular.
  • A large kitchen island is a must. Incorporate a second island if you have the space.
  • Statement Metal Handles can make a significant impact.
  • Natural wood accents add warmth to your modern design.
  • Use earthy tones in your modern kitchen design.
  • Vintage or eco-friendly light fixtures add visual interest to your kitchen.
  • Multi-use nooks will continue to be popular in 2023
  • A full-height backsplash is the way to go.


Your custom cabinetry should be frameless, full-overlay cabinet construction.

Cabinets are an essential element in any kitchen design. A popular feature of contemporary kitchen designs is frameless or full-overlay cabinet construction. A frameless cabinet does not have a face frame; instead, its doors and drawer face rest directly on the cabinet box. The hinges for the doors and drawers are incorporated into the cabinet’s side walls.

Frameless or full-overlay cabinet construction has several advantages over framed cabinets. The frameless design provides a clean, minimalist look and allows more access to cabinet interior space. This type of cabinetry also features more drawer space than framed cabinets. This construction eliminates the need for fillers and allows easy cleaning. Moreover, frameless cabinets are more flexible, allowing for oversized drawers and adjustable shelves.


A monochromatic colour scheme is vital in modern design.

A monochromatic colour scheme in a modern kitchen can be simple and elegant. It is a versatile colour scheme that works well with various materials. For example, kitchen cabinets can be painted to match the wall colour. Choosing one colour to use as the foundation of a kitchen can help you avoid a cluttered or drab space.

Monochromatic colour schemes can be a great way to add visual depth to your room. They are easy to achieve and can look fantastic in a small space. To get started, browse designer spaces and find colours that work well together. If you’re having trouble deciding, consider starting with a monochromatic wall colour. Then, you can experiment with other hues and tones to bring the room to life.

The key is to use a monochromatic colour scheme complementary to other design elements in the room. Monochromatic interiors can be sophisticated, classy, and unique. A monochromatic kitchen design provides a beautiful backdrop to the rest of the room, creating a vibrant and contemporary look. This design style is also effortless to update if you want to. You can use temporary accents and re-upholster pieces to keep the room fresh and exciting.

In addition to using a monochromatic colour scheme, you can choose a darker shade for the walls. For example, you can choose an espresso wood stain to create a black-and-white effect. Espresso is a shade lighter than pure black, allowing the wood grain to shine through. You can also choose wallpaper with a similar hue.

A monochromatic colour scheme is a sophisticated combination of shades and tints of one colour. This allows you to use shades of colour to create depth and volume. It can also create a relaxing atmosphere.

Modern kitchen design in Vancouver, British Columbia

Incorporate integrated appliances in your design.

In modern design, less is more. Therefore, find a way of incorporating built-in appliances into your design. This will declutter your countertops and make your kitchen appear sleeker and put-together.

One way to do this is to choose appliances that match the colour of your cabinetry. For example, choose a white fridge or stove if you have white cabinets. This will create a cohesive look and make your kitchen appear more spacious.

Another way to incorporate built-in appliances is to choose concealed behind cabinet doors. For example, you can install a fridge with a door that blends in with your cabinetry. This will give your kitchen a streamlined look and make it easier to keep clean.

Stainless steel appliances are still popular.

If you’re a fan of integrated appliances and you prefer stainless steel. Don’t shame yourself. There’s still a way of incorporating stainless steel in modern design. Stainless steel is a durable material resistant to water and rust. Unlike other materials, which will quickly get stained and corrode, stainless steel appliances are easy to clean and maintain over time. There are also different grades of stainless steel, ranging from eight to 30-gauge steel. The higher grades have a higher nickel-to-chromium ratio, making them shinier. If you opt for stainless steel appliances, you must stay more minimalistic with your other kitchen finishes. Maybe a more subtle countertop can do the trick.

What’s the verdict? Is there a place for stainless steel appliances in modern kitchens? The answer is yes! Stainless steel appliances can give your kitchen a sleek and stylish look. Just pair them with other minimalistic finishes to create a cohesive design.

Modern kitchen design in Vancouver, British Columbia

A large kitchen island is a must.

Large kitchen islands offer more than just additional storage space. They also provide tons of counter space. When planning your island layout, choose the countertop material carefully. You want to choose a material that will not fade or wear away. You can even mix materials to create a character. This is an excellent way to add personality to your modern kitchen design.

For a warm feel, consider natural wood elements. A large kitchen island with wood trim and a rattan seating area will create a homey feeling. You can add some wow factor by adding painted cabinetry and vibrantly coloured worktops. You can even choose a rustic-style island to add a country-chic vibe to your modern kitchen design.

The main focal point of a modern kitchen design is the large kitchen island. The design incorporates traditional cabinetry with modern aesthetics. The island can be shaped to be an eating or prep area or a central location for entertaining. You can install multiple lighting options to make your island cozy and comfortable. You can install overhead spotlights and lanterns for intimacy or practical task lighting. The lighting on your island should focus on the centre of the island. Another critical thing to remember is that a kitchen island can be a great place to store wine bottles.

Incorporate double Islands if you can

We’re starting to see more open-plan kitchens featuring double islands. These islands give families a lot more space to work and be able to sit down at the same time. Double islands are great for entertaining guests, cooking meals, and doing homework.

One of the benefits of having double islands is that you can have different countertop materials on each side. For example, one island can be made of marble for looks, while the other is made of wood for function. This way, you can have the best of both worlds – a beautiful kitchen that’s also highly functional.

Make sure to keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free. A messy kitchen can cause stress and anxiety for family members. Keep the counters clear and organized, so everyone feels comfortable in the space.

modern kitchen design ideas

Statement metal handles can make a significant impact.

A large statement handle adds a bold flavour to any kitchen. Large statement handles are becoming more popular to add a unique touch to kitchens. These handles are made of solid metal and feature various designs. Some come in brushed nickel, chrome, polished stainless steel and antique bronze.

Remember to stay away from rose gold. Rose gold hardware is disappearing, leaving room for more natural metal colours like matte black, brass and yellow-gold. Statement metal handles are a great way to add personality to your kitchen. They can also be used to make a bold statement or as an accent to your kitchen’s existing design.


Natural wood accents add warmth to your modern design.

For a warm feel, consider natural wood elements. A large kitchen island with wood trim and a rattan seating area will create a homey feeling. You can even choose a rustic-style wood island to add a country-chic vibe to your modern kitchen design.

Adding open wooden shelves is one way to incorporate wood accents without empowering them.

In addition, open shelving is a great way to display beautiful items without cluttering your space. Wooden open shelves are a modern twist on traditional storage solutions.

Oak and walnut are the two top players in the world of modern kitchen design.

Both oak and walnut are beautiful, durable and easy to clean. Oak is a classic choice that has been around for centuries, while walnut is a more modern option that offers a sleek look.

We love walnut rift & quarter-sawn oak, and walnut, in particular. Walnut is a great accent wood that can pair nicely with white or darker cabinetry. Adding a few key pieces made of natural wood will give your space a warm and inviting feeling.

modern kitchen design ideas

Use earthy tones in your modern kitchen design.

You might not realize it, but earth tones are pretty versatile. Using wood furniture and accessories, you can add earth tones to your decor. Wood cabinets, tables, and chairs are great options for creating a rustic look. You can also mix modern elements, such as stainless steel appliances, glass tile backsplashes and sleek white countertops, with earth tones to create a more contemporary space.

If you want to add earth tones to your kitchen, but don’t want to use wood, consider using stone. Stone countertops, backsplashes and flooring are all great ways to add earthy tones to your space.


Vintage eco-friendly light fixtures add visual interest to your kitchen.

Vintage pendant lights and antique chandeliers can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Consider using eco-friendly light fixtures if you’re looking for something more modern. These fixtures are made of sustainable materials, such as bamboo, rattan, wicker and recycled glass.

When it comes to light fixtures, there are endless possibilities. You can choose a simple ceiling-mounted light or go for a more dramatic look with a chandelier. If you want to add visual interest to your kitchen, consider using vintage light fixtures.

kitchen island pendant lighting

Multi-use nooks are becoming popular.

A modern kitchen should include multi-purpose spaces. A breakfast nook is a great place to eat breakfast, work, and relax. An office nook is another excellent option for those who don’t have a dedicated home office.

Office nooks are becoming increasingly common in homes across North America. People are spending less time working outside the home and more time relaxing inside. As a result, they are turning their kitchens into multifunctional spaces where they can enjoy meals, work, and relax simultaneously.

Breakfast nooks are also becoming increasingly popular. Breakfast nooks provide a convenient spot to grab a quick meal and relax after waking up, especially for family kitchens. They are accommodating if young children wake up early and need to feed themselves before school.

A full-height backsplash is a way to go.

Run your quartz countertop up the wall to create the illusion of one continuous surface. This is a great way to make small kitchens feel bigger and brighter. Plus, it’s super stylish. If you’re unsure how to incorporate a full-height backsplash into your kitchen design, consult a professional kitchen designer. They can help you choose suitable materials and colours for your space.

We recommend using Quartz or Dekton countertops for a modern appeal instead of natural marble or granite in modern kitchen design.

These materials are less porous, making them more stain-resistant and easier to clean. Plus, they come in various colours and patterns that can mimic the beauty of natural stones.

full-height backsplash

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Modern concept kitchen design frequently asked questions:

What elements can I incorporate in a modern kitchen design?

In a modern kitchen design, clean lines, a lack of ornamentation and minimalistic colours are essential. To create a sleek look, you can bring elements like integrated sinks, fridges, or wall ovens. Remember, the key is a minimalist design with a focus on functionality.


What type of countertop materials should I use in my modern kitchen?

We recommend using Quartz or Dekton countertops instead of natural marble or granite. In addition, run your countertop as a full-height backsplash instead of a subway tile backsplash.


Is an all-white kitchen the best way to create a modern design?

While an all-white kitchen is undoubtedly one way to achieve a modern look, it’s not the only way. A white kitchen is often associated with a sterile design, but you can avoid this by incorporating different textures and materials into your space. If you like white kitchens, try white upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets. Or, pair white cabinetry with a brightly coloured backsplash or countertop.


What’s the best style to use for modern kitchen cabinets?

A modern kitchen calls for clean lines and a minimalistic design. As such, we recommend using flat-panel or slab-style cabinets in a light colour. If you want to add visual interest, consider using two-tone cabinetry or glass doors.


What type of lighting should I use in my modern kitchen?

For a simple kitchen, we recommend using ceiling-mounted lights or pendants. If you want to add visual interest, consider using vintage light fixtures. For a more dramatic look, use a chandelier.


What type of flooring should I use for my modern kitchen?

For a modern kitchen, we recommend using wood floors. Run your wood flooring through the house and avoid using transitions to connect different rooms. It really doesn’t matter if you go for light or dark wood floors as long as they’re consistent throughout the space. You can always add an area rug to add colour and pattern.

Is there a preferred kitchen layout when designing custom kitchens?

There is no preferred layout when it comes to modern kitchen design. You can go for a traditional galley layout, an L-shaped layout, or even a U-shaped layout. It depends on your specific needs and how you want to use your space. It would be best to consider your lifestyle and function when considering a kitchen layout for your dream kitchen.


What kind of sink is recommended in a modern-style kitchen?

We recommend using an integrated sink or an undermount sink.


What’s the best way to add colour to my modern kitchen?

A bold colour can make a modern kitchen pop. You can add colour to your backsplash, countertop, or appliances. If you’re courageous, you can even paint your cabinets bright. Remember to keep the rest of your kitchen design minimalistic to avoid cluttering for a more modern look.


Are concrete floors a good idea for modern kitchens?

We strongly advise avoiding concrete unless you’re looking for an industrial look. Concrete floors can be pretty cold and uncomfortable, especially during winter. We recommend natural materials such as wood or stone for a modern kitchen.


How do I incorporate more natural light in my kitchen design?

Natural lighting is essential to any kitchen, not just a modern kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a great way to let in natural light. If you cannot do that, try installing skylights or solar tubes. You can also use reflective surfaces such as glass fronts or stainless steel appliances to bounce light around the room. Remember not to get your lighting lightly. Proper lighting can make a small kitchen more spacious. A well-design and spacious kitchen is a hallmark of a modern kitchen.

What’s the best kitchen storage solution for modern kitchens?

Modern kitchens feature smart storage solutions to make the most of the space. For example, floating shelves can store frequently used items within easy reach. Or, you can use magnetic knife strips to keep cooking utensils within arm’s reach. Consider using under-cabinet storage or a corner cabinet if you have a small kitchen. And, if you have a lot of stuff, consider using a walk-in pantry for additional storage.


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