Vancouver Wool Carpets – Why Should You Choose Wool Carpet?

If you have a beautiful home in Vancouver you’re considering replacing the carpet, you need to first choose the kind of fiber that your carpet is made of. In Canada, carpet fibers are mostly made of nylon, polyester, polypropylene, SmartStrand and wool or a combination of these fibers. It is evident that only wool is one natural fiber and there’s nothing like it.


So, if you want to reach a natural, chemical-free solution, wool carpet is the way to go. It’s worth mentioning that some natural fibers like silk and hemp can be incorporated into wearable tech clothing but are far less abundant and selected in the carpet industry.


One of the best ways to experience a wool carpet is to visit one of the many five-star hotels here in Vancouver. In their top-quality rooms, carpet standards are usually wool carpets.

Wool carpeting is not left only to the rich. It has also been prevalent among average homeowners in Vancouver willing to make a significant investment in home improvement or up-keeping. As Vancouverites, we take pride in our environmentally cautious ways of choosing products. Wool carpet is not just the right carpet choice environmentally but If you compare and contrast the wool fibers with other fibers, you might find that the wool fiber is stronger and more durable than the other ones.


The benefits of Wool Carpet


Durability. Wool carpeting is produced from short lengths of wool fibers, which are derived from sheep. The yarn threads are combined to make the carpet tufts (the carpet tufts are made up of these yarn threads). Wool carpets have very high resilience, and when properly maintained, will stand up to decades of use.


One notable aspect of wool carpet is the inherent flexibility that resists breaking down under any amount of pressure. Unlike some synthetic carpet that eventually becomes matted down from heavy foot traffic or heavy objects, carpet made of natural wool springs back underfoot and underneath the weight of furniture, preserving its original stiffness and springy feeling over years of use. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about using wool carpet on your stairs. That’s usually a big concern when we’re talking carpets made out of polyester.


It retains its color. Wool is a beautiful fabric that is easy to care for and can take up to years of wear and tear. Wool’s molecular structure allows it to accept dyes very quickly, keeping the pigments in place. This feature enables wool carpeting to be suitable for a wide range of colors and patterns, which is done to accommodate the subtle difference in shades to reach the optimum aesthetic quality level. Wool has natural properties such as luster and light reflection that are never quite matched by fibers of artificial origin.


Energy efficiency and comfort. Wool’s high insulation potential is evident as an effective insulator. We notice that carpeting in a room offers excellent insulation properties when placed on the floor. In wintertime, indoor heat energy emits through the floor and into the colder area below it, such as the crawl space. The Heat loss via the floor in winter has a noticeable impact on your Vancouver home’s energy efficiency. Very durable wool carpeting acts as an excellent insulator for the floor to reduce heating bills and make a comfortable winter atmosphere.


Wool is one of the natural fibers that can absorb moisture from the air, temporarily fixing high humidity that mostly occurs during the summer months. Another advantage of wool is that static electricity doesn’t react with wool, unlike synthetic fibers, which can often cause electrostatic charges that can damage your electronic devices.


Cleaning ability. Wool has a natural protective coating that resists water-based spills, which makes up the majority of the common stains. From an outside perspective, individual wool fibers’ scaly structure acts as small barriers in not allowing dust and soil particles to latch onto them. These factors also inhibit the dirt from getting deep into the wool fibers.


Environmental friendly. Wool is an environmentally friendly fiber. Sheep have a thick new coat that must be sheared at least once a year. For each sheep, the average weight of wool it produces is over 7 pounds. In manufacturing wool carpets to save electric power, up to 1/3 less electricity is saved than it takes to produce synthetic nylon or polyester carpeting. Wool is a type of natural fiber that, when made into fibers, is pretty much recyclable and biodegradable and would not take up much space in landfills.


Flame resistant. Wool carpets are naturally flame-retardant. The wool fiber holds up better against things that can ignite it as the fabric will not catch on quickly. Due to safety and convenience reasons, many public buildings often use wool carpets.


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