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Designing your dream home is an exciting and rewarding process, with boundless creative potential and the ability to bring your interior dreams to life. With the opportunity to work off your imagination and create an environment that you would truly enjoy as a personal space, this process is one to be relished. However, there’s no denying that with the seemingly endless range of decisions to be made and creative paths to be followed, the design process can also feel quite daunting at times. With this in mind, we take care to apply extensive knowledge and expertise to every situation, helping you formulate your ideas into a logical plan and providing you with further inspiration in the form of top quality products and materials located in our Interior Design Centre.


A Centre to Accommodate Every Need

By spanning the many different areas of special focus that are required in a renovation process, we provide our clientele with a one-stop shop for all of their needs. The Interior Design Centre at Canadian Home Style is one of the largest and best-equipped interior design centres in the North Shore area, featuring the highest quality product samples in the market today. Working with you to establish your ambitions, our extensive range of samples allows you to transform your abstract inspiration and ideas into a practical goal. At Canadian Home Style, our product and material displays are a chance for you to see and experience first-hand the many different options available for your home design. Discover our range and meet our in-house expert designers, featuring a team solely dedicated to assisting with planning, inspiration and industry-specific knowledge, and allow them to help your vision come to fruition.


From Inspiration to Reality

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the ideas you have for your space, and by the intentions you have for the final result at the end of the process. Translating these notions and lines into practical plans and estimates can be tricky, and our experts have been trained to assist with this stage in a thorough and creative way. Our interior designers can assist with the organization of your goals and budget, material selection, colour matching, provide advice on how to maximize an existing space, and prepare for the final installation. We will take into account your priorities, while combining them with our existing knowledge about our range and products available. Whether you’re seeking to create an open-plan space with an uninhibited vibe or looking to refurbish a cozy living room, our experts will carefully consider your space and operate sensitivity to light and colour to produce a refined plan. If you have already considered a more precise design layout or material selection, and simply wish for us to offer our opinion or further ideas, we are equally happy to assist.


Striving for Results

Working towards a dream renovation project involves many stages, which can feel complex and overwhelming. Nevertheless, with the help of our Interior Design Centre, we will help to strip back the associated stress so you are left to sit back and enjoy the sense of your ideas coming to life. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary appointment with our team at our fully equipped showroom, and allow us to introduce you to our extensive range of flooring, countertop and cabinetry products. Combining our diverse catalogue with a wealth of knowledge and experience, we will ensure you’re left with the finest possible outcome.

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