Kitchen Design Vancouver

The Inspired Approach To Kitchen Design

Your kitchen should reflect your individual taste and style, representing both functionality and modern design. The kitchen is the heart of the household, as it’s a place where people congregate to eat, socialize, and relax on a daily basis. For families, it is where everybody comes together at the end of a busy day to share their thoughts and experiences. Whether you love to cook, entertain large gatherings, or use the kitchen as a multi-purpose space, we use our knowledge and expertise to help you create the ideal kitchen to suit your requirements. Premium kitchen design should take into account the various aspects that go into an enjoyable lifestyle, and we keep this thought in mind at every stage of our creative process.


Bespoke Interiors For Every Lifestyle

As a North Shore-based kitchen design company offering a wide variety of services, we follow a design process that fuses practical functionality with the sleek beauty you would expect from a tailor-made living space. Our team will work with you to choose the perfect style by taking into account your ideas and inspiration, combining them with our industry-specific knowledge of products and design strategy. As we consider our customer’s satisfaction as an absolute priority, we will always strive to tailor our services around your vision.


Having drafted a design plan according to our preliminary discussions, we will visit your home to demonstrate how the design would work within the physical space. This process allows us to further visualize how the project should progress over time, and also helps us to prevent any unnecessary surprises from coming up. As all renovation projects can be prone to causing stress at some point or another, we aim to minimize this potential by being thorough during the conceptual stage.


By creating detailed floor plans, elevation sketches and 3-D perspective drawings, we provide you with the knowledge that you require to make informed decisions about your project. Equally, our designers hold a thorough and precise awareness of the products and materials available in our catalogue. Guiding you through this selection while explaining the merits of various options, they will help you to discover the best way to create the look and atmosphere you’re working towards. Bridging the gap between your creative ambitions and the physical materials used to bring them into reality, we hold this responsibility at the heart of our ethos for kitchen design.


Bringing Your Vision To Reality

As with every process that involves many different stages, it is worth taking some time to think about certain important issues, which allows you to ensure the final results are to your taste. As a part of any kitchen design process, it’s good to keep the following considerations in mind:


  • The importance of free space: while it can be tempting to fill every corner with a designated function, bear in mind that the atmosphere of a kitchen can become overcrowded without sufficient room between the different elements. Try to incorporate as much free counter space as possible, and play with the effects offered by natural and artificial light to enhance the amount of room that you’ve got.


  • Appliances: an essential part of every kitchen, it’s often wise to select your appliances before you start to consider the other parts of the design, as their size and form will often dictate other details;


  • Strategic positioning: it’s worth remembering the ultimate role of a kitchen is to be functional while also showcasing a specific design. Consider how the kitchen would facilitate your daily motions, and work from there.


  • Storage: one cannot avoid the necessity of ample storage, so it’s advisable to make allowances on this level.


Of course, this list is neither prescriptive nor absolute, and there are many other things to be taken into account. Wherever necessary, our professionals will help you to work through these ideas and will help you to apply them to the practical situation at hand. Visit our showroom at 1420 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, today to discover how we can help you to bring a completely new kitchen into life, or assist with remodelling an existing interior. Working with your home’s style and budget, we tailor our services to provide you with an exceptional kitchen design that will meet your expectations and beyond.

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