Vancouver’s Best Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Torlys Vinyl

What is the Best Vancouver Vinyl Flooring Brand?


Thinking about getting luxury vinyl flooring and you don’t settle for average? You should consider brands such as Torlys, Mannington, and Purparket. Today we’ll tell you about one of our favorite brands of vinyl flooring by Torlys smart floors. Torlys is known for its realistic visuals and high-quality flooring products, especially vinyl.

Everwood permier by Torlys

Before we get into Torlys and why we have them on top of our list. let’s learn some basics about vinyl flooring.


In general, vinyl comes in two main categories as follow:



LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles and LVP stands for luxury vinyl planks. LVT or LVP is further categorized into two main categories based on the type of installation:

  • Glue-down vinyl

  • Hybrid vinyl (new vinyl flooring)


Hybrid Vinyl is a Floating floor


let’s understand what hybrid vinyl really is. Hybrid vinyl is a waterproof flooring option with a solid core and a locking mechanism that makes the product super stable and easy to install. Unlike traditional vinyl, this engineered product is sunlight approved and doesn’t need to be glued down.


There are two main types of hybrid vinyl available in today’s market, these are WPC (wood plastic composite core) and SPC (stone plastic composite core). Both hold their unique benefits and are used in both commercial or residential applications. However, WPC is a thicker and more comfortable product designed for residential applications. SPC, on the other hand, is aimed towards heavy commercial use


Torlys Smart Floors – Torlys Vinyl floors




Torlys offers hybrid vinyl in both WPC and SPC core constructions. Their WPC vinyl is branded under the name Everwood and Evertile. Their SPC vinyl is branded under the name Rigidwood and Rigidtile.


Torlys Everwood – WPC luxury vinyl plank LVP




Torlys Everwood is a WPC type of luxury vinyl plank flooring that mimics hardwood.

  • Everwood Premier – 5/16″ x 4-7/8″ x 48-3/8″

  • Everwood Elite – 5/16″ x 5-3/4″ x 59-7/8″

  • Everwood Designer – 5/16″ x 7″ x 72″

  • Everwood Vista – 1/4″ x 4-7/8″ x 48-3/8″ (No Cork Backing)


Everwood designer has the longest and widest planks and is preferred in modern homes.


Torlys Evertile – WPC Luxury Vinyl Tile LVT




Torlys Evertile is a WPC type of vinyl tile that mimics stunning tile patterns.

  • Evertile Premier – 5/16″ x 11-1/2″ x 23-5/8″

  • Evertile Elite – 5/16″ x 17-7/16″ x 23-5/8″


Everwood/Evertile Construction:




1. Attached Anti-fungal Cork underlay (excluding Everwood Vista)



On the backing of your WPC flooring, you’ll have their revolutionized trademarked Microban® cork underlay. This is their patented antifungal cork backing, that’ll give you a whole new level of peace of mind by reducing the chances of mold or mildew, a common problem when it comes to traditional vinyl.


2. WPC Core:



WPC Core contains the trademarked Uniclic® locking system. This uni-click locking mechanism not only is the best locking mechanism in the world but also allows your flooring to be gap-free and sturdy. Also, you can easily replace a plank in the middle of your floor without having to open the entire floor to get to the damaged piece. The WPC core on both Everwood and Evertile vinyl is twice the thickness of traditional industry standards.


3. Decorative Layer



Now onto the printed layer or commonly known as your decorative layer, this is where your chosen design of wood, concrete, or tile will be. Torlys provide great visuals that are super-realistic.


4. Embossed anti-wear layer – 0.5mm (20mil) wear layer



This is the added layer of protection against scratching, a common problem in your traditional vinyl.




Key benefits of Everwood and Evertiles




Comfortable and Soundproof


The antifungal Microban® cork backing underlay does wonders as your underlay. Cork is a natural insulator that consists of 70-80% air. With this type of flooring, not only will you have a durable hard surface under your feet, but it will be the most soundproof one as well.


Can be Installed in any Room


Because of their durability and their signature Microban®, this type of flooring can be used in all types of rooms and for both commercial and residential applications. These vinyl planks are 100% waterproof allowing you to use them anywhere, including full bathrooms.


Uniclic® – Repair Compatibility


Unlike other vinyl, this flooring option is special because you can easily repair any plank with its iconic Uniclic® locking system. All you need to do is pull up the plank using the patented Bulldog tool without having to remove the entire flooring. Please remember that the use of a 6 mil (0.15mm) poly vapor barrier is recommended for all installations over wood sub-floors. In case a repair is needed, the poly will make it easier to disassemble the floor.


Easy to Preserve


Due to a durable wear layer and water-proof characteristics, this type of hybrid floor is super easy to clean and maintain. You can literally clean your vinyl flooring with some water and soap without worrying about damaging the floor similar to other hard surface flooring options.

  • Pet approved

  • Kid-approved




Wear, Stain, and Water Warranty:

  • 20 years – Vista

  • 25 years – Premier

  • 30 years – Eilte

  • 35 years – Designer


Structure and No Gapping Warranty:

  • Lifetime on all series




Wear, Structure and No Gapping Warranty:

  • 5 years – Vista

  • 10 years – Premier

  • 15 years – Elite

  • 20 years – Designer

Everwood permier by Torlys

Torlys Rigidwood – SPC luxury vinyl Plank LVP


Torlys Rigidwood is an SPC type of vinyl plank that mimics hardwood planks.

  • RigidWood Flex Elite – 3/16″ x 7″ x 58-3/4″

  • RigidWood Flex Premier – 3/16″ x 6″ x 47-3/4″


Torlys Flex is the top-of-the-line SPC vinyl, with 8 layers of single press construction, stunning deeply textured visuals with a tremendous amount of stability. You can go transition free up to 80’ x 80′ with these planks.

  • RigidWood Firm Elite – 5/32″ x 7″ x 58-3/4″

  • RigidWood Firm Premier – 5/32″ x 7″ x 47-3/4″


Torlys Firm offers premium SPC vinyl in a 5 layer continuous press construction that offers a lighter more subtle texture providing excellent performance at a great value. You can go transition-free up to 70’ x 70’ with these planks!


Torlys Rigidtile – SPC luxury vinyl Tile LVT


Torlys Rigidtile is an SPC type of vinyl tile that offers stunning tile patterns.

  • RigidTile Firm Premier (grout) – 3/16” x 12” x 24” (Realistic painted grout lines)

  • RigidWood Firm Vista – 5/32″ x 6″ x 47-3/4″


SPC core vinyl flooring is incredibly denser than the WPC. This allows the vinyl flooring to be much more durable against impact, making it a longer-lasting product when it comes to commercial applications.


Rigidwood/Rigidtile Construction:


1. Microban® FoamPlus™




On the bottom of these floors, you’ll have their signature Microban® FoamPlus™. This is considered the anti-fungal underlay; it doesn’t just make it extremely sturdy but also makes sure that the planks are evenly distributed across. This underlay offers an IIC soundproof rating of 73 and It helps to prevent odor formation which could be common with luxury vinyl.


2. PVC Balance Layer


PVC is a type of plastic that is flexible and tough and it helps with the overall structural stability.


3. SPC Core:




The SPC core is combined with their patented Uniclic® locking system making installation fairly easy. The Uniclic® system has a locking mechanism that takes the place of traditional tongues and grooves. The locking pattern is designed to hold the planks together tightly and can be easily separated making them reusable again if repairs are needed any time in the future.




4. Fiberglass




On top of the core, there is a thin sheet of fiberglass for added durability. The exclusive fiberglass layer provides flexibility by conforming to the subfloor for a quieter, more solid “glue down” feel. The fiberglass is also stain-resistant and acts as a vapor barrier (preventing mold, mildew).


5. PVC Top Layer




This is similar to the stabilizing PVC bottom layer we talked about.


6. Decorative Layer




This layer gives you that stone or wood-like feel. This layer mimics natural wood grain and texture with its embossed surface giving you a very clean look.


7. Heavy-Duty Wear Layer – 0.55mm (22 mils)




This is a thick urethane wear layer designed to offer superior lasting durability.


8. TORLYS Maxx Finish




Torlys Maxx finish is an additional coating on top of the urethane wear layer for extra protection. It has Nano-aluminum oxide embedded to give the surface the best anti-scratch rating in the market. Maxx finish is also stain-resistant. Maxx finish is exclusive to Rigidwood and Rigidtiles.




Key Features of Rigidwood/Rigidtiles:






A hybrid SPC vinyl is used for both commercial and residential applications but it is considered one of the best options for commercial. Because of its anti-scratch and waterproof characteristics, this resilient flooring is the perfect alternative to stone or tiles.






SPC hybrid vinyl flooring options are generally cheaper than the WPC. The only downside to this is that it’s a much harder floor. That may not necessarily be a bad thing, especially in a commercial setting where everyone will be walking with their shoes on.


Antimicrobial Protection


Similar to Everwood/Evertile Microban® cork backing, Torlys SPC is equipped with a foam underlay (FoamPlus™) containing the signature Microban® granting both stability and protection from mold, mildew for a healthy home living.


Which Hybrid Torlys Vinyl Should You Choose?


Everwood is the perfect choice for you if soundproofing and comfort are your priorities.


Rigidwood is ideal for those who make durability their top priority. Rigidwood is also more affordable than Everwood.


Everwood also holds warmth much better than Rigidwood due to the cork backing underlay, so the Everwood will be much more pleasant on the barefoot compared to Rigidwood.


At Canadian Home Style, we truly consider Torlys vinyl to be the top luxury vinyl flooring option in Metro Vancouver. Visit our North Vancouver flooring showroom to see our full display of Torlys vinyl floors. Book Now!


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