Cork & Leather Flooring

The unique sophistication of Cork

Cork flooring is becoming increasingly popular for its variety of advantages that it offers as a material. Combining its unique natural charisma with an appealing texture and environmental conscience, this material draws on many aspects to stand out as a premium flooring solution. With a wide diversity of colours and patterns and many possible creative directions, adopting an eco-friendly approach to your interior project needn’t require a compromise on the level of the final feel of the space being renovated. Representing fine quality brands in our contemporary showroom in the North Shore, our range of cork flooring products seek to represent the best of what this material has to offer, and provide a final effect that is both stylish and comfortable for your living environment.


Sustainable flooring for the future

Sourced from the forests of Portugal and Spain, Canadian Home Style is pleased to offer a stylish flooring solution with natural, eco-friendly origins. Cork flooring is sustainably harvested from the bark of cork trees and is becoming more popular in home design due to the increasing demand for environmentally conscious alternatives. Suitable for use in high traffic industrial spaces, bedrooms, living rooms, and other home living spaces, the durability of this product means you don’t need to sacrifice practicality to know you’re helping the environment.

Cork has also a warm and soft underfoot, diminishing sound and adding a sense of comfort to the surrounding areas. Coming in styles that range from a natural wooden effect to shades resembling stone, the designs are subtle and complementary, and adapt well to use in a kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, as well as in general areas in public buildings. Their ability to recreate the effect offered by other natural floors also allows them to replace hardwood floors in certain situations where they would be unsuitable, allowing you to escape the limitations of these materials while retaining the same outcome. Anti-microbial and water resistant, cork requires minimal maintenance in order to retain its soft sheen, further demonstrating its merits as a material.

It’s important to note we carry a brand called CorkWood made by Torlys, which is an innovative flooring solution that will suit all of your needs. It combines durability with comfort and beauty, meaning you’ll be truly satisfied. The experts who designed CorkWood have even said it’s even more durable than laminate, meaning it can last a lifetime. You won’t find this type of cork flooring anywhere else in the North Shore area!


The allure of leather flooring

Contemporary and beautiful, leather flooring is an adventurous yet sophisticated choice that has the power to change a room with a truly unique effect. Made with 100% recycled leather, leather will ignite the senses and the imagination with its striking take on interior design, and provides a rich, authentic finish. Certainly one for those who wish to express a bold sense of style, leather provides distinguished styling and appeal as a part of both traditional and contemporary design layouts. Whether you’re seeking to create a strikingly modern or more of an understated effect, our professional designers will advise on the ways in which you can incorporate leather flooring to make the most of its statement appeal, and sense of originality.

Available in luxurious planks or tiles, leather adapts to a variety of purposes while retaining a distinctive influence upon a space. Choose from sleek black tiles to offset the crisp, angular lines of a white kitchen, or the mellow hues of mahogany or deep brown provide inviting depth in a warm living room, dining room or study. The advantages of leather aren’t limited to its sleek style, as it also carries the promise of a healthier home as a result of no harmful VOC emissions and no added formaldehyde, and is simple to clean and maintain. Suitable for installation below grade, over concrete or even over an existing floor, leather is highly flexible in its use and easy to install. With world-renowned flooring brand Torlys Leather at the centre of our contemporary range, we take pride in providing the finest quality leather flooring in the North Shore, with the outstanding results to match.


Striving for the perfect finish

At Canadian Home Style we combine a creative design ethos with premium customer care and quality products and materials, allowing us to help you bring your interior design ambitions to life. Having received your initial inquiry, we invite you to our state of the art showroom in the North Shore to further discuss your flooring vision, show you some samples of cork and leather, and present you with our initial ideas for your project.

We will then take the time to prepare a finely tuned design plan, which sets out a full plan for your renovation. Once given your approval, we pass over this plan to our team of professional installers, who will strive to fit your flooring to the highest standard. We take care to provide a premium service at every stage, allowing you to trust in knowledge and expertise as you bring your ideas to fruition.

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