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Looking to renovate your home in Vancouver? With Canadian Home Style your renovation ideas come to reality from concept to installation. A home renovation is a quite an undertaking, but our expert design team can take on any challenge, transforming any room into a functional and esthetically pleasing space.

Our designers are leaders and project managers, and typically serve as an initial contact for our clients. Equipped with years of professional experience, talent, and creativity, the designers can understand your core vision and along with our team of installers, bring it all to fruition.

If you don’t have a specific vision in mind for your home, the designers have the skills to analyze a given space and provide a list of recommendations. They also stay up-to-date on all the latest trends in home renovations in Vancouver, creating modern and timeless results.

Luxurious Flooring Options 

Canadian Home Style is renowned in the Vancouver area for providing high-quality flooring options for your home renovations. Whether you’re thinking about replacing the hardwood floor in your living room or changing the tiles in your bathroom, we offer a wide range of possibilities.

We also carry some of the best brands in the industry, meaning the consumer is always receiving a finished product that’s both durable and long lasting. Some of the exclusive brands we carry include Mercier, Lauzon, Laurentian, Torlys, Preverco, Your Home Style, and Mannington.

Understanding Your Budgeting 

Canadians spend approximately $50 billion on home renovation projects each year, and sometimes a particular idea can be quite costly. The design team at Canadian Home Style works with you to tailor a specific renovation plan based on your budget.

Products And Suppliers 

Canadian Home Style is an innovator and industry leader when it comes to home renovations in the Vancouver area. Besides our premium flooring solutions, we also offer an array of countertops, cabinets, and window coverings. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious finish or something more modest, our range of products and suppliers can essentially create any desired look.

Why Invest In Renovations?

Renovations can ultimately increase the value of your home, especially if you focus on remodelling certain aspects such as the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms.

Vancouver’s housing market has grown exponentially over the last decade, creating a demand for home renovation. This unprecedented development can be attributed to the limited space in the metropolitan area coupled with strong foreign interest in the city.

Small, and out-dated houses are currently worth more than ever, creating a unique property landscape. This has rejuvenated the renovation industry in Vancouver, as many buyers are scooping up old homes and doing complete overhaul.

At Canadian Home Style, our experience and reputation has allowed us to capitalize on this trend by beautifully transforming and renovating these properties.

Our Customer Service Experience 

We defy our competitors by providing the ultimate customer service experience. Our team knows how to transform your vision. We also pride ourselves on our communication skills by checking in with the client to ensure everything lines up with their expectations.

Remodelling projects are meant to augment your living space and ultimately add value to the property. Contact us or visit our design centre in Vancouver and let our professionals take care of all the complexities involving your home renovation.


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