Canadian Home Style: Your Premier Choice in Metro Vancouver Welcome to Canadian Home Style, Metro Vancouver's distinguished name for exceptional flooring, bespoke cabinetry, and meticulous home renovations. We are proud to offer our dedicated services across the beautiful and diverse regions of Metro Vancouver. Where We Serve in Metro Vancouver: Vancouver City: Embracing the rich history and modern pulse of Vancouver, our services amplify the unique charm of both old neighborhoods and contemporary urban centers. Burnaby: In the dynamic mix of Burnaby's commercial spaces and residences, our tailored solutions ensure each project stands out, be it in a high-rise or a family home. Richmond: Celebrating Richmond's multicultural essence, we provide solutions that reflect its diverse architectural and interior tastes. Surrey: Keeping pace with Surrey's rapid growth, our extensive range meets the demands of this ever-evolving city. Coquitlam: In harmony with Coquitlam's scenic beauty, our eco-conscious designs and materials resonate with the city's nature-centric living. North Vancouver & West Vancouver: Addressing the North Shore's topographical allure, our services cater to homes overlooking the sea or nestled in the mountains. New Westminster: Preserving the historical significance of New Westminster, our renovations seamlessly marry the past with present designs. Langley & Delta: Balancing urban chic and rural charm, our offerings in these regions epitomize versatility and style. Port Moody & Maple Ridge: Fusing modernity with tradition, our designs in these burgeoning communities are both innovative and timeless. Whistler & Squamish: Beyond Metro Vancouver, we also extend our expertise to the picturesque settings of Whistler and Squamish, ensuring homes here echo the scenic beauty that surrounds them.

2023 flooring trends

Canadian Home Style’s recommendations: 2023 flooring Trends to stay ahead of the game! 2023 flooring trends are sure to be some of the most exciting