Luxury Vinyl Flooring by Mannington Adura

Mannington Adura

Mannington has dominated the US market with its pristine and durable flooring since the early 1900 and is still doing so until this day. We are taken aback by the high quality of Mannington’s flooring, which is why we’ve made a blog post for sharing our appreciation for such. This blog is a short introduction to Mannington luxury vinyl flooring and the key benefits of each collection they offer.

Adura Max vinyl by Canadian Home Style
Adura Max

Who is Mannington?

This manufacturer of fine flooring has taken the US by storm and continues to impress us each year. They’re based in Salem, New Jersey, which is in the United States. They’re experts in manufacturing superbly constructed luxury vinyl flooring and were founded in 1915.

The goal of this company is to produce only the highest quality flooring for their customers while being environmentally conscious. They do more than just sell you a beautiful product, they also put people first by paying close attention and caring about every detail to ensure each customer has an amazing experience buying from them!

With over 100 years of perfecting their craft, it’s clear to understand that Mannington knows a thing or two about creating great flooring solutions.

Mannington Adura

Mannington Adura offers both stone and wood effects. Adura is famous for its great visuals and realistic look. Mannington changes its pattern repeat manually during the manufacturing process. Therefore, your flooring will look extremely close to the look of real wood or stone with random variations.

Mannington offers its luxury vinyl planks or tiles in three main construction: WPC, SPC, and Glue-down LVT. One of Audra’s advantages is that most of its visuals are offered in all three available constructions, which provides a lot of flexibility in design from project to project. We’ll get into details about Adura and its key benefits below.

Adura Max completed Job in Vancouver by Canadian Home Style


Mannington Adura Max – WPC Hybrid Click Luxury Vinyl Plank


Adura Max is their WPC vinyl. This hybrid vinyl with a solid core, HydroLoc™, is made out of WPC. WPC stands for Wood Polymer Composite. This product has a built-in soundproof underlay with an STC rating of 63 and an IIC rating of 72. Therefore, you should be able to install this product without having to add any additional soundproofing underlay in most of the Strata buildings in the Lower Mainland. Adura Max is hands down our favorite and is the most popular and comfortable vinyl flooring that Mannington produces.


Installation – This luxury vinyl is a floating style floor and can be installed in all rooms, above or below grade. As it’s waterproof, it can also be fitted in bathrooms to provide a seamless flooring solution throughout your house. Adura Max can be installed on all subfloors, including ceramic or porcelain tiles with grout lines.


Wear Layer – This product offers a 20 mils Urethane wear layer with exclusive ScratchResist® that contains Aluminum Oxide for extra protection against scratches.

Mannington Adura Max vinyl job done in Vancouver BC


Mannington Adura Rigid – SPC Hybrid Click Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The Adura rigid is their SPC vinyl. SPC stands for stone (or Solid) polymer core in the flooring industry. Adura Rigid luxury vinyl flooring is made to be extremely durable against common dents and scratches that can occur. This product is thinner and heavier compared to Adura Max and is also more affordable. In addition, Adura Rigid copes with temperature changes a little better due to the super stable SPC core. Similar to Adura Max, Adura Rigid has a built-in underlay with an STC rating of 63 and an IIC rating of 72. However, this product is not as soundproof as Adura Max because of the overall thinner construction. People say that Rigid flooring is the strongest in all of the Adura luxury vinyl flooring range but also the least comfortable.


SPC Core – SPC provides superior strength and solidity. It is much stronger than a WPC core but, with strength, becomes a lesser comfortable flooring. Choosing between the two can be hard, but it’s down to what suits your environment best. In the flooring industry, we normally consider SPC for commercial use and WPC for residential use. However, you cannot go wrong by installing either or for your application.


Installation – The installation guidelines are the same as Adura Max. This luxury vinyl flooring must be floated, and you can install it on top of your existing tiles without having to feather-patch your grout lines.


Wear Layer – This product offers a 12 mils Urethane wear layer with exclusive ScratchResist® that contains Aluminum Oxide for extra protection against all kinds of scratches.

Adura Rigid SPC vinyl by Mannington
Adura Rigid

Mannington Adura Flex – Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Instead of the click-and-go hybrid vinyl collections above, the Mannington Adura Flex is a glue-down-only flooring solution. This product doesn’t feature a WPC or SPC solid core. Therefore, you won’t be able to install this product without proper subfloor preparation. This product also doesn’t include a built-in underlay for soundproofing purposes. Even though this product is more affordable than Adura Max and Rigid, your installation will be more costly as you need to feather-patch your subfloor with Ardex and use pressure-sensitive vinyl glue. In today’s market, glue-down vinyl is mostly used for commercial applications where soundproofing is not an issue. Adura Flex is easily repaired compared to its counterparts we talked about, as you can replace a plank or tile in the middle of the floor.

Microban® – Adura Flex offers Microban® technology, a safe and proven technology that protects 24/7 against the growth of bacteria. Microban® is the most recognized brand of antimicrobial in the industry and is also used in health care equipment and military gear. This protection will never rub or scratch off and will last for the floor’s life. Floors that offer Microban® remain 99% cleaner compared to untreated surfaces. Therefore, this technology is not to be taken for granted. Mannington is also planning on extending this technology to their Max and Rigid products.

Plank and Tiles Sizes – This flooring collection consists of two ranges, the stone range and the wood range. The stone range can be installed with or without grout. It’s safe to say that any visuals that are offered in Max and Rigid series are also available in Flex. However, the reverse is not true. Both unique designs from this collection come in various sizes to suit all housing plans and layouts. For the planks, you can expect to see 6” x 48” and 7” x 48”, giving you an option for different widths. As for the tiles, these are supplied in 18” x 18” squares and 12” x 24” rectangles, depending on your desire and installation plan.

UV and Stain Protection – Without a doubt, Adura has unbeatable UV and stain protection manufactured into its flooring. These are two of the main common problems with your average luxury vinyl flooring products in the market. Mannington has overcome these issues with its exclusive innovations and commitment to excellence. It’ll add years and maybe even lifetimes onto your flooring, ensuring you get what you paid for. If you’re a pet owner, you can most definitely benefit from the stain protection and its ease of maintaining and cleaning.

Adura luxury vinyl by Canadian Home Style
Adura Flex

Mannington Sustainable Promise:

One of the main reasons we are a big fan of Mannington and their products is that they are very environmentally and sustainably mindful. They always seem to be doing the right thing when it comes to taking the next step to protect our planet. Their “Purple Martin Project” is a great example of their commitment to the right cause.

FloorScore® Rated – All Mannington products are independently tested and meet the toughest standards in the industry. FloorScore® rating means your flooring has been tested and meets specific requirements of indoor air quality standards and low VOC content.

Key Benefits of Adura Vinyl:

  • Waterproof
  • Stunning Style
  • Incredible detail
  • Stain-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • High performance
  • Superior durability
  • Comfort underfoot

Installation Options:

The installation type would depend on the particular collection you choose from, and it is as follow:

  • Floating (Max and Rigid)
  • Glue-down (Flex)

We hugely support Mannington Adura’s luxury vinyl flooring here at Canadian Home Style. We choose our partners carefully, which is why we’re considered one of Vancouver’s highest-rated and most recommended flooring retailers. Come and see our North Vancouver Flooring showroom to see our full display of Mannington Adura, where we can help you with all your flooring questions and concerns. Book now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Mannington Adura offer transition strips as well?

Yes, Manning offers T molds, reducers, and stair nosings for their entire collection.

Would my strata approve Adura Max without an additional underlay?

That depends on your strata. However, most strata corporations in Vancouver are also looking for an STC rating of 72 or above. Adura Max has an IIC rating of 72, but the STC rating is only 63. Adura Max is quiet, and it’s made to be installed without having to add additional soundproofing.

Can I use double-sided vinyl tape to install Adura Flex?

No, Adura Flex must be glued to the subfloor using pressure-sensitive glue.

Is vinyl more soundproof than carpet?

No, carpet is the most soundproof flooring option in the market.

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