Choosing the Right Color for Your Vancouver Kitchen Cabinets

The Right Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets in Metro Vancouver:

Whether you’re opting to paint or retain the natural color of your cabinets, color is a major element that can add personality and curb appeal to your interiors. As cabinets are the primary storage solution in a home, you will find it visually impactful, especially if you have many cabinets in one area, such as your kitchen or wardrobe. That is why it is crucial to be mindful of the color you choose for your cabinets.

With so many color variations, choosing the right hue that works well with your needs is difficult. We’ve gathered useful guidelines to help your decision.

Selecting the Perfect Hue for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets in Vancouver involves more than just picking your favorite shade. Consider the size of your kitchen, the amount of natural light it receives, and the style of your home. Lighter colors can make a small kitchen feel more spacious, while darker shades add depth.

Additionally, the color of your kitchen cabinets should complement the overall theme and aesthetics of your home. For instance, if you have a modern and minimalistic style, crisp white or bold black cabinets would fit well. However, for a country or rustic style home, traditional colors like brown, beige, or cream would go better.

Besides, the other elements in your kitchen such as the backsplash, countertops, and flooring materials should also play a role in your cabinet color decision. For example, if you have brighter colored countertops and floors, you might want to opt for neutral colored cabinets to create a balance. Conversely, if you have neutrally colored countertops and floors, vibrant colored cabinets can create focal points and add character.

Your personal lifestyle should also influence your choice. If you have young kids or pets, choosing a color that is less likely to show dirt, grime, or scratches might be a better option. If you don’t cook often and don’t have to worry much about staining, you could opt for lighter shades that add a sense of purity and cleanliness to your kitchen space.

Moreover, it’s also essential to consider the quality of light during different parts of the day. Colors can appear differently under natural and artificial lights. Ensure you view potential cabinet colors in your kitchen both during the day and at night before finalizing your choice.

The color of your cabinets greatly influences the mood and feel of your kitchen. While lighter colors can convey a more upbeat, lively feel, darker cabinets can lend a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

Remember, the secret to the perfect cabinet color is in the balance. It not only should complement the other elements in your kitchen but also reflect your personal style and meet your practical needs. Whether you decide to go with bold, vibrant colors or stick to neutral shades, remember that your kitchen should be a mixture of functionality and personality. For inspiration, check out Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends for ideas on how different colors can transform a space.

Harmonizing Cabinet Colors with Your Kitchen’s Style

Whether you have a modern, contemporary, or traditional kitchen, the color should enhance the overall theme. Traditional kitchens often benefit from warmer tones, which can be seen in the diverse palette options at Sherwin-Williams. They provide a great reference for matching cabinet colors to various kitchen styles.

For instance, if you’ve chosen a Tuscan or Mediterranean style, consider earth tones like browns, warm reds, and oranges to complement the rustic aesthetic. On the other hand, a traditional English or American style kitchen might lend itself better towards cool blues, greens, or grays juxtaposed with crisp whites which would provide a pleasant, yet sophisticated, contrast. Remember, you don’t have to restrict yourself to one color. Mixing and matching vivid color schemes can create a harmonious atmosphere if done tastefully.

Speaking of modern kitchens, there is an abundance of choices from Sherwin-Williams. Modern kitchen styles pair well with striking and bold colors, such as deep hues like navy or chic blacks. Alternatively, a minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired design might benefit from subtler tones, such as whispery grays, light blues, or pristine whites.

Contemporary kitchen styles offer great flexibility as they blend elements from different periods. With Sherwin-Williams vast color options, there’s no limit to the creative combinations one can explore. You may match bright, unconventional colors with natural wood tones for a surprising but pleasing effect.

Remember, each color sets a mood and can visually alter the space’s size. You should take into account natural light and the kitchen’s size when deliberating on the perfect color scheme. Smaller kitchens might benefit from light or pastel shades to give an illusion of space. For larger kitchens, you might opt for bold or darker colors to make the room feel more cozy and inviting.

Don’t forget to factor in your appliances, countertops, and kitchenware when choosing your kitchen’s color palette. The goal is to create an appealing visual flow where everything comes together seamlessly. Sherwin-Williams color experts are always ready to provide consultation and advice based on your specific needs and preferences.

So, whether your kitchen style is traditional, contemporary or modern, rest easy knowing that you’re sure to find the perfect paint color for your kitchen at Sherwin-Williams.

Impact of Cabinet Color on Kitchen Lighting and Mood

Lighter colors reflect more light, making the space feel brighter and more open. Conversely, darker colors can create a cozy atmosphere. For insights on how different colors affect mood and lighting, visit HGTV’s guide on choosing kitchen colors, which offers great tips and visual examples.

Reds, yellows, and oranges can create a welcoming warmth, perfect for a kitchen where people gather and socialize, while blues and greens can offer a soothing calm, ideal for a tranquil sanctuary-like space. Balance is key. Too much warmth can make the room feel overpowering and too much cool can make it feel uninviting.

Neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray are also popular choices due to their versatility and timeless appeal. The use of neutral colors can provide an excellent backdrop for bold accents or vibrant kitchenware displays, which can be an effective way to incorporate splashes of character without a total room color overhaul.

If you’re apprehensive about choosing a color, consider the amount of natural light your kitchen receives throughout the day. Lighter colors can help a smaller, gloomier kitchen feel larger and brighter, especially when paired with strategic lighting fixtures. In a spacious, well-lit kitchen, darker colors can add depth and sophistication.

Familiarity with the color wheel can also be an invaluable tool when selecting kitchen colors. Complementary colors, which are situated on opposite sides of the color wheel, can create a visual resonance when paired. Meanwhile, analogous colors, which reside next to each other on the wheel, can create a subtly harmonious aesthetic.

HGTV’s guide on choosing kitchen colors not only provides a thorough examination of different color schemes but also incorporates the psychological effects of colors. Exploring this guide further can give a deeper insight into how various shades can evoke specific emotions and responses, catering to one’s personal aesthetics and mood preferences.

Remember, colors can also be incorporated through kitchen accessories, backsplashes, and artwork, providing the freedom to experiment without making drastic changes. So, whether you’re thinking of refreshing your kitchen or starting from scratch, the perfect color scheme awaits!

Trends and Timelessness in Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Considering the timelessness of your cabinet color is essential. A balance between trendy and timeless can be achieved by choosing a classic color and incorporating trendy elements. Elle Decor’s Kitchen Trends offers a look at how to blend current trends with enduring styles.

For instance, if selecting a navy-blue shade – a timeless classic for cabinets – you could infuse trendy elements by implementing gold or copper hardware. The contrast of the metallic hardware against the stately blue would evoke both traditional elegance and contemporary chic. Overlay this with unique, modernistic light fixtures to further cement this fusion of styles.

Most recently, wood cabinets have been making a comeback, considered classically timeless yet reborn through the lens of the current trend. Contemporary design principles advocate for the warmth and texture of natural elements, hence the resurgence of wood; particularly light-toned or raw wood. You can integrate these classic wood cabinets with modern designs such as sleek pull handles, quartz countertops, or floating shelves.

Moreover, the timeless elegance of gray or white colored cabinets can never be underestimated. Both provide an ideal backdrop for incorporating hip elements. Use subtle splashes of color, such as a sage-green subway tile backsplash or a vibrant persimmon-colored kettle and toaster to invigorate the space. Coupled with industrial-style pendant lights or Scandinavian-designed bar stools, the result is an immaculate balance of trendy and timeless.

Further insight from Elle Decor’s Kitchen Trends suggests embracing open shelving. By housing your dishes or glassware in such a way, it exercises both function and style – a key driver in blending the old with the new. This also encourages you to curate your kitchen thoughtfully, considering every object’s aesthetic value.

Finally, the layout of your kitchen significantly impacts its overall vibe. A traditional kitchen layout can be complemented by trendy elements like a statement island or smart appliances. On the other hand, a modern kitchen design can be grounded by timeless elements like shaker cabinets, a farmhouse sink, or a vintage-inspired fridge.

Remember, balance is key. You don’t need to strictly adhere to one style, but rather discover creative ways to integrate trendy with timeless. Your kitchen should resonate with your style and adapt to the changes that occur over the years. After all, a well-designed kitchen isn’t just for cooking, it’s a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. In short, make it yours.

Coordinating Cabinet Colors with Countertops and Backsplash

The right cabinet color should harmonize with your countertops and backsplash. House Beautiful has a gallery showcasing how different color combinations work together, providing a practical visual guide.

If you have granite countertops, for example, several cabinet colors can look great. Some popular choices include cream, white, or a dark, rich brown. Contrasting colors will make your kitchen sections stand out more individually, while matching colors will give your kitchen a more harmonious and coordinated look.

Metallic finishes on cabinets can work well with modern or industrial kitchen styles, especially when paired with stainless steel appliances and black or gray countertops. For a timeless and elegant look, consider painting your cabinets with shades of blue or green paired with white or cream countertops and ceramics or glass tile backsplash.

In the House Beautiful guide, you’ll also see how fascinating bold color palettes can be. Deep red, bright yellow, or forest green cabinets can give your kitchen a unique flair and personal touch. Complementing these with neutral countertops and backsplashes will let your cabinets take center stage.

The House Beautiful gallery also shows examples of monochromatic kitchens, where all elements – cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes – are in shades of the same color. This creates a sophisticated, streamlined look; however, it’s crucial to introduce different textures to keep the design interesting.

Personalizing Your Kitchen with Colorful Cabinet Choices

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. For unique ideas and creative inspiration, take a look at Better Homes & Gardens’ Kitchen Color Schemes, where you can find a range of color combinations that could spark your creativity.

Push the boundaries a little further, and let your imagination weave wonders. Paint stores these days offer a world of hues beckoning your touch. For example, an unexpected pop of a vibrant shade like royal blue, emerald green, or even cranberry red can add an element of surprise to your kitchen space, making it look distinct and full of character.

Additionally, explore the latest trends in kitchen finishes, such as the use of neutral colors like taupe, grey, and white. These can help you create an elegant, timeless appeal. A popular trend is to contrast these calm hues with bold, darker tones for cabinets, countertops, or kitchen islands, injecting a dose of sophistication into your kitchen design.

If you’re fond of nature, consider translating this love into your kitchen color scheme. Greens and blues can infuse a serene, outdoorsy feel into your kitchen space. You can also experiment with lighter shades, such as pastels for a delicate, uplifting vibe. This approach works splendidly for smaller kitchens, making them appear more spacious and inviting.

Better Homes & Gardens’ Kitchen Color Schemes is a brilliant resource for your design journey, but also tour other design websites and decorating magazines to garner a wider variety of visual references. Attend local home and kitchen expos to see the latest color trends and innovative design ideas in action.

Remember, combining colors should be an enjoyable, creative process that reflects your personal style and taste. Balance is key. It’s not only about the visual appeal but also about creating a warm, inviting environment that your family loves being in. Happy designing!

Consider the following


· Personality and Lifestyle

· Theme and Room Type

· Lighting

· Room Size

· Cohesiveness

· Material

· How Long

1. Personality and Lifestyle.

Always start with the color that you love. As hues can affect the mood and ambiance of your living space, choose a color that you are comfortable with and will love looking at for an extended time.

Decide on a color that satisfies your personal preferences and your lifestyle; if it’s not possible, then compromise is the key. If you love the clean look of white on your kitchen cabinets, for example, but have little ones who are fully charged to run around the kitchen, you might want to consider a darker hue for your base cabinets and have the white tone on your top shelves instead.

If you’d rather have your kitchen cabinets the same shade, consider using different textures and finishes for a cohesive design. A matte finish will enhance the natural wood grain or texture in oak-finished pine while also adding depth to cherry red hues.

Consider how long you want the color on your cabinet to last and if you plan to sell your Vancouver home anytime soon.

2. Theme and Room Type.

Functionality is a consideration closely related to your lifestyle. So, if you’ve got a formal dining area, for instance, where you love entertaining guests, you might want to consider choosing a display cabinet color that will flatter your curated pieces.

Right Color for Your Vancouver Kitchen Cabinets

3. Lighting.

Color and lighting go hand and hand and can be tricky, especially for your wooden cabinets, since wood material can change depending on your lighting intensity, chroma, or temperature.

Remember that wood with warmer hues absorbs heat easily, so wooden cabinets are great options if you want a cozy and warm ambiance in your Vancouver home.

As lighting conditions change, so do the colors. This is why cold colors are countered with warm-colored surfaces Artificial lighting also has the same effects. If in doubt, you can ask experts who are knowledgeable about how to properly assign colors based on the lighting conditions of the environment.

Also, consider how your cabinet color reflects on certain conditions. Dark surfaces absorb light while pale colors magnify the effect.

Don’t forget to have three light sources: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Layer the three lighting sources.

4. Theme or Style

There is a wide range of color combinations to choose from when it comes to matching a color scheme to your desired theme. Generally, neutrals and wooden hues are great with modern themes, while earth-tone hues are a staple in traditional cabinetry works. However, certain colors go along with anything you want. Popular combinations such as charcoal and off-white work well with shaker cabinets and seamless surfaces.

Right Color for Your custom cabinetry

5. Room Size.

Color can affect the way we perceive space; take advantage of this. If you’ve got a small place, it is best to go with the brighter side of the color spectrum. White, beige, and other lighter colors look great in small places. We’re a big fan of lighter colors when picking kitchen cabinets in a city like Vancouver with lots of clouds and constant rain.

If you have an expansive area and want to fill the void, rich colors with deep undertones are great to explore. Large rooms are an opportunity to have wooden cabinets with rich colors and textures.

6. Cohesiveness.

This criterion goes along with your room size as you must also consider the other elements present, such as your flooring, wall, and ceiling color.

Those who aren’t ready to experiment with their color choices follow the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds means you have 60% for your primary color, 30% for your secondary color, and 10% for your accents. Depending on the size of your cabinets, typically in a bedroom wardrobe occupying one wall that’s floor to ceiling high, your cabinets will usually take as much as 40% of the visual impact.

Generally, your cabinets belong to the use of secondary color, which means choosing a color that’s contrasting with your flooring and walls. Typically, if you have darker floor coverings, you should select cabinets with lighter hues with undertones from your walls, flooring, or both to ensure a cohesive overall palette.

Aside from the rule of thirds, you can go with the two-tone cabinetry, which is now growing in popularity, especially with our Vancouver kitchen cabinet trends. Instead of having three colors, you can have a minimalistic look with a two-tone color palette.

Right Color for Your custom Kitchen Cabinets

7. Material.

For laminated and high gloss finishes, you might want to consider more neutral hues, so you don’t make your cabinets too overbearing. Also, remember that wood will age, creating a warmer or cooler color tone. So, make sure to consider the right species for your cabinets.

8. Longevity.

When you want a timeless color that will last for decades, you might choose classic neutral hues for cabinets such as white, beige, and gray, especially for your kitchen cabinets. This is also a wise choice if you want to sell your property in the coming future, as buyers may not be keen on such dramatic colors as mint or yellow, for instance. If you’re in for a long haul with your kitchen cabinets, it’s great to give it a little personality and get adventurous with your color choices. The Splashiest colors that are making a comeback are retro palettes such as mellow yellow, lime green, mint with gray, and a whole lot more.

Key Consideration Choosing the proper Color for your Kitchen Cabinet in Metro Vancouver.

Understanding the Local Aesthetic and Climate Influence

Vancouver’s unique aesthetic and climate play a significant role in choosing the right cabinet colors. The city’s natural beauty, surrounded by mountains and water, often inspires homeowners to incorporate natural elements and colors into their kitchen designs. This could mean choosing earthy tones or colors that complement Vancouver’s lush outdoor scenery. The city’s often cloudy and rainy climate also impacts color choices, as brighter or lighter colors might be preferred to counter the lack of natural sunlight.

Expertise in Color Trends and Timeless Designs

A business’s ability to balance current color trends with timeless design is essential. While trendy colors like navy blue or deep green might be popular now, it’s important to consider how these choices might age over time. A company with a keen eye for trends that also appreciates the value of classic looks, such as whites or neutrals, can guide homeowners in making a choice that won’t feel outdated in a few years.

Material and Quality Considerations

The quality of materials used for kitchen cabinets is another critical aspect. Durable, high-quality materials ensure the longevity of the cabinets, regardless of color. A good business should offer a range of material options, from traditional wood to modern synthetics, and provide advice on what works best in Vancouver’s climate.

Customization and Personalization Services

Customization is key in making a kitchen feel personal and unique. A business that offers a wide range of customization options, including different hues, finishes, and hardware choices, allows homeowners to truly personalize their space. This level of personalization ensures that the kitchen reflects the homeowner’s style and preferences.

Integration with Existing Décor and Architecture

A business should also have expertise in how different cabinet colors integrate with existing home décor and architecture. This includes understanding how cabinet colors work with different types of kitchen layouts, lighting conditions, and existing color schemes in the home. The right color should enhance the overall aesthetic of the house and flow naturally with other design elements.

Reputation and Local Experience

In a city like Vancouver, with its distinct design sensibilities, choosing a business with local experience is vital. A company that understands the city’s design trends, local customer preferences, and architectural styles can provide more tailored advice. Checking reviews, portfolios, and past projects can give insights into their suitability for your project.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options

With growing environmental concerns, many Vancouver homeowners are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly options. Businesses that offer products with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints, sustainable wood, or recycled materials are increasingly in demand. This not only helps in reducing the environmental footprint but also caters to health-conscious consumers.

Choose Canadian Home Style for your Vancouver kitchen renovation projects.

At Canadian Home Style, we’re Metro Vancouver’s go-to choice for kitchen design excellence. We’re proud to have been honored with the Consumers’ Choice Award for four years running, from 2021 to 2024, for our bespoke kitchens in North Vancouver. More than just a cabinet company, we specialize in crafting contemporary, practical kitchen designs that stand the test of time. We invite you to reach out for your upcoming kitchen remodel – we’re excited to bring your unique vision and ideas to life. For us, the journey is just as important as the beautiful final product.

Our mission is to help homeowners create beautiful homes that reflect their lifestyles while reducing energy consumption and conserving resources. We do this by providing our clients with innovative products, services and education. We aim to become Canada’s leading sustainable kitchen design and custom cabinetry solutions provider. Our values include integrity, respect, honesty and transparency. These principles guide us as we strive to provide outstanding customer service.

We believe that our success depends on the success of our clients and their customers. We work hard to ensure our clients get the most out of their investments. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field. They have years of experience working together and know what works and what doesn’t. They understand how to solve problems quickly and efficiently. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. We listen carefully to our client’s concerns and suggestions. We take these into account when planning and executing projects. We always strive to exceed expectations.

ns and suggestions. We take these into account when planning and executing projects. We always strive to exceed expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Mastery in Kitchen Cabinet Design

Canadian Home Style demonstrates a profound understanding of the art and science of kitchen cabinet design. Their expertise in cabinetry ensures that every kitchen they work on is not only functional but also visually appealing. They provide a range of options from classic to contemporary, ensuring there’s something for every taste.

Exquisite Use of White and Oak

The company’s use of colors like white and materials like oak in their cabinetry is noteworthy. White is a timeless choice that offers a clean, fresh look, making kitchens feel more spacious and bright. Oak, on the other hand, brings warmth and a natural feel to the kitchen. Its durability and classic look make it a popular choice for those seeking a balance of beauty and functionality.

The Contrast and Neutral Tones

Canadian Home Style excels in playing with contrasts and neutral tones. The contrast isn’t just about colors; it’s about creating a balance between different elements in the kitchen. They skillfully use neutral tones to create a serene and welcoming space, understanding that these tones serve as a perfect backdrop for bolder colors or decorative elements.

Understanding of Color Temperature

The company’s expertise in color temperature plays a crucial role in their color selection process. They know how different colors can influence the mood and feel of a space. By choosing the right color temperature for the cabinets, they ensure the kitchen feels warm and inviting or cool and modern, depending on the homeowner’s preferences.

Flawless Execution

Every project undertaken by Canadian Home Style is executed flawlessly. Their attention to detail ensures that every hue, every piece of wood, and every fixture aligns perfectly with the overall design vision. This perfection extends to the smallest details, creating a harmonious and well-thought-out space.

Harmonizing with Nature

Their designs often draw inspiration from the surrounding nature reserves and natural beauty of Vancouver. This connection to nature is reflected in their choice of materials and colors, creating spaces that feel grounded and tranquil.

Brightening Spaces with Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an essential aspect of kitchen design, and Canadian Home Style integrates them seamlessly. Whether it’s under-cabinet lighting to enhance functionality or statement light fixtures for aesthetic appeal, they understand how lighting can brighten and transform a kitchen.

Kitchen Hood as a Focal Point

They recognize the importance of a kitchen hood as a focal point in kitchen design. Whether it’s a sleek, modern design or something more traditional, they ensure the kitchen hood complements the cabinetry and enhances the overall design.

Commitment to Interior Design Excellence

Their commitment to interior design excellence means they stay abreast of the latest trends while also respecting classic designs. This approach ensures that every kitchen they design is both contemporary and timeless.

Encouraging Do It Yourself Projects

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, Canadian Home Style supports DIY projects. They provide guidance and resources, ensuring that even DIY projects meet their high standards of quality and design.

Services we offer:

  • Exceptional kitchen and bath design services

  • Complete kitchen renovation services

  • Complete Bathroom renovation services

  • Residential and commercial flooring services


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What do our customers say about us?

Karen Williams:

“I highly recommend Sahel and her team at Canadian Home Style. They did a wonderful job with our kitchen/pantry/laundry room renovation project, and the design advice and customer service were both first class.

I am a very detail-oriented person and Sahel cheerfully provided me with every piece of information I requested and worked with me to get every design detail exactly right. She also worked well with our general contractor to coordinate the installations.

As with any large project, there were a couple of minor adjustments required after installation and Sahel made sure that everything was finished to our complete satisfaction.

The cabinet quality is lovely and the end result is a beautiful kitchen that we will enjoy for many years to come.”

Azadeh Sh:

“I never write reviews, but since reading reviews helped us to find Canadian Home Style, we wanted to make sure we tell others about our amazing experience with them.

After much research and looking at several firms we had selected Canadian Home Style to renovate the interior of our apartment; The company was well established, had a good reputation and quality of work.

We were apprehensive at first given the magnitude of both cost and construction but as we were guided through each stage of the process, we knew we made the right choice. The process was transparent, and the team was communicative. We hit a few bumps in the road but overcame them with support and input from a great team.

Sareh and Sahel were amazing, and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience with them. They were friendly, trustworthy and approachable; we were so comfortable bringing up any concerns to their attention. Sareh, our project manager, helped us match our budget with our taste and found us finishings that we loved. They have a great showroom with high-quality products. Sareh had us choose a couple of products so she could see what we liked, but also gave us some ideas of her own, and we are so happy we followed her advice. From my first meeting with Sahel, I could tell she totally understood my new Kitchen vision and would be able to put it all together.

Due to Covid-19, we were in our apartment throughout the construction, so the work trade manner and organization were even more important; Canadian Home Style employed great trades; they were all personable, very professional, organized, courteous, and clean. We felt that the flooring and kitchen cabinets installers they used were particularly good.

I am not an easy person at all, both my husband and I are very fussy and have very meticulous attention to detail, and now we both love how our apartment turned out, the results are outstanding. We keep pinching ourselves on how beautiful it all is! I highly recommend this 5-star company. They deserved the 2021 Consumer choice award. You won’t go wrong with them. Thank You Canadian Home Style Team!”

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